2015 Mexican Grand Prix TV Times

2015 Mexican Grand Prix

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F1 Fanatic Live will be running during the entire Mexican Grand Prix weekend – and the penultimate round of the World Endurance Championship. Look out for the live page on the site during every session and follow all the action with your fellow F1 Fanatics.

Here are the details of Sky and the BBC’s coverage of the 2015 Mexican Grand Prix in the UK:

Friday 30 October 2015

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
Mexican Grand Prix first practice liveSky Sports F115:4516:0017:30
Mexican Grand Prix second practice liveSky Sports F119:4520:0021:30

Saturday 31 October 2015

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
Mexican Grand Prix third practice liveSky Sports F115:4516:0017:00
Mexican Grand Prix qualifying liveSky Sports F118:0019:00
Mexican Grand Prix qualifying highlightsBBC222:45

Sunday 1 November 2015

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession starts
WEC Six Hours of Shanghai liveEurosport2:003:00
WEC Six Hours of Shanghai liveMotors TV2:303:00
Mexican Grand Prix liveSky Sports F117:3019:00
Mexican Grand Prix highlightsBBC122:30

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2015 Mexican Grand Prix

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    15 comments on “2015 Mexican Grand Prix TV Times”

    1. I have no idea why the BBC doesn’t show races from the Americas live, the time would be a lot more sociable. Given they are only allowed a certain amount of live races, surely prioritising American and European races over Asian races would make more sense?

      1. Good point, but do the beeb just get to chose? Possible they are ‘allowed’ to cover a few particular ones (such as Silverstone) and the rest they have to like it or lump it.

        1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
          29th October 2015, 14:55

          Beeb choose 3, then Sky choose 3 exclusives, then beeb choose 3 etc….

      2. Possibly because that would put the races on at prime time viewing slots. Most BBC viewers wouldn’t be interested and would switch over to other channels. Loss of viewing audience is not something the BBC wants.

        1. On a Sunday? It’s usually repearts of Antiques Roadshow or something on at that time.

    2. Bloody Sky again!


      1. BBC sold the rights to SKY as they wanted to save costs but did not want people to look at F1 on another free to air UK channel? This means the tax payer who has to pay for the BBC now have to pay money to SKY to watch every race…legally. Nothing will happen in the UK until SKY get exclusive rights to Wimbledon then they will really be scrutinised as the 2 weeks a year tennis fans cannot watch something they know nothing about.

        1. I know the details and it was a compete shambles… It was even discussed in parliament. Still, though, I’m pretty sure the current deal was made by FOM as the deal BBC sold has run its course.

          I struggle to understand why FOM would rather have a few more quid in its back pocket at the cost of massively reduced TV audience. When did the shift from maximum exposure (and getting more money in the longer term) to getting more money immediately (at the cost of future growth and exposure) happen?

          I think we can assume that the Sky F1 channel experiment is a failure, just like the last time it tried.

          I’ve canceled my Sky subscription because it’s a complete rip off.

          1. @andy, it’s because people are prepared to pay SKY. If people thought about it and for the good of the masses they would cancel SKY and enjoy F1 back on FTA within a season.
            As long as the humans remain self-centered you can expect SKY and others to cash in when opportunity rears it’s head.

      2. I’ve got Sky and all these years later I still resent having to subscribe to it. Last week’s viewing figures really did shock me, I’d obviously love to see free to air viewing pushed again but that’s never going to happen whilst CVC want their cash NOW, and not as part of a long term strategy of exposure and growth through TV viewing figures.

        1. To be fair, their build up features have improved immeasurably from the early, awkward days. But, even if you look past all of the ‘stuff’, there’s still something that does my head in about the feel of the whole package. It’s all a bit ‘stringed section of an orchestra with a really deep voice convincing you that this really is the pinnacle of sports TV broadcasting’. It feels like I’m watching a footy game in the pub…

          Then there’s the adverts during build up… Despite paying your hard earned to watch it in the first place.

    3. With the WEC on as well I guess Sky will have Paul Di Resta again :(

    4. Does anyone know whether there’s any free-to-air English language coverage anywhere in the world?

      Or failing that, any free-to-air coverage in any language? ;)

    5. It’ll be my first properly attended GP (back in the 90s my dad took us but you could stay outside of the track in some places and see the race free)! They charged an eye and a leg, but I’ll be there snapping some -hopefully- cool pics.

      Can’t wait! (We’ll only be attending to the race).

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