Rate the race: 2015 Mexican Grand Prix

2015 Mexican Grand Prix

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135 comments on “Rate the race: 2015 Mexican Grand Prix”

  1. Boring. Even a late safety car couldn’t bring this one back from the dead! I gave it a 3.

    1. up to the safety car robbing Kvyat of a well deserved podium this was a solid 5, in my view. -2 for that. +1 for the crowd though. 4 in result.

      1. @njoydesign He’s my DOTW. Did a very good job, the Russian.

    2. Yes. Boring.

    3. @velocityboy A boring race could have ended in some 10 fun final laps but except for Bottas overtaking Kvyat I don’t think anything at all changed…

    4. @velocityboy I don’t agree, I think the SC, the Ferrari debacle and Sky’s lack of enthusiasm were the downer today. The race was shaping up nicely as drivers went for different strategies, but the SC stopped the battling and prompted a return of the massive PU inference.

  2. Just Okay race . thumbs up to the crowd

  3. Drab race minus the crowd.

  4. Race ruined by middle sector. Still a battle for the lead, some crashes and safety car bunching cars up. Gave 6 as mediocre.

    1. Should have given 7 for Raikkonens retirement. He has lost his best strait – driving until the end with no errors. Good to see some revenge for crashing into fellow finn in Russia.

  5. typical tyre management race, nobody wants to push for fear of destroying the tyres.

    give them better tyres, let them push hard throughout the race & as we see in russian gp we get a better race!

    1. The downside of better tyres (that can be pushed at all times) is that they would last a full race. Consequently no stops for changing tyres, meaning even more of a parade than this race was.

      It was like that years ago, but then it included refuel stops. Now they’ve swapped this around (changing tyres, no fuel), although this is merely a ‘green’ image they (FIA) wants to portray.

      In the end I believe pit stops are a necessity for added suspense in Formula 1. Otherwise it would be much more boring.

      1. i disagree, the racing on the track was always a lot better back when there was no pit stops because all of the focus was on the track & drivers had bigger incentives to push for an overtake.

        in the pre-refueling days it was always the races that featured more pit stops that featured less racing and overtaking and was always the races without pit stops that featured the better racing and most overtakes. it was then the introduction of refueling and multi-stop races that started the big decline in overtaking as strategy & pit passing took over, the refueling ban in 2010 saw a huge jump in overtaking as the racing on track was again the biggest focus.

        1. I’d disagree
          Fat slick tyres and refuelling was faster, each lap almost as fast as qualli, the main reason for slow driving now is fuel saving and tyre saving. It’s alwAys more exciting after a safety car as no one needs to then fuel save and they generally have fresh tyres having pitted and can go flat out to the end of the race.
          I remember during the grooved tyre era boring procession finishes especially at the end as no one had any grip or fuel to attack.

          1. I disagree… it was simply a processional sprint won by the fastest car… driver influence and team tactics played little part in the results.

            If you’re going to get rid of pit stops (for tyres or fuel or whatever) then you have to make the cars so they can run closer so that drivers can overtake…. back in the REAL old days that’s what the driving was like.

      2. besides id rather a race with a bit less overtaking where we had the thrill off seeing drivers pushing hard than a race where all we see is drivers crawling around managing tyres several seconds off the ultimate pace of the car.

        today for example they were lapping in the 1:23’s, then on there in-lap both mercedes set a low 1:20, just shows how much tyre management was going on.

        1. Spot on @roger-a, unfortunately there are none so blind as them that will not see.

      3. simple really, why not make tyres with 3 or 4 compounds ( super soft, soft, medium, hard ??) and let the teams chose which tyres they will use for each race. Make a rule that there must be at least one mandatory pit stop between say laps 10 and 30 ( depending on laps per race etc) then you will see different tyres, different strategies, etc. you could even say that if the a team chooses to run the hard knowing it will last the whole race compound then they don’t have to pit creating a situation where faster tyres are traded for less time in pits – just saying there are alternatives. you could reintroduce refuelling, same amount of total fuel as used today but allowed to start with less and top up in a splash and dash pit stop if needed or start with full tanks and manage to end of race.

    2. Yeah :D Mercedes did an extra stop just to make race more fun for audience… Real sportsmen…

    3. Before the safety car:
      Quite some stuff going on including overtakes, different strategies playing out etc.

      After the safety car:
      Almost all on fresh tyres, cars close together. No strategy, just a sprint to the end. Nothing happened.

      Be carefull what you wish for.

  6. I’ll be honest, I thought that I would struggle to stay awake, and that was the case. Having woken up at 3am for an actual motor race being held in Shanghai, I felt somewhat fatigued. I feared that this would be nothing but a DRS fest, and that was the case. The late safety car achieved nothing but ruining any intrigue in the strategy. The epic comeback drives from the two Ferrari guys didn’t exactly materialise. It was just plain dull.

    Very hard to give it more than a 4.

  7. Dull as ditchwater apart from SV doing his impression of a NASCAR driver. Was feeling generous as it’s the first Mexican GP for a while, so I gave it a 4.

  8. Right up there with Sochi 14′ in terms of boredom. 3/10

  9. Typical V6 era race. I feel sorry for the fans. Please, give us racing back!

    1. todays race been fairly dull had zero to do with the v6 engines & i wish the uninformed would stop blaming dull races on these engines.

      1. I am talking about whole regulations associated with 2014 engine changes.

      2. 100% Agree. It is the combination of many things but not the V6 engines. People have a short memory. I remember very dull races with V10/V8 engines in 00’s with Trulli trains and you knew Schumi would win it. It just same today….

    2. also the last 2 races in russia & america were very good races with lots of good racing and overtaking… so were you blaming these engines for that?

      1. Spot on, stop blaming the engines. Bring on the sprinklers I say.

  10. The race wasn’t the best ever, but this event and everything about the atmosphere has been a fantastic breath of fresh air to the calendar. Great (re-)addition to the championship.

    Viva Mexico.

    1. Everything was amazing apart from the track and the racing. The fans deserve a better show. 6/10

    2. @willwood at least you’ve said Mexico there! Quite a bad mistake was made on the podium, which made me chuckle a bit too much.

      Indeed, it was nice to see it back, and I did enjoy it a fair amount although I feel that the sharp corners did ruin it quite a bit. I was kept entertained it was also refreshing to see the other Mercedes keep in control. A shame for Ferrari but it mixed the race up, and there was a nice variety in strategy, so a somewhat generous 8/10, including a bonus point for the Mexican GP being back!

  11. A bunch of hot air between Rosberg and Hamilton before the race turned into nothing, but the crowd was still great. 5/10 overall.

  12. Wowza! I like it. Gave it 9.

    Like i said this morning… Nico has to do a Hamilton on Hamilton… Pole, lead the race, fastest lap to perhaps? Booring, except it wasnt Hamilton doing the leading, so that’s a +1 change.

    Track was awesome, DRS effect was redouced, so there were many good dices allover the field, proper overtakes around… shame for Vettel and Raikkonen, they were on to something.

    And finally awesome Title turnaround… (talking about 2016 obviously) If Nico is to have any chance next year… he has to win the final two races this year and stomp his authority all-over Lewis Hamilton… Just like Lewis did this year.

    Also remarkable how Lewis was unable to pass… like many times this year when Nico was behind and unable to do anything. That 0.1% Lewis had over Nico this year was worth a lot of points.

    1. it wasnt Hamilton doing the leading, so that’s a +1 change.

      @jureo Same to me, it was in the near same boring manner as Lewis does it.

      so there were many good dices allover the field

      That’s why the director showed us 4 (yes, 4) full laps of Vettel being between the two leaders.

      proper overtakes around

      That one overtake by Bottas on Sainz? All others happend in the DRS zone with the exception of a mistake.

      And finally awesome Title turnaround… (talking about 2016 obviously) If Nico is to have any chance next year… he has to win the final two races this year and stomp his authority all-over Lewis Hamilton… Just like Lewis did this year.

      Yeah, right.

      That 0.1% Lewis had over Nico this year was worth a lot of points.

      You’re really no Lewis fan re you? 0,1% really? More like 5-10%…

      1. i don’t understand the “title turnaround”, Nico winning the next 2 races makes no difference. It’s being able to perform when it counts that matters.

        1. May be it will boost his confidence in himself and will come out all guns blazing in 2016 ;)

      2. What i mean is he needs to build a momentum if he ever wants to beat Lewis Hamilton… If at all possible he has to rattle Lewis, and then maybe.

        When Lewis is comfy he has 0.1% speed in hand. So in qualifying he’s a 10th faster on average.. 5 second over race distance… This weekend Nico got tiny bit lucky in qualifying and with position in hand, there was no way for Hamilton to pass. If it was other way around probably Hamilton would get 5-6 seconds advantage by the end of the race.

        So my point is, the “turnaround”, if he wants to turn balance of power in Mercedes, he needs to do many these kind of weekends until Lewis Hamilton is rattled, he performs poorly then. Since he cannot win on pace.

        Disclaimer I am neutral to Lewis and Nico, favorite of mine is Vettel, especially this year.

    2. I think a 9 is a bit much for this race. But with the pressure being there between the top two for most of the race, some good driving a few gaffes (both Ferrari drivers) and the absolutely amazing crowd, I had a good time and certainly would rate this a good event.

      1. Aye, well maybe 9 is generous, maybe crowds swayed me, maybe watching cars struggling for grip… But race left me satisfied. So without a number it was a good race.

      2. a 9? so your think the race was almost perfect? come on…

      3. a 9? so your think the race was almost perfect? come on… @bascb

        1. I was reacting to @jureo who mentioned voting this a 9 , saying that I think that is too much for this race @sato113. But I do think it was an above average race.

  13. Lacked drama, i lost interest and half watched it.

  14. Having been spoiled the last couple of races this was quite dull. Hamilton never seemed to have an answer to Rosberg and very little racing down the field. The track just doesn’t seem wide enough to pass on. Bottas made an honest attempt on Raikkonen and the track just didn’t look wide enough for the both of them 4/10

  15. Another reminder that we must cherish GPs like last weekend because races like these are sadly the norm. Nothing I’ll remember next year and sadly despite really liking the track I don’t see it delivering a good race next year except if the WEC were to use it…

    1. @xtwl Don’t give up hope yet. Last year Sochi is as just as boring as this one if we remove the crowd and appearance of a certain leader. If Sochi can have much better race this year, so does Mexico next year :).

      1. @sonicslv Last corner is a serious problem though. First car in clean air will almost always find good traction and the next one in dirty air won’t. It took Bottas and Massa ages to get past the Red Bull cars because of that. The straight in Sochi comes after a very easy 90 degree corner that doesn’t need much from the car whilst this one needs grip all over to get the car planted. As I said though I like the track but the long straight didn’t delivery what was expected by many I think.

    2. Every WEC race bar the 1st 2 have been boring. COTA F1 race waa miles better than the WEC one.

  16. Yeah, I gave it a 5 and that was mostly to recognize the enthusiasm of the crowd. With both Ferraris out, there was just nothing to get excited about and no real battles developed between the Williams and the RBRs. And as usual, the US coverage has only about half the race: Half the race action, one fourth commercials and one fourth stupid “special features” DURING THE RACE! I’m a Hamilton fan, but do you really think I want to break away from actual racing THREE TIMES to watch highlights of Lewis last week, highlights of Lewis celebrating, and finally highlights of Lewis doing silly fake wrestling as he arrived in Mexico??? And that’s ignoring that they break away from the live racing before and after each commercial to show pretty scenery of Mexico City!
    All of that is well and good, but show it in the post race or the pre race or something. My God, it’s hard enough to see any of the race with this US Commercial format. Very tired of that. I’d gladly spring for Sky pay per view if it was available to me.

    1. Please tell me you are exaggerating about US coverage; breaking away from a live race for pre-recorded producer’s nonsense?

      I am American but lived in London past five years, enjoying my Sky F1 channel subscription. Sure, it’s expensive, but it’s a lot less than were my trips to Monaco, Spa and Monza! I likely have to move back to US next year and am dreading US TV in general and US F1 “coverage” in particular.

  17. An exceedingly uneventful race. Shame we didn’t have a cap spat this week, would have been more interesting with sombreros.

  18. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
    1st November 2015, 21:00

    3. It wasn’t exciting that much.

    1. Agreed. It was like a Sunday drive…

  19. After the thrill of last weekend this was back to pretty much the 2015 ‘standard’ race. Not totally dull, a few overtakes, but nothing particularly exciting with the leader in control and not much else going on down the field. I don’t think the track helped, being so green and with all the mess on it, so hopefully 2016 is better.


  20. The crowd made that race, not the drivers.

  21. Great atmosphere. Dull race and a track that needs reworking to increase overtaking opportunities. Far too many crowd shots.

    Vettel’s spin and crash were weird.


  22. 5+1 because of the fans.

  23. The race wasn’t great. 5/10 for me. However, this great podium with a brilliant crowd earns a point, so it’s a 6!

  24. Safetycar ruined the posbilty of a great end of the race. The willems cars were already struggling. The race was boring with early pitstops the only way to score.

  25. Pretty average for me so I nearly gave it a 5. I gave it a 6 in the end but only because of the crowd.

  26. Can we fly in the Mexican crowd to every race? At least to Bahrain, China and Abu Dhabi

  27. Boring race. Not worth staying awake till 2:30am. Was interested to see what the strategies would bring up but it all got ruined due to safety car.

    Would’ve been interesting if Lewis stayed out ignoring team orders and then the safety car was deployed.

    I gave it 4 just for crowds enthusiasm and checo overtaking both toro rossos at stadium section.

    Pirelli should investigate better about new venues and just like in Russia 2014, tyres are too hard for the track.

    1. Not sure the tyres were too hard. They preferred the harder of the two compounds in the race

    2. if the tyres were too hard then why did we still see a lot of tyre management?

      tyres should be made more durable (as vast majority of fans say they want in recent fan surveys) so that drivers can push, not made more fragile so drivers have to drive 2-3 seconds off the pace to manage them,!

  28. Was going to give it a 5, but the fans made it a 6.

    Not a vintage race, but good to be back in Mexico.

  29. 6/10

    This race was average. The hype around the race surely didn’t help when the race actually started. Mercs were way ahead and only car that could have possibly challenged them, had an incident in T1. Safety car did spice up the things in the end with Rosberg and Hamilton trading Flaps. Wanted to vote 5 but gave a +1 for the amazing crowd throughout the weekend.

  30. boooooooooooring

  31. Think only NIgel Mansell thought it was a great race……difficult to overtake even with DRS…..23 years since the last race…….if we waited the same for the next one…would still be too soon

  32. Safety Car ruined the race this time, Kvyat deserved a podium 6/10.

  33. 5 and I’m being generous.

    Would have helped if FOM weren’t boycotting Mercedes but, that aside, that was a lacklustre race.

    1. Trenthamfolk (@)
      1st November 2015, 21:10

      TBH, now the championship is won, I imagine they were just trying to maximise Mexican coverage by focussing on the local hero. Which seems fair enough.

      1. @trenthamfolk And it’s not even special thing for Mexico. When we race in Silverstone, Hamilton and Button naturally get more coverage. Same thing with other countries that have local hero.

        1. Trenthamfolk (@)
          1st November 2015, 21:37

          @sonicslv dead right. Aren’t there local TV crews anyway? Or do they ship the entourage around the world with the rest of the ensemble?

          1. @trenthamfolk I think the core crew (main producer, director, etc) is FIA staff that travel around the world, but the rest of them is locally sourced. But since the feed is also for the screens around the track, it obvious why local hero need to shown often.

    2. @f1bobby The best conspiracy theories are those you made and believe yourself I guess.

      1. What an odd statement. I’m flattered but I could hardly claim to have ‘made up’ this state of affairs, given that this very webiste has discussed it, along with both the broadcasters in the UK.

    3. how were they boycotting mercedes?

      we saw them when we needed to, no point in showing 2 cars out on there own at the front when things a bit more interesting are going on behind.

      maybe you like seeing the 2 leaders on there own not racing but i certainly dont!

      1. Well I prefer it to watching two Red Bulls on there own not racing, or a random Force India out on its own not racing. The gap between the Mercs was yo-yoing but commentators were at a loss as to why because race direction didn’t pick it up.

        When David Croft has to tell the audience that they can choose to see the Mercedes cars by using the direct feed that Sky has to the onboards, you know something’s going on,

        1. @f1bobby There’s nothing significant happened at the front. The so called yo-yoing is actually between 1.5-2.5s, not even close to DRS range. Rosberg and Lewis can match each other time easily. For once I think most of people is standing behind the race director instead of you.

  34. Trenthamfolk (@)
    1st November 2015, 21:08

    6 for me… great drive from both the Mercs, Ferrari melt-down always makes me smile (especially the Kimi Karma) and the crowd were awesome… Bottas getting 3rd was also pleasing. Never gonna complain about a weekend of F1.

  35. 5/10, +1 for the crowd. Great drive from Rosberg, terrible from Vettel and awful weekend for Ferrari.

  36. Keisoglou Alexandros (@)
    1st November 2015, 21:09

    Ok, the truth is that the on-track action was, on average, worth of a 6,5/10. Round it up and goes to 7/10. Pretty good. But after seeing the crowd, even from my couch and my TV, experiencing their passion for whatever they love… i must say they’re worth of a 100/10 score. Not much more you can say.

    Gave it a 10/10.

    1. Keisoglou Alexandros (@)
      1st November 2015, 21:11

      Also: Maybe we didn’t saw a wheel-to-wheel action between Ros and Lewis, but we had a prime example of racing in the limit between the Merc boys, trading FL’s in the WHOLE race… absolutely mega. Maybe Hami wasn’t pushing 100%, but he was certainly as close to that as possible. Gongratulations to both!

    2. Well thanks for explaining the inexplicable.

  37. Oh no Seb, you WERE my driver of the season so far, emphasis on ‘were’,just when I was starting to think Vettel may well deserve to stand alongside Alo, Ham and Ric as the top top drivers. How am I meant to look forward to Mercedes vs Ferrari in 2016, when both Ferrari drivers can’t finish a race? Kimi was mediocre, which wasn’t unexpected but Vettel too? Races like these make me wonder just how good the Ferrari is. Both Vettel and Kimi were clear No.2 drivers in 2014 yet they find themselves driving for the team that F1 fans worship. I’ll be extremely disappointed if Ric or Max aren’t in Red in 2017 in place of Kimi.

    Well done to Mercedes for securing Rosberg’s 2nd place in the championship.

    1. Ric “top top driver”? What has he achieved so far? And don’t be so dramatic, one bad race doesn’t mean anything, especially when championship’s done and dusted.

    2. @donlijez Comments like these actually make me laugh out loud. How biased can you be…, simply small minded.

      1. +1 vettel is clearly one of the best! Top 3 on par with ham and alo each in their own ways if you ask me. But maybe it does show everyone has off days and people might stop rinsing Ham and alo when they have theirs.

  38. 5 out of 10 for the race, didn’t hold much interest; one more for the return to Mexico, that added some novelty and nostalgia, and one more for that awesome podium, which wasn’t part of the race but left me feeling pretty good about the whole experience. So 7/10.

  39. Nice stadium, shame the track has to go through it. Some amusingly bad driving of Ferraris.
    But sadly familiar story of too much caution and “management” by fun-sucking engineers. Would’ve loved to see Lewis try and stay out and do one stop.

    1. Trenthamfolk (@)
      1st November 2015, 21:18

      That would have been epic… I get the impression Rosberg is just a yes-boy and does as he’s told, on pain of death… and after Monaco, who could blame Lewis when he’s being told to pit for no ‘apparent’ reason?

    2. @bullfrog I don’t understand why they didn’t try it? What’s the worst that could happen, lose points to Rosberg and not win the title in 2015. Oh wait…

      1. @xtwl. Yes, bet the de-brief was/will be interesting, LH was in a great position to hold the lead till the safety car came out, and who knows what he could have done with a new set of options for the last dozen or so laps, that said from the team pov keeping them on the same strategy was definitely best.

      2. Exactly what I was thinking He had nothing to lose although don’t know if there would have been repocussions within the team?

  40. Gave it 5.

    It’s hard not to give lower score after superb US GP last week, but this is the standard F1 race. I’m just surprised that long straight don’t produce lot of slipstreaming and side by side racing. Also, Red Bull hanging there easily in the straight after SC period against Williams, so maybe Renault is not as bad as Red Bull want us to believe.

    My personal highlight is when Brundle and Crofty interviewed Horner mid-race, during the battle between Ricciardo and Massa. He basically starts to rant about their engine is so “slow” that it won’t be able to catch Williams in the straight even though Ricciardo has much fresher tires and DRS. And just after he said that, Ricciardo passed Massa easily in the straight, with textbook slipstreaming and DRS.

  41. btw its a pretty sad state of affairs that a team feels the need to pit both cars because they don’t trust the tyres not to fail.

    if the driver/s feel that the tyres are still giving grip then there should be no concern that the tyres may blow up.

    we need to go back to proper racing tyres that the drivers can both push hard and have a proper feeling for with none of this silly thermal degredation or small operating windows.

  42. That was really really boring.

  43. Circuit seemed to encourage field spread, and that’s never a good thing. One or two overtakes but (so far as I remember) the only time I thought ‘oo, nice move’ was when Bottas tried to go around the outside of Raikkonen, and we know what happened then.

    Gave it a 4, maybe one less than it deserved because I’ve been spoiled of late. Hopefully it was a case of Newtrackitis.

  44. 2/10. Nothing happened, and the promise of late excitement with different tyre strategies was ruined by the SC and it ruined the race for a number of drivers, seems a bit arbitrary. Shame.

  45. An average race.a very difficult track to follow and make moves.At last Rosberg had an answer to Hamilton.Really uncharactrastic drive from vettel.None of the best drivers didnt perform in this track.Ham was good but not upto his standards so as vettel,Ricardo,verstappen.

  46. The crowd was amazing, but the race couldn’t really keep my attention much.

  47. Not impressed with the racing. The fans were amazing!

  48. Another dull race from a Tilke’d track. It would be interesting to see average approval ratings for Tilkedromes vs Tilke modified vs Tilke free, just to see if the general consensus that he’s a talentless hack is true.

  49. This Grand Prix had one saving grace – the crowd. The atmosphere looked amazing.

    Well done to Nico for the win and Bottas for the podium.

    Still, it was a bit dull. Business as usual, then.

  50. Packed grandstands! Grass! Walls near the track! Proper kerbs! Stadium section! 12 out of 10 for the track, just an incredible event to witness – loved it all weekend. Mexico has shown almost all the other circuits how things should be done. Oh and 7 out of 10 for the racing car driving bit.

  51. I kind of wish there was a way to change your vote within a short time period, I’m sure this is the 7th or 8th time since 2012 that I’ve managed to select the wrong score in a flash of unfocussed clicking. Meant to go for 6/10, clicked on 7/10.

    The atmosphere was great even on the TV, but low grip levels and hot breaks meant that drivers were unable to go off line or follow closely and Pirelli bringing harder tyres than ultimately needed (though I understand and respect their caution) basically sealed the deal on a dry race. Typical 2015 race, though slightly better because there was a crowd and at least Bottas, Perez and Sainz had some amusing moves. Hence a 6.

  52. Must say this was a very dull race. I was expecting a lot due to lack of grip, high altitude and being a totaly new venue…what we got was almost no overtaking, and small amount of component failures. The only example which spiced the whole thing were the Ferraries which failed to finish and a Sauber of Nasr losing its brakes. I gave it a 5, and it was a very generous 5 indeed. I guess this is what we get with only 4 engine suppliers, where 2 are suplying detuned engines to custumer teams which automaticly means no chances for surprises, unless if technical failures strike factory teams…so far only 3 races were enjoyable. And that is quite sad for a season consisting of 19 races, even with last 2 worth watching the total number would only be 5. I thought last season was bad, but this year its even worse.

  53. 6/10. Usual V6 era race, really. Interesting battle for the podium, Bottas really drove well today and seized the opportunity as soon as he got it. The battle for the lead was ok, no real action, but they were pretty close. The action in the midfield wasn’t that spectacular, which is a bit strange.
    I think that if lap 1 had gone a bit differently we might be talking about a different race. I’m sure Ferrari didn’t have the pace of the Mercedes, but they are the only ones who can even remotely challenge them. Vettel getting a good start was key, but unfortunately he did exactly the opposite.
    The recovery from both Ferrari drivers could have been interesting, if they hadn’t made those silly mistakes.
    I was a bit surprised to see that it was very difficult to pass today. With such a long straight and the weird track layout I thought that it would’ve been easier.

    Finally, this weekend was an incredible success. I’m so happy that F1 is back in Mexico, the crowd was just spectacular. In my opinion it’s the best addition to the calendar of the last few years.

  54. A little on the tame side, especially following the US Grand Prix. The biggest opportunity for entertainment was looking like Raikkonen for a while. Shame his race ended like it did after his storming charge into the top. After that, it felt like business as usual.

    Still is a nice looking track though.


  55. petebaldwin (@)
    1st November 2015, 23:47

    Dull race although I liked the track. I think we’ll have some great races if they ever sort the regs out.

  56. I went 7, it was almost a 6 but despite being an average race it had some good moments, a bit of controversy and it was on a nice track with record speeds and a good atmosphere.

  57. Tilke has ruined the track. I don’t blame anyone else for today’s poor race.

    1. I was looking some onboard pictures. Apart peraltada the track was about the same.

  58. The safety car and what followed was good but there was a long dull period in the middle.

    However I think the circuit and atmosphere looked great….

  59. I gave it a 2. The only thing that would have made it worse, was a venue like Bahrain which has no atmosphere.

  60. Normal race, the problem we had a lot of those in the last few years.
    Gave it a 6. +1 for the amazing crowd. So 7.
    Expect a better race in Brazil where i will be on the stands.

  61. I gave it a rather generous 7/10.. mainly due to the crowd’s enthusiasm, the track layout and some decent battles in the mid-field.
    Lewis might have still been feeling the effects of last week’s celebration as he really didn’t seem to be up to the task of taking on Nico and both Ferraris (or their drivers) seemed ill-equipped for the venue in general. The race director was asleep at the switch as Lewis was (fruitlessly) closing the gap to Nico in the closing laps which was also a bit frustrating. On the more positive side it seems that RBR has found something approximating a competitive pace and It’s good to see the scales balanced again for Bottas after Russia – I love seeing Bottas do well.
    With that nice long straight, tricky turns and the stadium section, I’m looking forward to the Mexican GP in the future.

  62. ColdFly F1 (@)
    2nd November 2015, 8:14

    I’m on the higher end of the rating scale at 7/10 (including crowd bonus).
    Happy with this score. There was not a lot of overtaking, and DRS was a bit embarrassing (even allowing double overtakes for the Williams(es) on Button and Nasr).
    But the track seemed tricky enough that almost all drivers made some (small) mistakes. And that (if not overtaking) is what I want to see; drivers at the edge of grip fighting with the track.
    6 for the race plus 1 bonus point for the atmosphere!

  63. A “10” for the Mexican fans, a “5” for the race, a “3” had it been Lewis dominating rather than Nico.

  64. Gave it a 4.
    Probably wasn’t that boring, just that the Austin race was so exciting, this one had to deliver something remarkable too. Otherwise, would’ve been a six.

    7 is being too generous!

  65. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    2nd November 2015, 10:18

    A solid 6. Mediocre race recovered by an epic crowd and atmosphere. Would be a great venue to finish off the season in future.

    – 1 Boring race
    – 1 Not enough cars on the grid
    – 1 Merc dominance
    – 1 DRS (which didn’t even do anything but just on principle)

  66. Solid 4 for me, +1 for the Lewis whining on the Radio and showing a chink in the armor of Lewis-Merc relationship

  67. An enthusiastic crowd does not make for a good F1 race, or we might as well start watching football and pretending the players are cars. I was very disappointed by the track. Hardly any racing, no signature corners that really show what F1 cars can do, and seas of tarmac at the only mildly challenging sector. Mercedes dominated like it was early 2014, and Ferrari having a horrible day only emphasised that the other teams are completely hopeless when it comes to challenging the German team. A disappointed 3 out of 10 rating for me.

  68. A big surprise compared to what happened in Austin.
    I am not sure that those long straights are god for F1 ?
    Fortunately there were a couple of good fights, Kimi made us grind…again…
    I gave it a 5.

  69. I meant “grin” :)

  70. Gave it a 6. And that’s being generous given it’s the first race here. The fact that even with a 3/4 mile straight and DRS overtaking was so difficult highlights just how rubbish this current cars are in what really matters. 2017 regulations should really be concentrating on reducung the dependence on dirty aero to the benefit of mechanical grip and underbody clean aero, not on making the cars 5 sec faster. They are fast enough as they are but the racing is rubbish. With fat tires, some sort of ground effect and simpler wings there would be no need for gimmicky tires and DRS

    Also, for the umpteenth time, the safety car periods just take too long. There must be a way to reduce their length

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      2nd November 2015, 15:19

      Stop letting lapped cars overtake would be the obvious move.

  71. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    2nd November 2015, 14:36

    Okay, 4 pages deep – FIA if you read this you need to modify a couple of corners to allow for passing. Zero passes makes for a mediocre race. The only pass we saw was Bottas on Kvyat in a much quicker car assisted by the Safety Car and the start on the long drive and the crash-pass between Bottas and Raikonnen. The track needs to be redesigned for the 20% lack of air so today’s cars can catch other cars. Or you may need to send a random Safety car, say every 4 laps, to assist with passes on the long part of the race.

  72. those ‘esses’ are awful

    5/10, dull race

  73. A satisfactory race. The tyres were a tad too durable, but we did get to see a fair amount of good racing in a nice setting with a great crowd. I didn’t think that Mexico was missing from the calendar, but i know better now.
    This weekend made me feel good about F1, and even though it wasn’t a classic, I could live with a season where every race is like this one.

  74. 5/10
    Wanted to give it a 6 for encouragement and thanks to the fans, but then I remembered just how bored I felt during the race and I had to give in to rating it lower. “A race of attrition” people predicted: nothing at all. I think I might like this circuit but I’m not too positive for the racing we’ll see here in the future.

  75. the race was not the best, but the fans and the track was very cool. but rating the race alone i gave it a 6.

  76. I gave the race a 6.

    As is normally the case in F1 at the moment if one of the top cars is leading after the first lap and nothing unusual happens you expect them to win the race, and this time was no different other than it was Rosberg who was leading after the start.

    I thought overall it was an average race for this season, there was no real battle for the lead, but unfortunately there also didn’t seem to be that much action further down the field.

    I can’t recall which drivers were involved but I remember when a Mercedes powered car was behind another car and even with DRS on the main straight they could not get past immediately which surprised me.

    Even though the on track action wasn’t that good, after only one race it is too early to judge the quality of racing this circuit can deliver, but what is not in doubt is that the Mexican fans were great, both in the numbers that turned out and the enthusiasm they showed, and in stark contrast to some other places on the F1 calendar.

    Regarding the Bottas and Raikkonen clash I think the stewards decision on this was correct, it was a racing incident but if you had to assign blame to either driver in my opinion it would be Raikkonen, but as he retired and Bottas continued then no further penalty was warranted.

    As for Hamilton wanting to stay out and not make a second stop, with the lead Mercedes had it was understandable that they make a second precautionary stop and having already done so with Rosberg they wouldn’t then want to allow Hamilton to stay out and perhaps take the win as it would seem that they had favoured one driver over the other.

    Also from Hamilton’s point of view if he thought his tyres would last to the end of the race and he saw a chance for the victory of course he was going to want to stay out as all drivers would in his place, not coming in immediately and discussing it with the team I don’t think was that big a deal. It was not clear from the broadcast if Hamilton had already been told that the stops for both drivers were just to be on the safe side or if he thought Rosberg had had to pit because he had a problem.

    It would have been interesting to see what Mercedes strategy would have been if there had been another car near to them and they didn’t have the gap, I think they would have just stuck with the one stop at least until the safety car period.

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