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2015 Mexican Grand Prix

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Felipe Massa says the enthusiasm for F1 seen at the last race in Mexico is exactly what the sport needs.

“It was nice to see what happened in Mexico and I think that’s what Formula One needs,” said the Williams driver in the FIA press conference ahead of this weekend’s race.

“I think everybody was really happy to be in Mexico, to race in that atmosphere, you know, people rally enjoying whatever practice, whatever time we were on the track. That’s what we need.”

“I’m sure we will see a lot of support here in Brazil, in our way, but it was very nice to be in Mexico and to see the people were supporting Formula One.”

Massa pointed out there has “always been a big enthusiasm” for F1 in Brazil as well.

“I remember most of the years that people that work in Formula One, they were always saying it is an amazing place. People are really, really excited. You can the people, the way Brazilians support the race, us as Brazilian drivers.”

There will be two Brazilian drivers on the grid this weekend as Felipe Nasr started his first race on home ground.

“I had a little taste last year with Williams in free practice one and all I can say is that I just cannot wait to see all this energy,” he said. “The atmosphere is going to be amazing here with all the fans.”

“I feel there are a lot of people following the season and especially, you know, for myself coming first time here in a circuit that has so much history, so much nice moments in the past with all the Brazilian drivers and I’m just about to begin my own.”

“If we can score a few points here it would be nice to share with everyone.”

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    2 comments on “Mexico’s enthusiasm just what F1 needs – Massa”

    1. Too bad the race was not as great as I was expecting, but it was good to see F1 back to a place where people trully love the sport.

      On Brazilian fans, one word: Fanatics. I’ve been lucky to be part of a Brazilian GP as a spectator and it was a blast!

    2. He’s absolutely right. In Mexico, we saw a healthy F1, with enthusiastic fans and drivers and no dirty business overshadowing the event. The race itself may not have been one to remember forever, but it did leave a very positive, energetic impression, that proved that all hope is not lost yet.
      The Brazilian GP has a similar function. There’s bumps and dirt and crime and tiny outdated facilities, but also a feverish atmosphere that introduces some thrill into the very septic impression that F1 tends to leave nowadays.
      We need more of that, and less of Abu Dhabi and the likes.

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