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No danger of Red Bull missing first 2016 test

2016 F1 season

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Red Bull will be at the first test of 2016 despite continuing doubts over its future engine supply, its chief of car engineering has confirmed.

Speaking during today’s FIA press conference at Interlagos, Paul Monaghan gave a direct “no” when asked if there was any danger the team wouldn’t be ready in time.

“We are working towards a deal and if one can be achieved then it’ll be announced in time,” he said. “But we’ll still make it, don’t worry.”

Team principal Christian Horner confirmed to media in Brazil that the team has entered the 2016 championship.

Red Bull has repeatedly criticised engine supplier Renault and looked set to part ways with the French manufacturers. However having been unable to agree deals with Mercedes, Ferrari and Honda, it now appears likely to continue with the engines it has used since 2007.

2016 F1 season

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  • 4 comments on “No danger of Red Bull missing first 2016 test”

    1. Place bets now!

    2. I glad to this.

    3. We are working towards a deal and if one can be achieved then it’ll be announced in time

      I cannot understand why Red Bull put themselves in this situation. They shouldn’t be “working towards a deal”, they should already have a deal. By the sounds of it they want this “if one can be achieved” deal to be with the same supplier that they have used for the last few years. With a bit more tact and diplomacy Red Bull could have had all these missing details all sorted out.
      If this falls apart then Red Bull will only have themselves to blame.

    4. Given that they missed part of the test even without issues getting the engine sorted, I wouldn’t be that sure they really will make it to the first test days.

      Then again, they must have known that a Renault engine is the only really option for a while now, just waiting to see what contractual details are involved and whether any deal actually goes ahead currently.

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