2015 Brazilian Grand Prix championship points

2015 Brazilian Grand Prix

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2015 Brazilian Grand Prix

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14 comments on “2015 Brazilian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Toto and Lauda weren’t too happy Saturday or Sunday but they’ve managed to clinch the 2nd spot on the tables and that’s the priority, over making Lewis happy. I’m sure Lewis will win the last one and all will be happy in the Merc camp, as they should be happy, they’ve done a great job and you never know what the future holds.

    1. @peartree If Hamilton was obeying an instruction to let Rosberg win I doubt he’d do it by giving the impression Rosberg had beaten him.

      1. @keithcollantine I didn’t imply Lewis was allowing Nico to win. Merc picks the winner out of the 2. I doubt any driver would give up victories out of sympathy for their teammate. The priority was clinching 2nd on the championship, winning these last couple races was pivotal to the 2nd spot.

  2. Only real battle between Torro Rosso and Lotus, i guess Lotus needs that extra money more dearly. Good job Force India, from 10th in 2008 to 5th in 2015 in their financial condition is a great job, hope they can emulate williams success in the last 2 years in 2016.

  3. A quick bit of maths shows the top three places in the drivers’ championship and the top five places in the constructors’ championship are now fixed.

    This also has political implications as it means Force India will keep the place on the Strategy Group which goes to the highest-placed team in the championship which doesn’t have an automatic right to be on there (those being Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren, Mercedes and Williams).

    1. Really happy for Force India, fifth in the constructors is their best result yet if I remember correctly :)

    2. After Massa’s penalty Lotus still has a mathemetical chance to beat Force India (best of the rest). @keithcollantine

      1. checking the standings somewhere else it seems that the Massa-impact is already reflected in the above table – my bad!
        PS *mathematical

  4. And Kvyat is now ten points ahead of Ricciardo. Not bad at all!

    1. Ricciardo has been more unlucky and has lost a lot of points in the second half of the season due to unreliability, and today with the ten-place grid penalty. @spoutnik

      1. @ultimateuzair I know but still, the Russian’s second half of the year was much better than the first. He showed a better racecraft, even if there is still a lot of room for improvement (COTA was quite a low).

    2. And of course Ric doesn’t care lol ;)

  5. Shouldn’t grosjean be ahead of max on count back as they are tied on points and grosjean has a 3rd place to Max’s best of a 4th?

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