Rosberg holds off Hamilton for back-to-back Brazil wins

2015 Brazilian Grand Prix summary

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Nico Rosberg claimed back-to-back Brazilian Grand Prix victories after resisting team mate Lewis Hamilton at Interlagos.

The two Mercedes were covered by less than half a second at times during the race as Hamilton tried in vain to displace his team mate from the lead.

Sebastian Vettel reached the podium for the 13th time this year, comfortably ahead of team mate Kimi Raikkonen. The top three all elected to stop three times while Raikkonen, who was also compromised by running a different engine in his car which had not been fully optimised.

Valtteri Bottas took fifth place after a rapid start, with Nico Hulkenberg and Daniil Kvyat separating him from team mate Felipe Massa. The latter Williams driver was also under investigation for starting the race with excessively high tyre temperatures.

The points finishers were completed by Romain Grosjean and Max Verstappen, the latter passing Pastor Maldonado in the closing stages for the final point. His team mate Carlos Sainz Jnr was the race’s only retirement, coming to a stop shortly after he was forced to start from the pits with a suspected power unit problem.

2015 Brazilian Grand Prix

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40 comments on “Rosberg holds off Hamilton for back-to-back Brazil wins”

  1. Trenthamfolk (@)
    15th November 2015, 17:43

    Still, back-to-back title wins are sweeter…

    1. Especially if it’s the first time you ever gotten that.

      1. Well Rosberg cannot do anything about that this year but he is at least beating Hamilton easily for 2 races in a row and 5 qualis in a row. He also equalled Senna at this track, surprised he did not mention it.

        1. Lewis might have hit him if he mentioned that stat!

  2. I can’t stand how the stewards are overusing these 5 second time penalties. Maldonado almost took another driver out, yet gets away with just 5 seconds taken off him. That type of penalty was introduced for minor things, they’re just giving them for everything!

    1. I agree that Maldonado really deserved a much harsher penalty, at least 10s drivethrough I’d think.

    2. Well, they’d argue it’s “flexible”… However, i agree: 5-secs. should be replacements for the stop-and-goes that were given with a heavy heart.

    3. I also don’t get the whole penalty points thing. If a driver like Maldonado is not caught out about it, then imagine how crazy a driver must be banging around to actually get a race ban? Why even bother keeping track then?

    4. I was thinking the same. I even suggested that Maldonado should get a race ban for that incident in the heat of the moment! It really should have been a drive through or a 20 second penalty. @strontium

  3. Brazil has many F1 legends to choose from and lots of history with F1 and podium interviews are done by… Martin Brundle?!?!?! Why on Earth every GP has British ex-driver and TV-person doing these interviews? That really kills all the feeling from these interviews. I want more originilaty to these interviews. They should be done with local approach.

    1. Should also be mentioned that it was one of the lousiest podium interviews ever!

      1. Brazilians. Football. Simple as that.

        1. Right down to the Germans winning.

    2. Maybe no-one else was available?

    3. @huhhii They had a Brazilian F1 legend do it last year and he was unprofessional and an embarrassment. I agree it would be nice to have someone local do it – really it should be done in the local language – but FOM want it done in English and given that I thought Brundle’s work was excellent. He got good responses from all three drivers. That was probably the best we’ve had this year.

      1. I agree with you @keithcollantine. I have been dismayed by several choices in the last few years, namely singers and actors who have nothing to do with F1 except to use it as self promotion. Possibly Bruno Senna might have been a popular choice this weekend. I liked seeing Jacky Ickx at Spa the other year, and I would like to see a host country ex-Formula 1 driver do the podiums at every race if possible- maybe Villeneuve in Montreal, Mansell at Silverstone, Hakkinen at Monaco (;)), etc.

      2. Gil de Feran would have been a good choice and he was there.

    4. It all depends on what you want from the Podium @huhhii.

      We have seen how great Placido Domingo, Elton John and even Mansell were with their questions (lets rather forget about the embarresing Piquet appearance last year), I think its better to have a good interviewer asking solid questions than just showing off a celebrety, be it a local racing heroe, on the podium.

      1. @raceprouk How likely is it that all ex-Brazilian F1 drivers and persons of the past and present are right now unavailable? That’s not very likely.

        @keithcollantine I think asking the podium interviews to be done in local language is a quite a long shot. Do you really expect drivers to learn English, Malay, Chinese, Spanish, German, Hungarian, Russian, French etc. languages just becausev of possible podium interview? I think interviews should be done in English, but native English-speaking reporter isn’t necessary.

        @bascb Drivers on podium will be interviewed by real reporters soon after the race is over. Podium ceremony is meant to bring more joy to the local crowd, so yeah, I really don’t mind if a local celebrity will take care of those.

        1. How likely is it that all ex-Brazilian F1 drivers and persons of the past and present are right now unavailable? That’s not very likely.

          And you know this, how?

          1. @raceprouk I know nothing, I was just asking from you how likely you think that’s what happened. Personally I think it’s not very probable that Bruno Senna, Tarso Marques, Enrique Bernoldi, Rubens Barrichello, Pedro Diniz and all the other ex-Brazilian F1-drivers plus all Brazilian F1-reporters/TV-personalities are out of country this weekend.

          2. I know nothing


          3. @raceprouk You’re not bringing much to the table here.

          4. Boo-hoo.

        2. Rosberg would be ok for a few of them as he speaks 5 languages.

  4. It’s sickening that even when rosberg wins, they still continue to talk about Hamilton 😡

    1. Given this is a brief summary of the race result, I don’t think Hamilton has received an excessive amount of attention.

      1. Talking about the British broadcasters

        1. I think Brundle had a good long time with Rosberg there, nothing to complain about.

        2. Well, the German broadcasters will talk about Rosberg.

    2. Trenthamfolk (@)
      15th November 2015, 18:02

      Hamilton is world champion, number one, top of the tree, the best… why wouldn’t they talk about him? What sickens you so much, dare I ask?

    3. Yeah I noticed that too. Right from the start of the race the BBC commentator just kept going on about what Hamilton might be doing. While Coulthard kept on going over what Vettel might be doing. I guess they are fans of these drivers or something and forgot that it was actually Rosberg leading the race for a change.

      1. I was a little peeved when coulthard complained about fom showing an out of the top 10 battle rather than the top two. I Think it was Maldonado and a sauber. We had seen plenty of rosberg and ham already and I like a little rear field action myself.

  5. Brundle really summed it up: Nico should show this kind of racing early enough in the year to really take the championship fight to Hamilton.

    Off course we could get Vettel doing that instead next year. Lets hope both of them step up a bit (Vettel probably needs more from the car rather than better driving) and gives us a great fight for that title.

    1. @bascb, He does show this kind of racing every season. Unfortunately for him, it’s only enough in about 5 out of the 19 races.

      1. Indeed @patrickl. He needs to be doing this far more often if he wants to beat Hamilton to the title.

  6. Alonso, listen, Button was better than you, AGAIN!
    And Vettel with Ferrari was much better than you, AGAIN!

    1. And Raikkonen is one point away from 4th in the driver’s championship instead of 12th. Does Alonso still think Kimi improved a lot ??

    2. Are you joking or do you know nothing about racing?

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