Top ten pictures from the 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Ten of the best pictures which tell the story of the 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix weekend.

Lewis Hamilton

Although drivers are forbidden from making major changes to their helmet designs, Lewis Hamilton added a tribute to his hero Ayrton Senna at the Brazilian driver’s home track

Jenson Button

It was another weekend to forget for McLaren – Jenson Button brought his car home 14th while Fernando Alonso endured a series of setbacks

Daniil Kvyat

The post-qualifying car park

Nico Rosberg

After being beaten to pole position by Nico Rosberg for the fifth race in a row, Hamilton evidently didn’t want to be part of the ‘top three’ photograph

Minute’s silence

The FIA initially faced criticism when it stuck to its plans for a minute of silence before the race to commemorate the victims of road accidents, while marking the deaths of more than a hundred people in the Paris terrorist attacks earlier in proceedings. However the minute of silence was eventually introduced as being for both reasons


Williams mechanics salute the passionate fans of their driver Felipe Massa


Rosberg ensured Hamilton stayed second at the start

Alexander Rossi and Will Stevens

While one driver was struggling to pass his team mate at the front of the field, another got the job done further back – Will Stevens relegated Alexander Rossi

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez

Max Verstappen provided one of the highlights of the race with this pass on Sergio Perez

Nico Rosberg

Rosberg won for the second time since his team mate took the championship

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11 comments on “Top ten pictures from the 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix”

  1. That pass by Max on Perez was amazing and beautiful. Props to Perez too for being sensible about it.

    1. No it wasn’t. He basically bumped him off the track at turn 2. All this hype about Verstappen… are only “teens” visiting this site recently? I actually think that both Max and Carlos are under performing heavily as this Torro Rosso looks like a very good car that should easily be in P5 or P4 even in constructors.

      1. @toxic couldn’t disagree more. Not even Perez nor Force India themselves complained about it, so why should it be seen as Max pushing him off track? he had the inside.

        It was a brilliant move. The kind of move that would’ve worked for Bottas at Mexico too if not for Kimi basically crashing himself out. Only that this was done at a much faster and trickier corner.

      2. True @fer-no65.
        @toxic That was the closest we have been to ‘Racing’ in that race. Did you expect him to ask Perez politely to move over and Perez might have granted his wish?? That was no Villeneuve vs Arnoux but still it was a cool-to-watch ballsy move.

        And about thats ‘Kids’ thing. Look what grandpa Bernie has done to this sports where people are asking questions against the almost only cool instance that happened in an otherwise boring race. Maybe its time kids do something about it.

      3. @toxic the STR10 is a good car with a bad power unit. At times the impact of the power unit is a bit less and good results can be extracted from the car. Other times the STR has genuinely not been on the pace, fighting somewhere in the lower midfield. A lot of times they have had to retire with mechanical problems, sometimes when driving in respectable positions.

        The drivers are young, make a few rookie errors (which is normal), but overall have had good pace. STR would have been “easily” sixth if they hadn’t been plagued with problems, but that’s about as far up as it could have been. Overall they haven’t been as good as RBR and FI. If they’d had a respectable power unit, they probably would have been able to beat FI with the car, but not with the Renault.

        Lastly, Verstappen’s overtake was a beauty. And I’m not a teen – I’m 33, consider myself capable of properly assessing driver performances and have been hugely impressed by Verstappen this year, especially with the little experience in car racing he’s had.

  2. What!? No picture of both McLaren drivers on the podium!?

    1. That was a great moment. I’m a massive Ferrari fan but even I feel sorry for McLaren and Honda this year.

      1. The Ferrari-McLaren feud is so 2007-08. We’re well past that now. :P

    2. Or the shot of Fernando on the lawn chair after qualifying.

      If you can’t win, at least get air time for the sponsors!

  3. Good pictures again!

  4. Great shot of Manor’s ! The photographer how took it, was extremely lucky! In the right place the right moment .
    Good job.

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