What was the best overtake of 2015? Make your nominations

2015 F1 season

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The F1 Fanatic 2015 season review will begin soon so once again it’s time to find out what you thought was the best overtaking move of the season.

You can nominate as many passes as you like from this year’s 19 races, and once they have been counted your top ten will be compiled into a shortlist from which the best pass of the year will be selected.

Here’s a reminder of the preview F1 Fanatic Pass of the Year winners:

2014: Daniel Ricciardo for passing Sebastian Vettel in the Italian GP
2013: Sebastian Vettel for passing Mark Webber in the Malaysian GP
2012: Kimi Raikkonen for passing Michael Schumacher in the Belgian GP
2011: Mark Webber for passing Fernando Alonso in the Belgian GP
2010: Robert Kubica for passing Jenson Button in the European GP

Now make your nominations for each of this year’s races here:

2015 F1 season

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