Alonso samples 1991 McLaren and Moto GP bike at Honda Thanks Day

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Fernando Alonso sampled a diverse selection of racing machinery at the Honda Thanks Day this weekend, including a 1991 McLaren-Honda MP4-6 and a Moto GP bike.

He also got behind the wheel of a Honda NSX Super GT car and a more sedate Honda N-One for a special race in the event at Twin Ring Motegi.

Takuma Sato, who started 90 Formula One races with Honda power and now races for them in IndyCar, was also present and drove a 1968 Honda RA301 of the type raced by John Surtees in F1.

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25 comments on “Alonso samples 1991 McLaren and Moto GP bike at Honda Thanks Day”

  1. Alonso’s search for a working Honda engine takes him to the 1980’s.

    1. @evered7 Jenson… WE HAVE TO GO BACK!

  2. Does he also driving Super Formula cars..?

    1. That would have been great to see! a super Formula car is probably quicker on many tracks then the current McLaren-Honda, and no doubt 1/20th the price, they are are a great race car, I like them better then f1, because they are cheaper and more simple and yet are faster through turns then current f1 cars (slower on straights because of less power).

  3. It’s a MP4/6, not MP4/4.

    1. Sorry – silly mistake. Changed it.

  4. Err, @keithcollantine, that’s the MP4/5…

  5. Is it just me, or do some of those N-One’s look permanently surprised?

  6. Who won the races?

  7. Was he faster than Rossi?

  8. Is it thanks to Honda or thanks from Honda?

  9. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
    6th December 2015, 22:36

    Was a GP2 car around for him?

    1. This was certainly the best opportunity to test his opinion wasn’t it?

  10. Interesting that Honda brought a late spec 2015 RC213V Alonso to ride, it even has the newish brake shrouds. Alonso on the other hand didn’t wore the latest of the ultra expensive alpinestars airbag leathers or a bike crash helmet. I’m sure the F1 spec helmets are great but I wouldn’t fancy hitting the ground with the “HANS” metal fixings.

  11. I find the MP4/6 such a beautiful car.

  12. Would be interesting to know what laptimes he managed on the bike!

    1. I’m sure the N-One is a great little car and it’s definitely very ‘Japan’, but you’re asking for trouble showing Freddy all that power.

    2. According to his knee-sliders – not that fast.

  13. Interesting that they still keep the Marlboro sponsorship on that car. Usually it’s changed to “McLaren” no?

    1. It depends who the owner of the car is. McLaren themselves take the original title sponsors off more often than not, but collectors and other owners don’t. That car was probably owned by Honda themselves rather than McLaren.

      But then again, every team is different. Williams keep their cars in their original liveries.

      1. As far as i know, McLaren owns every MP4 car, with the exception of one of their cars which Senna requested and Ron Dennis ended up giving him. The car is currently displayed at the Instituto Ayrton Senna in São Paulo.
        They don’t sell their cars like most (all?) other teams.

        1. They have sold a few – there’s some details here including an ex-Raikkonen car owned by Newey and an ex-Hakkinen car owned by Zak Brown who runs a motorsport marketing company.

        2. I was told on my visit to the MTC last year that Mclaren own all their MP4 cars except the one driven by James Hunt .

  14. Probably the happiest day of his year.

  15. Was so happy to find this – My hero Alonso finally having some fun on the track rather than on a lawn chair off it! I think that’s the first time I’ve seen someone ride a MotoGP bike wearing a Formula 1 crash helmet – not that it’s important when you’re having fun.

    It seems Alonso is having more fun with Honda in the off-season than the on-season…

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