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Fans of Giorgio Piola’s technical drawings of Formula One cars can gorge on over a hundred pages crammed with his intricate illustrations in Formula 1 Technical Analysis 2014/5.

The book mostly covers the 2014 season – one of the most fascinating for years from a technical points of view as teams got to grips with the V6 turbo hybrid engine revolution. All 11 cars are pored over in painstaking detail from every imaginable angle, bodywork peeled away and their innermost workings exposed.

The attention to detail is excellent and even covers the minor experimental pieces which appeared briefly and were discarded.

Piola also draws on his vast reserve of past drawings to display trends in design thinkings and point out where old ideas have resurfaced on new cars.

Inevitably more weight is given to the teams who can actually carry out more development work. Even so the single pages given to Marussia and Caterham seems perfunctory, and impression not helped by the latter’s name being mispelled. A few other errors have appeared in the translation, too.

If you’re hoping to glean a lot of information on the season past from this book, be forewarned the 2015 developments only cover two dozen pages. The book finishes with a tribute to Jules Bianchi which has been left in its original Italian.

For Formula One technology fans this is a must-buy. If you’re merely curious about expanding your knowledge of the technical side of the sport you’ll find Formula 1 Technical Analysis 2014/5 accessible and informative.

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Formula 1 Technical Analysis 2014/5

Author: Giorgio Piola
Publisher: Giorgio Nada Editore
Published: 2015
Pages: 127
Price: £32
ISBN: 9788879116237

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