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Lewis Hamilton clinched his third world championship in 2015 as Mercedes sustained the crushing form they had demonstrated the year before.

But what else do you remember about the 19 races of this season? Put your Formula One knowledge to the test with the newest F1 Fanatic Quiz:

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As always do boast about your score in the comments but make sure you don’t give any clues about the questions or answers.

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20 comments on “Take the F1 Fanatic 2015 F1 season Quiz”

  1. A little bit too easy I think.

    Nevertheless happy to score my first 20/20.

    1. I’ve scored 19/20 and I too thought that Keith went perhaps a tad soft, unusually soft, on this one.

      Perhaps to encourage more visitors to participate, I don’t know.

      I, for one, was certainly turned off a bit by just how hard most of the quizzies were. I always thought, when I saw one, that ‘OK, I’m gonna prepare well in advance, look up the topic and will put my weight into it… And I never did. I just had too many other things to do. So, if going soft really wants to encourage more takers, it should work and it’s a good move.

      For me, it was a tad too easy, but I consider myself to be pretty well-educated in motorsport stuff, so it’s probably found the sweet spot (the average score, of those less devoted, should be lower and if it hits 10, it’s perfect).

  2. Your score is 15 out of 20

    You have previously completed this quiz. Your original score has been counted instead of your new score.

    Eh? I’ve previously completed a quiz that was only published today? What the fudge?

    1. With previously, they mean “just a second ago” in this case. Your first score is 15, and that message will always display after the first attempt.

      1. So it says this message even the first time you complete the quiz?

        1. @philipgb, just ignore that second message; you’re listed with 15 points.
          Happened to me as well.

  3. I’m currently ranked 13th. Oh dear.

  4. I scored 15/20 which is lower than I was hoping for. I am confident I knew about 17 of these answers. Is there a way to see what my answers were, and which answers are correct?

  5. I think that this is my first 20/20! I did not expect that.

  6. 16/20 Not to bad. Probably messed up the one about the Chinese and Italian GP and the picture.

    1. I wonder if Keith considers this a clue about the questions @xtwl
      Imagine others now reading up about any tiny detail of those 2 races before starting the quiz ;-)

  7. Keisoglou Alexandros (@)
    28th December 2015, 16:17

    18/20, currently ranked in the top 25 (i think). I found it too easy and i was actually confident i knew all 20 of them.. guess not :PPPP Don’t know which ones i messed up, though. Since we can’t retake the quiz with a valid score, maybe we should be able to see our mistakes.?? @keith ??

    1. Same. I got 18/20, I thought I got 20 though.

    2. @keisalex, you can actually retake the quiz to check another set of answers, and shows what you score ‘would’ve been’.

      There is however no way to see which answers were right/wrong; so it’ll be trial and error.
      (I found my 3 errors this way; 1 typo; 1 stupid/hurried answer; and 1 ‘I thought I knew, but clearly didn’t’)

  8. 19/20, it probably was easier than most quizzes, but not sure if it’s too easy. They were easy since they were recent, some of these would probably be quite hard in a few years from now in a separate quiz.

    1. Indeed, that’s exactly the tricky thing about setting these end-of-year quizzes.

  9. 17/20. Very happy given that I didn’t have time to follow this season as closely as the previous ones.

  10. 19. I kind of like missed a question. “This happened for the first time in X Grand Prix 2015 since which race?” like what was the only previous race where Russian driver scored a podium before Daniil Kvyat in Hungary?

  11. 19/20. Not bad for a season which I have not followed as closely as I used to.

    1. I’m also content with 16 having not give any much attention to this year championship! never had this feeling in previous season, though…

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