2016 F1 race data

Laps per position
Started and finished
Laps led
Position change on lap one

Laps per position

How many laps each driver spent in each position during the season.
Lewis Hamilton5231851786968262510145833311001530
Nico Rosberg486305112685365244134420401200000
Sebastian Vettel8213116421015674252727222411811133373100
Kimi Raikkonen712315121117619740201428212104909311111
Felipe Massa01310258810911480177118346548366391862422020
Valtteri Bottas014406813711681170135774181504530231717158141
Daniel Ricciardo732491662221491017547172715112013721440000
Daniil Kvyat024283934932475181687658115859657441999
Nico Hulkenberg061744275321018077865540513338252994210
Sergio Perez00909576621851058514810896533521181375120
Kevin Magnussen000010281434395064112112129167881164440331
Jolyon Palmer000000812203960871248510782585167393038
Max Verstappen4215624213880106544946664018131714131091700
Carlos Sainz Jnr00832521077415487889469341266631303416920
Marcus Ericsson000001998169380518012710513512067414619
Felipe Nasr00001193515219306149147138180924991793846
Fernando Alonso00510925913369110129771169644652316147212
Jenson Button06146302271152871029492307866344630232125
Pascal Wehrlein0004323414122340107646111223510562673442
Esteban Ocon0000001191027101044165139694958852
Romain Grosjean0119324446685457917774153355033303463212
Esteban Gutierrez000177531305312799109796767798312156191
Stoffel Vandoorne00000031311131011301000000
Rio Haryanto000000031322107482272821091099150

Started and finished

How many races each driver started, was classified in (covered more than 90% of race distance) and completed (covered 100% of race distance).
Lewis Hamilton211919
Nico Rosberg212020
Sebastian Vettel201717
Kimi Raikkonen211717
Felipe Massa211810
Valtteri Bottas211912
Daniel Ricciardo212120
Daniil Kvyat21155
Nico Hulkenberg211712
Sergio Perez212114
Kevin Magnussen21173
Jolyon Palmer20153
Max Verstappen211818
Carlos Sainz Jnr21178
Marcus Ericsson21160
Felipe Nasr21171
Fernando Alonso20178
Jenson Button21155
Pascal Wehrlein21161
Esteban Ocon991
Romain Grosjean20166
Esteban Gutierrez21162
Stoffel Vandoorne110
Rio Haryanto1290

Laps led

How many laps a driver led as a percentage of all the racing laps during the season (full season laps led) and of all the racing laps covered by that driver (driver's season laps led).
DriverFull season laps ledDriver's season laps led
Lewis Hamilton523/1213 (43.12%)523/1131 (46.24%)
Nico Rosberg486/1213 (40.07%)486/1147 (42.37%)
Sebastian Vettel82/1213 (6.76%)82/1002 (8.18%)
Kimi Raikkonen7/1213 (0.58%)7/1039 (0.67%)
Felipe Massa0/1213 (0%)0/1106 (0%)
Valtteri Bottas0/1213 (0%)0/1180 (0%)
Daniel Ricciardo73/1213 (6.02%)73/1212 (6.02%)
Daniil Kvyat0/1213 (0%)0/954 (0%)
Nico Hulkenberg0/1213 (0%)0/987 (0%)
Sergio Perez0/1213 (0%)0/1205 (0%)
Kevin Magnussen0/1213 (0%)0/1072 (0%)
Jolyon Palmer0/1213 (0%)0/907 (0%)
Max Verstappen42/1213 (3.46%)42/1121 (3.75%)
Carlos Sainz Jnr0/1213 (0%)0/1113 (0%)
Marcus Ericsson0/1213 (0%)0/1007 (0%)
Felipe Nasr0/1213 (0%)0/1100 (0%)
Fernando Alonso0/1213 (0%)0/1070 (0%)
Jenson Button0/1213 (0%)0/1020 (0%)
Pascal Wehrlein0/1213 (0%)0/994 (0%)
Esteban Ocon0/1213 (0%)0/454 (0%)
Romain Grosjean0/1213 (0%)0/975 (0%)
Esteban Gutierrez0/1213 (0%)0/1041 (0%)
Stoffel Vandoorne0/1213 (0%)0/56 (0%)
Rio Haryanto0/1213 (0%)0/611 (0%)

Position change on lap one

How many places a driver gained (positive) or lost (negative) on the first lap of every race, on average.
Fernando Alonso+2.26+43
Pascal Wehrlein+1.94+35
Jolyon Palmer+1.68+32
Carlos Sainz Jnr+1.55+31
Esteban Ocon+3.38+27
Marcus Ericsson+1.2+24
Kevin Magnussen+1.2+24
Romain Grosjean+1.22+22
Felipe Nasr+0.85+17
Felipe Massa+0.65+13
Jenson Button+0.4+8
Sergio Perez+0.1+2
Stoffel Vandoorne-1-1
Rio Haryanto-0.18-2
Daniel Ricciardo-0.2-4
Sebastian Vettel-0.41-7
Daniil Kvyat-0.37-7
Nico Hulkenberg-0.44-8
Lewis Hamilton-0.47-9
Max Verstappen-0.55-11
Esteban Gutierrez-0.65-13
Valtteri Bottas-0.9-18
Kimi Raikkonen-1.2-24
Nico Rosberg-1.42-27