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We’re back to the present (almost) for this weekend’s Caption Competition: Daniel Ricciardo and Felipe Massa swap notes during the last round of the championship.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

Caption Competition

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77 comments on “Caption Competition 94: Ricciardo and Massa”

  1. Daniel: Is that Mercedes PU any good?

    Felipe: Nah, for sure!

  2. So Felipe.. What’s it like winning a race at Williams?

  3. RIC: Your career really has 9 lives, hasn’t it?

  4. Daniel and Felipe’s competitive pranking streak takes a bizarre turn as they both turn up to a party dressed as each other to a frightening degree of accuracy…

  5. Ricciardo: Sorry you see everything thorugh Brazilian-coloured sunglasses…I want similar with Australian colours.

  6. My old teammate replaced your old teammate. Do you think I could replace you now?

  7. Jean Paul Richard
    23rd January 2016, 12:05

    “I look cool in these shades”

    “…my shades look cool on me!”

  8. “…and that is how I won the 2008 Driver’s World Championship”

  9. Jean Paul Richard
    23rd January 2016, 12:11

    “I’m like a Red Bull with a Mercedes engine. That’s why Dietrich loves me.”

    “But I’m like a Mercedes with a Red Bull engine. That’s why women love me.”

  10. “Felipe, how’s life like as a number 2 driver?”

  11. “Yeah, I’d rather watch the start of Le Mans, too…”

    1. winner!

    2. ColdFly F1 (@)
      23rd January 2016, 14:13

      well done!

    3. Perfect!

  12. Ricciardo: Mate, I’m serious, what did you do with my Kylie poster

  13. Ricciardo expressing his concerns about the new TAG engine.

  14. DR: See, see, it does give you wings.

    FM: Hey you’re right Daniel that Red Bull is pretty good…with vodka. Ok let’s switch bottles back before someone sees us.

  15. Earlier, in Montreal: “Are you sure you can handle Verstappen in the press conference Felipe?”

  16. Ricciardo: ‘Ok so hear me out man, I beat Sebastian yeah? And he’s beating Kimi right? And using some comments section logic Kimi beat you over the course of three seasons! So all I’m saying man is it’s your turn to get the pizza!’

    1. Massa:”You get it very wrong, mate! Yes, Kimi beat me in 2007 by 16 points, but I beat him in 2008 by 22 points, further more, I led Kimi by 24 to 12 by my accident! So it’s 197 to 215 and 9 wins to 11wins over 2.5 seasons. So, are you a Kimi fan?”

  17. DR: So Felipe, when are you retiring from F1?

    FM: I don’t know bro. I don’t know.

  18. Ric, you know I’m blameless, for sure !

  19. ColdFly F1 (@)
    23rd January 2016, 14:20

    I’ve got Red Bull in my drink Bottle!
    What do you guys at Williams Martini Racing put in there?

  20. Ricciardo: Have you tried cutting down on the carbs?

    1. Yeah, the merc pu is using direct fuel injection, you know…

  21. ‘I guess next time you will think twice before complaining about Max’ #MontrealPressConference

  22. “So how do you feel about being twice as old as rookies nowadays? “

  23. “Where are the red stripes?”
    “Im my bottle.”

    1. Took me while to understand,but very good

    2. Very smart!

  24. Ric: These youngsters can be tough teammates, eh?
    Mas: Hey, all I know is, I’m not driving against Fernando any more, and that’s as good as it gets in my book!

  25. RIC: My beard looks cool…
    MAS: Neah…

  26. Ricciardo: I’ve heard that the 2008 Brazilian gp was a very exciting race.Should I watch it?
    Massa:…(face expression says it all😂)

  27. Riccardo: That’s not bad, but you really need to try opening your mouth more and show all your teeth when you smile.

  28. Ricciardo: So do you feel bad for Alonso
    Massa: Hmmmm…

  29. Riccardo: We get free fruit juice from Rauch. Do you get any free products from your sponsors?

  30. Well, Frank said he wanted to change it to Rexona because I already do enough for Sure.

    1. Ready_Amy_Fire
      23rd January 2016, 18:29

      Clever :)

  31. Ric: I need the shades because it makes me look cool

    Mas: I need the shades in case you smile

  32. Ricciardo: “Yeah, nice shades man, for sure… I was giving some feedback to our Renault engineer and he punched me in the eye. So what happened to yours?”

  33. Massa: “Yeah, nice shades man, for sure… I was having a discussion on how I’m older and wiser with Valtteri and he karate chopped me in the eye. Same with you and Daniil?”

    1. Ricciardo: “Youngsters have no respect.”
      Massa: “No sh… ahh, for sure.”

  34. Ricciardo nods knowingly, “Ah, augmented reality shades – is it Google Glass At Work?”
    Massa, bemused: “Sunglasses, man… You’re making me feel old.”

  35. So Ferrari are saying that they want me in 2017 to replace Kimi. Do you think I can beat a 4-time world champion?

  36. RIC: so you know that you get the engines that Hamilton doesn’t want yeah?

    MAS: Better that than engines nobody wants…..

  37. DR: What was Tilke thinking when he designed this track?
    Felipe: Pfft, hell if I know!

  38. “I guess we’re not going to win anymore, are we Felipe?”

    1. @eriko – poignant. +1

  39. “Hey Felipe. Do your best Kimi impression.”

    1. Simple but good :)

  40. Daniel: Why is it that most of the good drivers come from the Southern Hemisphere?

    Felipe shrugs

  41. Ricciardo “how is it at williams?”
    Massa “great, im faster than Fernando now”

  42. RIC:Felipe the returning of refuelling it is a good idea?
    MAS: mmmmmmm!!!

  43. DR – I heard you have big Anacondas in Brazil.
    FM – don’t make me show you one

  44. Daniel: what do you think of the new team that is starting this season Felipe?

    Felipe: Meh.

  45. At least we’re both faster than Fernando.

  46. Felipe, mate, your engine is faster than mine

  47. Daniel: How did u guys manage to get hold of Mercedes power?

    Felipe: It is dee-ffi-cult to say…

  48. Daniel: Ha haha hahaha ha. Ha hahaha ha haha ha. Hehe ha ha ho.

    Felipe: This clown is not funny at all.

  49. So have your Williams pit crew fitted longer seat belts for you fatty?

  50. Massa
    ‘all I got was ‘don’t touch me man’ no apology no nothing…

  51. Ric: Can you believe they won’t let me go to Le Mans?!
    Massa: Ha, I could go if I wanted, but tickets are expensive…

  52. It’s nice to see you with a spring in your step these days Felipe…

  53. Massa: I’m also doing that thing
    Ric: What thing??
    Massa: What? Did you notice? Look at my mustache…

  54. I can’t believe he said that… you think he drank too much Red Bull?

  55. Massa leaves pit box with fuel hose and Ric still attached.

  56. Felipe: We really should marry our cars, think of their child, a Red Bull chassis with a Williams engine, championship winning stuff.
    Daniel: And what if we end up with the opposite, a Williams chassis with a Red Bull engine?

  57. So, tell me more about your 15 seconds of fame.

  58. “Let me try those sunnies mate, I can’t see any red through these.”

  59. No way will they let you race at Le Mans. You Aussies always want to go upside down there.

  60. Ric:”Could you guys at least, give us your used Merc Pu’s?”

  61. Q: What do you get when a Kangaroo mates with a Tamandua?

    A: Webber!

  62. Felipe, do I look a tad jaundice to you?

  63. DR: I’m thinking of moving to Ferrari.
    FM: You don’t want to be a driver 2 there.
    DR: You dont think I could beat Vettel again?
    FM: No.

  64. Dan – “Do you think a Renault customer team can fight for the championship?”

  65. DR: Let’s do the 2008 Glock move on Lewis this weekend … just to mass around a bit
    FM: With the championship done it’s not that fun … belive me

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