Romain Grosjean, Eddie Jordan, Yas Marina, 2015

Caption Competition 95: Grosjean and Jordan

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With no BBC at the races this year, will anyone give former F1 team boss Eddie Jordan a means of inflicting his brand of havoc on unsuspecting drivers like Romain Grosjean?

We can only hope. In the meantime, supply the best caption you can devise to go with this snap of Jordan handing Grosjean an award at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last year.

As ever a selection of the best will feature in an upcoming edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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  • 58 comments on “Caption Competition 95: Grosjean and Jordan”

    1. You got the “I wanna look like Eddie Jordan” award!

    2. Jordan: ‘Looking forward to seeing what you can do at HAAS next year Romain’
      Grosjean: ‘Looking forward to seeing the coverage next year without you Eddie’

      1. Ha ha! Well done @philipgb

        The best humor contains at least a bit of truth. This one contains a lot for me.

    3. Grosjean: I have no idea what he’s going on about, but maybe if I smile and nod, he’ll go away…

    4. “Romain you can even flip your sunglasses backwards”

    5. EJ: “Congratulations on this prize Romain… i suppose now your going to Haas this is the last trophy youll see for a while”

    6. Eddie, are the license payers happy to no longer being responsible for funding your shirts?

    7. Grosjean thinking… “What does Eddie mean he’s sure Kimi will stay one more year? He can’t predict that!”

    8. Eddie: I don’t think I should get this award for most irritating sports pundit and here is a 15 minute speech explaining why……

    9. Grosjean: “Where on Earth did you get that shirt?”

    10. “Oh, how much longer do I have to do this fake smile for?”

    11. Grosjean knows Eddie has a penchant for making the right predictions and can’t hide his glee when Eddie says “Romain is driving for Ferrari in 2017”.

    12. Eddie – take my advice Romain, never sit under a bird’s nest…

      1. This is a very good one, great job XD

      2. hahahahahahaah

    13. Romain Grosjean hands Eddie Jordan a trophy for worst dressed bbc presenter

    14. “It’s my generation’s gift to yours. It’s a piece of plastic glass.”

    15. I’d say about a kilogram, what do say RG?

    16. I’d like to thank the Academy, the cast and crew, the producer and director…oh, sorry, even I’m distracted by this shirt…enough about me, let’s talk about you RG…what do you think of me?

    17. Grosjean in his new job as a pundit for channel 4 presents Eddie Jordan with a prize for incorrectly predicting he had a job next season…..

    18. ColdFly F1 (@)
      30th January 2016, 14:34

      Well Romain some call me the village idiot but you beat me this year by deciding to leave (now) Renault and join Haas.

    19. Drama in the paddock as Romain Grosjean crashes an interview.

    20. “But what will Pastor get?”
      “I don’t know; he HAASn’t been a good boy”.

    21. Romain, I wanted to give you this award for being the only person in the paddock that hasn’t made of my shirts. Good luck next year, it’s amazing you can do so well considering you must be blind. A true inspiration.

      1. *made fun of

        If I want to win, it should probably be coherent.

        1. Nah, when EJ is involved you dont have to make sense!!!

    22. “The trophy for the Most Outrageous Paddock Rumours goes to…”

    23. “Romain, does my shirt have pictures of ice cream cones or microphones on it? Please answer or I’ll attack you with this shard of glass in my hand.” – EJ

    24. ‘It gives me great pleasure to announce Romain has agreed to test run my prototype cockpit head protection device for the following season’

      An on line pole has suggested ‘Hasses Ass’ as a trademark…

    25. Romain could only force a smile after Haas revealed its new team principal…

    26. Eddie was completely oblivious to the flock of pigeons perched right above him.

    27. Following criticism of the huge expenses involved in running a race, Formula 1 Management asked Eddie Jordan to ask drivers for their opinion on a new range of smaller, cheaper, and less ostentatious trophies.

    28. It may not look much, but this award cost us our entire budget for the next three seasons.

    29. RG thinking to himself. “That is a very realistic wig, but I can still see beneath it when the wind blows!”

    30. Funny i was watching 1998 German Grand prix last night and in the studio was Eddie, its easy to forget that he wasn’t the bumbling clown he appears to be now.

      He was quite calm, assured and seemingly in full control of his team and affairs. You look at him now and think how the hell did he run a grand prix team, but he did and very well.

      His Autobiography is well worth a read.

    31. Eddie Jordan awards, bbc’s “jordan” award to romain grosjean, in praise of his inane switch to Haas racing.

    32. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      30th January 2016, 19:08

      “Romain, what first attracted you to drive for the billionaire Carl Haas?”

    33. “I swear this glass trophy is harder to break than the Lotus’ suspension”.

    34. I smelt that Romain, and you can’t deny it…

    35. Romain looks on in amusement as EJ uses his FIA ‘Shirt of the Year’ trophy to explain to viewers how the ‘Halo’ cockpit protection proposals will look….

    36. – Tell me Romain, did Maldonado copy your race style or you his as demolition kings?

    37. “You’re leaving for 2016? Haasta la vista, Eddie.” RG

    38. “We’re proud to present Romain with the Invisibility Award. It’s for the driver who did the best job without anyone noticing.”

    39. “I’d like to thank Romain for presenting me with this award for worst dressed human”

    40. Grosjean tells Jordan that Haas don’t need to bother about blue flags, stealing Manor’s only award for the season.

    41. Romain appears to be enjoying Eddie Jordan’s rendition of “Wild Rover” at the apr├Ęs-GP karaoke party.

    42. “And the award for the driver most likely to find himself partnered by a questionably talented Latin American goes to…”

    43. Romain: I wonder if Eddie Jordan will enter the Royal Private box with this shirt on at Wimbledon.

    44. “I will give you this trophy if you hire me as your manager.”

    45. And how do you like my 1994 Sauber tribute shirt?

    46. “Well Eddie, you say going to Haas is a mistake and at the same time you expected Schumacher to stay with your team?”

    47. This microphone looks so delicious, I wanna keep munching on it…mum mum…

    48. You’ve may be taken a real frog leap in your career with Haas, Romain.

    49. “And Friday of the year award goes to…”

    50. Come drive for me Romain, you know you want to.

    51. Eddie Jordan does his best Bernie impression

    52. “Romain, I never learned how to pronounce your last name, but thanks to BBC I won’t ever have to!”

    53. Eddie, where did you get that sperm shirt?

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