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Caption Competition 96: Hamilton, Lauda and Rosberg

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Will Mercedes pair Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg drivers run the table for a third season in a row this year? And will Niki Lauda have to keep the peace between the battling duo?

Post your funniest caption suggestion in the comments below. A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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  • 84 comments on “Caption Competition 96: Hamilton, Lauda and Rosberg”

    1. Lauda could not care for the fight between Rosberg and Hamilton. The new team cap cannot be red anyway.

    2. “Yeahhhh, but… I’d already won the championship, I wasn’t even trying…”

    3. “But don’t you see Lewis McLaren have Honda engines now, maybe you should go over there and emulate your hero next season.”

      1. this is best

    4. Lauda looks on after witnessing Lewis and Nico’s latest attempt to shake hands during teamwork practice.

    5. Gerulf Dösinger (@)
      6th February 2016, 12:34

      Lauda cancelled the apology-practice after they missed their hands for the fifth time.

      1. Fudge Ahmed (@)
        6th February 2016, 15:14

        Very good.

      2. ColdFly F1 (@)
        7th February 2016, 11:25

        spot on!

    6. “Nico, if you cannot zee vere his hand is from zat distance then maybe you shoud tink about going to Specsavers”

    7. “I’m teling you, he who smelt it, dealt it.”

      “No way. He who denied it, supplied it.”

      1. Haha and it was Niki all along!

    8. Despite the graphics on the new F1 2016 game being super-realistic, the post race celebratory handshake footage suffered from a few major glitches.

      1. @hobbsy009 ahah this is good

    9. Rosbger: ‘See Lewis I even missed your handshake, now do you believe I’m not accurate enough to perfectly slice your tyre?’

    10. ColdFly F1 (@)
      6th February 2016, 13:09

      Nico practises his “No Sir, you go first” explanation when being overtaken by Lewis.

      1. Now that a certain Venezuelan driver suddenly has become a free agent, Lauda lost interest in his quibbling boys and is looking at the top prospect in the distance, comtemplating how to get him on board.

        1. sorry I hit the wrong reply button

    11. Nico: That building is the Petronas tower, I climbed it about a year ago, have you seen how big the size of it is!
      Lewis: You may be able to climb that tower, but how come you still have climbed the massive points tally gap between us!

    12. Now that a certain Venezuelan driver suddenly has become a free agent, Lauda lost interest in his quibbling boys and is looking at the top prospect in the distance, comtemplating how to get him on board.

    13. Allright! Alright! Let’s seal it with a hand shake.
      Darn! Did’t I tell you to get your eye sight checked?…

    14. “Listen Lewis, I’d like to win a WDC as well, so I think you need to leave”……

    15. Niki Lauda is very happy after taking delivery of his new Official Mercedes life sized action figures.

    16. Lauda thinking: Never thought I could learn something from them, last summer in Salzburg I should have missed Didi’s hand as well and just wave good bye…

    17. “Is that Nicole?”

    18. Handshake for the cameras guys. Come on!

    19. Rosberg completely missed a handshake with his teammate and blamed it on a big gust of wind.

    20. NR: “I’m not afraid of you! There’s the track, show me what you can do!”
      LH: “I will, mate, I will.”

    21. NR: “Naah, I don’t want to, I’m all sweaty from meeting a world champion.”

    22. Hamilton and Rosberg decided a game of rock, paper scissors was a good idea rather than shaking hands…

    23. Nico claimed not to see Lewis as they tried shaking hands.

    24. Well spoken waffle
      6th February 2016, 14:33


      Lauda: no, no, NO! Your hands have to touch! You two HAVE to get the hang of shaking hands… Let’s try that again, take 24…

    25. Nico: I will go talk to Toto there to get my contract extension signed.
      Lewis: The big boss is right here. You are looking the wrong way.

    26. The latest attempt to modernise ‘The Three Stooges’ failed no matter how much slapping went on….

    27. With over a year gone since the 2014 Belgium gp both drivers are still blaming each other

    28. Nico: Head up, stay strong, fake a smile and move on.

      Ham: Head up, stay strong, fake a smile and move on.

      Lauda: Never got the hang of those fake smiles.

    29. Look Niki, my team mate for 2017 arrived!

    30. “Nico stop being so rude, this elderly fan wants a picture with you.”
      “But the old guy is over there Lewis…”

    31. “I’m serious Lewis…just turn around and look. Kayne West is standing right over there!”

    32. Immediately after ‘the team is bigger than any individual’ mandate from Toto, Lewis and Rosberg demonstrate the famed ‘Lauda Engine Supply Handshake’ to the media….

      1. Lauda Engine Supply Handshake is winner

      2. Right, you framed it better than I did.

    33. ” Rosberg clearly has the upper hand this season.. |”

    34. 6 world championships in half a picture…

    35. Lauda cannot bear to watch it anymore when both Lewis and Nico claim again that they have no problems whatsoever between them.

    36. Lewis & Nico together “Lauda please..”
      Niki: “Louder please..”

    37. “Why are the Rat and Mr. Squeaky-Clean always there whenever I blow my top?” enquires the Pied Piper of Hamilton.

    38. No, Lewis, please, you can’t call your memoirs “12 years a driver”

    39. Niki Lauda was not impressed with his drivers’ wax statues as he considered them smiling at each others as unrealistic.

    40. Nico: “Sebastian is coming for us…I’m serious!”
      Lewis: “No way man, not turning around.”
      Lauda: Internally *Screaming*

    41. “I’m telling you Lewis, it is true, we do have a new car this year, look!”

    42. Champville, this way.

    43. “After you”, “no after you”, the Mercedes drivers argued after Niki Lauda announced that one of his drivers will be performing the Manor car shakedown for 2016.

    44. “A sailor went to sea sea sea to see what he could see see see”

    45. Lewis, P2 is over there, buddy! :)

    46. As Lauda told his drivers to hug and make up, Nico reacted with a back hand slap to the face while Lewis simultaneously placed a swift jab to the middriff.

    47. The handshake that never was…

    48. Nico: “this is the new car for 2016 here lewis”
      Lewis: “cool, just let me shake this elderly fans hand”

    49. Nico – it was your fault
      Lewis – No, it was your fault
      Niki – don’t look at me, it was both of your fault

    50. Lewis: No way, man, that’s not possible. Not taking such a stoopid bet.

      Nico: Not making it up! Just turn around and look. Toto has side-loaded iTunes and is downloading your and Nicole’s JV remix – on his Blackberry!!!

      Lewis: What??!! Niki!

      Nico: Don’t ask Niki, he thinks having team members carry the sponsor’s battery-powered soap bars promotes our clean team image.

    51. “…I was meant to pass you in the corridor there, but you wouldn’t let me through…”

    52. After a series of poor relationship between Lewis and Nico they still can’t get a proper handshake.

    53. “My father won the world championsh-”
      “Don’t care man, my uncle’s got his own plane!”

    54. No, you go first.
      No, you go 1st.

    55. Lauda sighs “They are too used to shaking hands on the podium”.

    56. “Look Niki, Nico and I have practiced how we’ll shake hands when either one of us wins”.

    57. Lewis says, “C’mon Nico, even Niki thinks you are #2.” Nico says, “Yeah, well Toto thinks you are #2 Lewis!”

      Both: “Bring on 2016!”

    58. So then I threw the cap back like this. My throw was better, wasn’t it Niki?

    59. Madame Tussaud’s unveils its latest dummies.

      1. Just as they are about to spit theirs out in another spat!

    60. Lewis laughs as Nico’s seems to be affected by yet another gust of wind…

    61. Sorry Nico, this place is only for 3 times world champion

    62. Lewis : High 5 … down low … too slow ….. again!

    63. Lewis Keki is your father

    64. Lauda: Come on boys, lets do this right. Remember, this picture will be used for a caption competition.

    65. Niki Lauda: hey guys where’s the washroom I need to go badly.
      Lewis: It’s this way.
      Nico: No it’s that way.
      Niki Lauda: Ah forget it I’ll just ask some one else. You boys are competing in everything too much.

    66. LH: uncle Niki is a legend
      NR: but uncleToto is cooler, he’s the boss

    67. Nico: We all agreed that if you came second and didn’t like it then you and Niki would talk to Toto.
      Lewis: But I’m not unhappy with second place, only Niki is.
      Nico: Well … his office is that way.

    68. A failed attempt to photoshop Rosberg with Lauda and Hamilton after he refused to attend the celebration with Hamilton’s third title.

    69. High 5 fail

    70. Lewis: It says here I’m faster than you.

      Rosberg: I checked my mirror and you weren’t there.

      Lauda: Heh heh heh. The cognitive behavioural therapy is going just as planned.

    71. Nico: congratulations Lewis I hear you and Carma Jordá are now an item!
      Lewis: I knew I shouldn’t trust Niki to keep a secret. She’s the one that distracted me when I crasheed my road car ;-)

    72. N: When you toss a cap it should be with grace and elegance.
      L: No no no, you do it fast and directly. I’ll show you after the race…

    73. Nico : And a the last minute I saw this mercedes passing me on the right like that …
      Lewis : Like that ? So then it was me as this guy does not drive anymore

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