Vitantonio Liuzzi, Pink, Christian Klien, Red Bull, Melbourne, 2005

Caption Competition 97: Liuzzi, Klien and Pink

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With Red Bull set to launch the new livery for their car next week, today’s Caption Competition turns the clock back to their first F1 appearance back in 2005.

Drivers Vitantonio Liuzzi and Christian Klien presented the team’s first F1 car along with pop star Pink.

Post your funniest caption suggestion in the comments below. A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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  • 71 comments on “Caption Competition 97: Liuzzi, Klien and Pink”

    1. “When Dietrich said he wanted to see us make an effort to get more women into our cars I’m not sure this is quite what he meant…”

    2. We are proud to announce that our new team principal Monisha Kaltenbourn has signed Pink as our fourth race driver for the 2005 season.

      1. ‘ We know you thought it was a good idea to hide in the car, girl,
        but you can’t leave that deodorant spray in there ! ‘

    3. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      13th February 2016, 12:03

      After lapping within 12 seconds of Sørenson in the simulator, Pink prepares for her seat fitting…

      1. +1 What I was thinking about. I’m sure Keith made the relation between Jorda and Pink for this one!

      2. Gerulf Dösinger (@)
        13th February 2016, 16:26

        +1 Nice one!

      3. +1 This came into mind for me aswell! Should be the winner for sure!

      4. Well, that does it for this week’s competition.

        Well done!

      5. aaaand thats a winner! haha ;)

      6. ayyy …. them burns

    4. FIA refines criteria for F1 Super License after Red Bull reveals pop star driver line up.

    5. “Please, sit in my weapon.”

    6. Pink quits singing career and searchs for something less physically demanding

    7. Pink : Guys, Hold on tight, Don’t want to loose any grip.

    8. Pink: This care is awesome but where is the mirror to do my makeup

    9. ‘You put your right leg in…, You put your right leg out… in out, in out, in out, in out …. That’s what Renault’s about!!’

      1. “You do the hokey cokey and you shake it all about.”
        My 1st. thought also but I didn’t expect anyone else would recognise it. Well done.

    10. Red Bull providing proof that they have been promoting female drivers since 2005

    11. Red Bull gives you wings .

    12. Infiniti wanted more purple in the car but Dietrich got more Pink

      1. Good one :D

    13. After the annual F1 fan survey showed that the fans wanted more diversity in the colours, Red Bull got the wrong message….

    14. Nick (@theawesomefish)
      13th February 2016, 13:44

      Still more likely to have gotten a race drive than Susie Wolff.

    15. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
      13th February 2016, 13:46

      “We’ll be looking flashy in my Merc…”
      ” Ok, get out now! “

    16. So What, Red Bull does give you wings afterall.

    17. Luizzi inspired P!nk for her hit ‘So What (I’m still a Rock Star)’.

    18. She’s 30 minutes slower, but what the heck! We’ve started something here boys!

    19. Dietrich spares no expense in unveiling his offer, but it’s actually the spice girl performance bonus that convinces Christian Horner to become Red Bull’s team principal.

    20. Pink was the best Red Bull could find following the last minute realisation that Penolepe Pitstop was not a real person.

    21. The new redbull livery in pink.

    22. Pink said later that it must have been either Klien or Liuzzi who spilled their can of Red Bull on the seat.

    23. “It is ok for you to jump, Pink, we will give you wings….”

    24. If the proper car launches have to look like that, teams please stick with present day “ta-da” in front of the garage, hour before first test of the season.

    25. “Pink actually quitting being an F1 novelty”

    26. All 3 of them dancing on the tune of The Bangles: “Walk Like an Egyptian”

    27. This is how F1 teams give women racing seats.

    28. In the end, Klien and Liuzzi lost the seat to Pink.

    29. Pink coaches the drivers in training for Red bull’s 2005 season long game of musical f1 seat.

    30. “I prefer a 2 seated Scaglietti”.

    31. Colin Kolles watches on wondering how much she would pay for a Hispania drive.

    32. 2 “steady” gentlemen help pink keep her balance after she unfortunately steps in RB1, and proceeds to try and wipe it off her shoe.

    33. I’m coming out, so you better get the engine started…

    34. No, I said I though I heard a little pinking.

      1. No, I said I thought I heard a little pinking.

    35. “Oh by the way, which one’s Pink?”

    36. Klein: Did you have to bring those high heels along? Look at the dents you’re leaving on the bonnet!

    37. The real reason for the death of the car launch…

    38. Pink – Care to join in boys? Its a cozy jacuzzi!

    39. 1 pink, 2 that stink

    40. Pink is quickly helped out of the car, as another Renault engine catches fire.

      1. That was a cosworth.

    41. Red Bull showcase their newest pink-badged Renault engine during car launch.

    42. Pink: so we will do the launch now and I get to do it again in 2016 yeah?
      Horner(Off camera): absolutely you will darling, unless I marry a spice girl….

    43. Pink was soon eliminated from Red Bull’s musical chairs competition, but Liuzzi and Klien fought it out until the summer break.

    44. Development driver Pink gets assistence getting out of the car: “sorry i’m still drunk from yesterday”
      Luizzi: “me too.”

    45. Known for her intolerable whining, Pink was deemed a perfect fit for the Red Bull team.

    46. Winner of today’s pink slips race receives her price

    47. Pink:”…Let’s get this party started & and we will be looking flashy in my Mercedes Benz…”
      Liuzzi & Klien: ” Not us. Not now. Not tomorrow. Not even in ten years”

    48. Drivers Liuzzi and Klien show Pink the real star of the (launch) show

    49. Mark in Florida
      14th February 2016, 0:06

      Pink introduced as the third driver for new American team Haas F1 team.

    50. That awkward moment you realise your manager said Toro, not Martini.

    51. “Men struggle to contain sexism in light-hearted caption competition.”

      1. Most comments are fine btw, not having a go at everyone.

    52. “Don’t tell me we’ve got to share a drive with her too?”

    53. With the new Michelin tires, even Pink is faster than you, Alonso.

    54. If only her stage name was Purple, she would’ve gotten the drive.

    55. Red bull inspired by the Brabham BT60

    56. One is Pink, two are stink.

    57. Red Bull partners with Bernie Ecclestone to sign Pink as reserve driver, to capture the young, hip and trendy market only partially captured by Lewis Hamilton.

    58. Pink Lives Matter.

    59. Pink Lives Matter!

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