Swedish rally shortened and Toyota title won

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Warmer than expected conditions forced the shortening of the Rally of Sweden which is usually run through thick snow. Sebastien Ogier chalked up another routine victory, however.

Meanwhile in far warmer climes Lando Norris comfortably won the Toyota Racing Series in New Zealand.

World Rally Championship

Round 2 of 14: Sweden

For the second rally in a row Kris Meeke was keeping Sebastien Ogier honest until he was tripped up by an unseen rock, putting him out.

Hyundai’s Hayden Paddon picked up the pursuit of Ogier and got within nine seconds of him at one stage. But Paddon eventually had to settle for second, half a minute behind the flying champion.

Mads Ostberg took the final podium place ahead of a ragged-looking Andreas Mikkelsen.

Toyota Racing Series New Zealand

Rounds 13-15 of 15: Manfeild

Lando Norris took his sixth victory of the 2016 Toyota Racing Series in the final race of the year at Manfeild but had already wrapped up the title before then. Fourth place in the second race (first video) of the weekend had put him beyond the reach of his closest rival, the Force India-backed Jehan Daruvala.

Norris could only manage third in the weekend’s opening race but that had moved him within striking distance of the crown as Daruvala finished behind him and Pedro Piquet was eliminated in a first-corner collision – triggered, not for the first time this year, by GP2 racer Artem Markelov. Ferdinand Habsburg won race one while Brendon Leitch claimed victory in the reverse-grid race – the only local driver to win a round this year.

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Next weekend the NASCAR season begins with the Daytona 500.

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12 comments on “Swedish rally shortened and Toyota title won”

  1. One could say Ogier simply has the best car or the best team or the best position or the most luck but fact is he is simply flawless every single rally again. It’s always someone who is able to keep up with him be it another VW driver or a Hyundai one but they always fall short on being on his tail the entire rally. That being said; the Polo is also the best car I reckon.

    1. FlyingLobster27
      15th February 2016, 12:22

      With the number of podiums sweeps VW had last year, there’s no doubt the Polo is the best car. And no-one has Ogier’s consistency, so much so that he nearly has a win in hand in the points, and it’s only round two!
      Impressive performance from Paddon though, he, Andreas Mikkelsen and Elfyn Evans (who’s showing the world he definitely shouldn’t be in WRC-2!) could be the big names of the next decade. And Paddon had a pierced radiator to contend with after the final stage – like Neuville in Mexico two years ago, he kept the drink he got on the podium handy in case the car needed a top-up!

    2. I will say this: It should have been Meeke vs Ogier to the wire at Monte Carlo before KM’s Citroen broke down. Paddon looked amazing at Sweden and outclassed his more experienced teammates. The Big O hasn’t been perfect in any of the last three seasons and I don’t expect that to change.

    3. @xtwl It’s hard to see the talent these days, the cars are just incredible. I’m entertaining my winter with some colin mcrae wrc season reviews and there’s a big difference to what you see nowadays, much more dangerous and challenging, even though the cars are practically the same spec as the current ones. The evolution in technology meant talent has a different meaning, the drivers have a lot more grip now than they did back then and it shows, the faster drivers are the tidier.

  2. Sebastien Ogier chalked up another routine victory, however.

    And people say F1 is predictable…

    1. yeah, people complained about Vettel’s dominance when he was at Red Bull, but in WRC for amost 15 years now it’s been a pretty safe bet that ‘Sebastien’ will be on the top of the podium ;)

    2. I compare WRC with WEC/LeMans. These championships have collapsed and became show events for car manufacturers. With no competition you are bound to witness record breaking spells of dominance. It’s irrelevant as a sport, but one might still call it a spectacle. Ogier is better than Latvala and Mikkelsen, and VW is better than VW there’s merit, for all the people disgruntled by F1.

  3. I really rate Lando Noriss. He’s got a big future ahead of him. He’s still only 16 and will be competing in both FR 2.0 eurocup and NEC this year, plus any non clashing British F4.
    I can really see him making F1 one day.

    1. Plus, for some reason I’ve yet to understand, he follows me on Twitter.

      1. @rjoconnell it’s because you sir, are a winner!

    2. Yeah I know the name from BTCC support series, he always seems to be a front-runner. Also has a cool name :).

    3. @eurobrun He’s definitely looking like the next Lewis Hamilton, no doubt. McLaren should try to sign him! I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Force India junior Daruvala, Ferrari junior Guan, Piquet junior Pedro and maybe even the Austrian crown prince all in F1 in 5-10 years time.

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