“Welcoming” IndyCar drivers a surprise after F1 – Chilton

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In the round-up: Former F1 driver Max Chilton says he is surprised by how welcoming his rival drivers are after moving into IndyCar.

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The world champions’ new car appeared for the first time yesterday and SM liked the sound of it:

That Mercedes sounds beautiful when you listen to it from the cockpit like in that video! It might be too early to tell, but it sounds more like the Honda engine than last year’s Mercedes.

FOM should put all the microphones for the television onboard audio in the cockpit.

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Happy birthday to Mondol and Carlitox!

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The non-championship Australian Grand Prix at Lakeside was won by Graham Hill 50 years ago today.

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29 comments on ““Welcoming” IndyCar drivers a surprise after F1 – Chilton”

  1. Max, how can you be so naive, it just means they think you’re not a threat.

    1. definitely – in F1 he was a huge threat. I lost count how many times Lewis came on the radio demanding “am I racing Chilton in the Marussia?” and we’d hear those dreaded words – “that’s an affirm Lewis, keep a stiff upper lip” and Lewis’s classic reply “how did we get into this position? Heads will roll!”

      Then there was that gem from Alonso that was censored during the season but came out in the year end video “he makes me look like a GP2 driver!”

      And sources inside Red Bull have all but confirmed that it was the stress of staving off the young Chilton that caused Vettel’s form to slip in 2014. In fact, Vettel was talking about retirement with Bernie and that’s when Chilton’s star “mysteriously” started to fade.

      It explains why F1 drivers gave Max the cold shoulder.

      1. *claps* Well played.

    2. I can see Max lining up at the rear of the grid even in Indy car. For some reason, I just cannot see that guy being anywhere other than last in whatever he competes in.

      He reminds me of the kid who used to always buy the fanciest tennis racquet, or latest basketball shoes or the most expensive football studs and then getting absolutely outclassed by his opponents.

      1. He won from pole in IndyLights last year

        1. he did, on the 1 oval on the schedule where they could run flat out all the way round & where its more about car setup than outright driver skill.

          also consider that max had a lot more experience than those he was racing against including much more time in ‘big cars’ like GP2 & F1. somebody with max’s experience & especially the wealth of experience he has in various categories including f1 really should have won more than 1 race.

          as to his indycar drive, there are several drivers who deserve that ganassi drive far, far more than max does. Josef Newgarden is a name that immediately springs to mind.

    3. No, I think it’s more because Indycar is generally a more fun, friendly and open atmosphere. Try watching the build up to a race one day and compare it to the sterile, managed atmosphere on an F1 grid.

      I think Max will do ok, Pheonix will be a baptism of fire though!

  2. Fastasting video by Renault! seems Lotus’ twitter guy continues in the team!

    I quite like the sound of that Renault rumble too!

    1. Also, those Richard Mille watches are freaking horrible! First time I see them…

      1. I didn’t know them as well, but I feel as if they sponsored another team in the past: maybe [New] Lotus or Renault before them?? I’m not sure…

        and, yes, they are fugly! they look kinda like punk rock watches for people that would ask for a nice glass of chardonnay in a punk rock club… =P

        1. It was Lotus. They even had two Lotus watches.

          1. @corix @arrows98 god almighty, they are horrid!

          2. well, the new Ferrari livery is looking preeeetty after that…

          3. I meant ‘preeeety good’, of course =P

        2. The worst thing about those Richard Mille watches is that it is so difficult to actually read the time on them. Which is what I thought was the whole point of wearing a watch. The Williams and Audi branded Oris watches are so much better. One of the main reasons I bought a Speedmaster was because of the high contrast white hands on a black dial, and the fact that the design is a classic that hasn’t changed much in 50 years.

  3. Ok, I am a tobacco and Marlboro noob. Can someone tell what is so inappropriate about the Ferrari engine cover? Except for the colors on engine cover and marlboro matching, what else am I supposed to notice?

    1. F1 ban on tobacco sponsorship. Philip Morris (the parent company of Marlboro) is still sponsoring Ferrari although it never publically said for the Marlboro brand. This is just another clever way from them to subtly put the brand there.

      1. I don’t mind it though, apart from die – hard F1 fans and tobacco fanatics, I don’t think many people will notice it.

      2. Not just F1, I believe it is illegal in many European countries?

        Most definitely it is illegal to advertise smoking in Australia.

      3. @sonicslv That’s what annoys me. The blatant lies and their belief that we are stupid and that they can avoid international laws without us noticing, that Philip Morris believe they are above the law.
        Ferrari were forced to remove the Marlboro barcode in 2010 (which created the cleanest looking Ferrari livery in years at the Canadian gp) while still lying that it had nothing to do with Marlboro. They got away with their replacement half chevron “team” logo in 2011-2015, but now they’ve got the full Marlboro chevron back with a logo-livery combination. Ferrari will of course lie again and say it is just a coincidence and has nothing to do with Marlboro branding.

        1. I find it surprising that people are surprised an F1 team is exploiting a loophole :)

  4. This may not be a popular take but, I feel like a lot of journos were speaking out of the side of their mouth today. All I saw on my Twitter feed was complaining from journalists that are no “proper” car launches anymore. Yet 5-6 years ago, all the rage was too combine them together to save money. That is essentially what we have now.

    Is the hardcore fan out there really concerned that TAG-Heuer isn’t getting the publicity it needs? No, because they already know that TAG-Heuer is badging the Renault engine. The casual fan won’t know until Melbourne anyways and that is the point. Why spend all this money on a launch when most of your target market isn’t going to show up until a month later. Makes no sense.

    I’ve just been so sick of these guys tweeting/writing hot takes about how these teams should get on with it and have big launches. When they aren’t necessary. Just sounds like sour grapes to me.

  5. I know I’m a huge cynic, but..

    “McLaren-Honda is delighted to announce a new long-term partnership with luxury watchmaking brand Richard Mille.”

    ..I look forward to Brundle being extra nice about McLaren…

  6. Can someone explain the ‘Harry Redknapp’ headline please?

    1. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
      20th February 2016, 11:49

      Nico got interviewed in his car. Harry famously on deadline day would get interviewed in his car spouting all his signings.

      I thougt the same thing when I saw Nico being interviewed in his car.

  7. Lol at Max hat8rs…

    He wins races, contends indy 500, finished most races he started. Not like he is Carmen Jorda slow.

    Give it a rest… Btw F1 is now dangerously low on medicore drivers. We are stuck with decent and excelent only…

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