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2016 F1 season

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The Red Bull RB12 has been revealed for the first time by the team.

Red Bull will use Renault engines for the tenth year in 2016, but for the first time they are being branded by watch manufacturer TAG-Heuer.

The team’s head of aerodynamics Dan Fallows said “the numbers from the CFD and wind tunnel are pretty encouraging” for the team’s new car.

“Certainly I’ve been incredibly surprised that we’ve been able to get so much out of this set of regulations, which has been fairly stable. It’s a function of everybody understanding the car we had last year but also I think identifying the problems that we had and really focussing on those. I think we’ve made some fairly big steps forward.”

Red Bull failed to win a race during 2015 for the first time in seven year. However the team made clear progress after a difficult start to the season.

“My hopes for RB12 is it continues the same rich vein of form we had with RB11,” Fallows added. “Obviously there were not necessarily the results that we’d hoped but we all knew that we had a good foundation in the car, in the chassis. I’d like to see that continue.”

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Red Bull RB12 pictures

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  • 15 comments on “Red Bull RB12: First pictures revealed”

    1. nice evo, sidepods sexy af.

      1. Yeah the side view shows interesting curves in those sidepods.

    2. Crackin’ set of pods ;) really like this livery too!

    3. The matte paint is a nice touch, I really like it.

      1. Me to, but I wonder about the surface friction increase within boundary layer… I’d go for glossy one but with new materials emerging every day you never know.

        1. Fair warning, but I imagine if there’s one team on this grid we could count on to make sure that the Matte paint worked fine, it’d probably be Red Bull :)

          1. *fair point

        2. There’s discussion on the notebook that the matte finish actually reduces air resistance.

    4. I really like this livery. It’s the first time in years they really changed it up. Nice. Even though they are doubting the Renault engine, let’s hope for the Red Bull chassis to compensate. Maybe they can upset Mercedes/Ferrari on tracks like Monaco and Hungaroring.

    5. Best looking car of the year. In terms of both chassis and livery aesthetics.

    6. Sumedh Vidwans
      22nd February 2016, 7:33

      Tiny sidepods. Looks like the aero efficiency gains are now happening on all teams as the PU is becoming harder to develop

    7. Now that’s a handsome brute! Red Bulls have always been fugly to me, but this years is one of the prettiest, in conjunction with the new livery. It all just looks ‘right’.

      Sidepods are interesting… Not sure if they’re like any other solution on the current grid. Will be interesting to see how it goes.

    8. I thought there would be more Tag Heuer branding

    9. I have never been a fan other the Red Bull livery, until this year. By simplifying their design, they have strengthened it. The gaudy candy gloss has been replaced with a velvety sheen. It seems somehow classy. If only I didn’t taste Jagerbombs every time I looked at it…

    10. Best livery of the year so far.

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