Toro Rosso didn’t expect such high mileage – Key

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Toro Rosso technical director James Key says the team has been pleasantly surprised by how much ground they’ve covered with the STR11.

The team’s new car covered 2,080 kilometres over the first four days of testing, more than any team bar Mercedes.

“We can be pretty proud of the mileage we’ve achieved during this first test because we didn’t know really what to expect, coming here with so many unknowns with the new power unit and a complete new car in the STR11.”

Max Verstappen, Toro Rosso, Circuit de Catalunya, 2016
Verstappen had a stoppage on Tuesday. More pictures
Toro Rosso made an 11th-hour switch to Ferrari power units at the end of last season and completed work on its new car so late it has run in a blank livery at the first test session this week.

“I think the whole team has pulled together extremely well and made it possible to do four days of generally pretty productive testing,” said Key. “I think most of the things we wanted to achieve here we’ve done.”

“Most importantly, we wanted to prove that the car worked as hoped with the new power unit installation and all the new complicated mechanical systems, and that appears to be the case, so we are very happy with that.”

The car ran well enough for Carlos Sainz Jnr to record the second-highest daily mileage of any driver during the test.

“Carlos did 161 laps in one day, which is a huge amount of mileage, and I think he dealt with it extremely well. Max did 110 today, so in general we’ve had plenty of opportunity to prove reliability, which is critical with only two test sessions before the season starts.”

“We’ve ticked a lot of boxes for general car operation reliability,” Key added, “but we’ve only just started to learn what makes the car tick, so now we need to work much more on the performance side of the car, extract more out of that and bring some new updated parts next week.”

2016 F1 season

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10 comments on “Toro Rosso didn’t expect such high mileage – Key”

  1. I just hope the car turns out to be reliable and good enough to see Max and Carlos fighting each other, without any excuses. And to clinch that fith place in the WCC they want. Which is hard but not impossible:
    1st – Merc
    2nd – Ferrari
    3rd – Red Bull
    4th – Force India (or switch 3rd and 4th maybe?)
    5th – Williams

    If Williams gets another “off year” as has had in recent times, and given Toro Rosso finds new reliability, they could really make it. Max and Carlos have been impressive rookies, they just need the rigght tool to keep shining more often.

  2. Why is the car so bland ? Where are the logos ?

    1. Not ready in time, you shall see the full livery next week.

    2. Their main sponsor Cepsa is gone, or at least will be putting much less money than before, they still haven’t agreed so we have to wait for the final livery.

    3. Their livery takes times, as they have to hand paint that red bull.

  3. This team constantly impresses me.

  4. Keith, TR is expected to bring a B-spec car to testing next week.

    It would be great to see a technical analysis of this new car as well.

    1. James Key told that it will not be a b-spec but this February test car with certain new parts that will be fitted to the car next week. He seemed a bit agitated by Sainz his remarks about this car being a 2015 car.

      1. Interesting to see Sainz and James Key having different views of their car.. Communication problems within the team?

  5. This is the most sexy looking car on the grid this imho. The lines, the tight middle and backend… jufst flatout gorgious!

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