2016 pre-season test one in pictures

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As teams prepare for the second and final pre-season test next week, look back on this week’s running with this gallery of new pictures.

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6 comments on “2016 pre-season test one in pictures”

  1. The Haas livery is growing on me… it’d be even better if there weren’t so many other black/grey cars on the grid. The Manor is gorgeous though!

    1. It has to be said that this is the most “colorful” grid we’ve seen in the last few years. At least a few teams are adding something other than grey and black to their schemes. Here’s hoping Renault decides to go for a predominantly yellow scheme after all.

  2. The Red Bull looks fine.

  3. That Red Bull livery is quickly becoming one of my all time favourites. It just looks impressive! Still not a massive fan of that Force India livery, I still prefer the one used up to 2013 to be honest.

  4. Is it intentional? While you show pictures of all and sundry, even ones of a test driver and a race engineer, two race drivers have been left out of the gallery…

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