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Caption Competition 99: Hamilton

Caption Competition

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Lewis Hamilton peers into the future with the aid of one of Mercedes’ sponsors.

But what does he see? That’s for you to decide in this week’s Caption Competition.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

Caption Competition

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Image: Mercedes via Twitter

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  • 94 comments on “Caption Competition 99: Hamilton”

    1. Lewis tests out his latest “Hip” sunglasses, further blocking out his haters. #BlessedeveninVR

    2. Virtual Reality: “Through the eyes of a McLaren Honda driver”

      Lewis: “Man, I can barely see those green lights back here”

    3. Lewis Hamilton isn’t impressed by the over complicated QR Code scanner.

    4. “dayuumm, back in a days, tetris seemed easier”

    5. “This is what Nico sees? It’s just a picture of my rear wing!”

    6. Guy from Epson: Dude, these are better than Oculus, just look at how real the model of the your Mercedes is….

      Hamilton: that is a model of my car, of course it looks real, these are junk, stop wasting my time and DON’T CALL ME DUDE.

      Guy from Epson shrinks to half height….

    7. “Told you you’d come back nicole”

      1. Ha ha ha ha ha. Class :D

    8. Hamilton trains for the new qualifying format, Virtual Reality F1 Race Stars, Elimination mode.

    9. “I haven’t bored like Seb has”

    10. “So that’s what other F1 cars look like”

    11. I think this thing is broken.
      I see Nico WDC.
      Yep this thing is defenitely broken.

      1. Nice one, but allow me to try something very close to yours caption….

        I think this thing is broken….
        I see that you make great products….
        Yep…. this thing is definitely broken….

    12. To avoid any Hamilton slips, he now just has to wear the glasses during press conference and read the text.

    13. Addressing driver head protection issue went too far after Bernie proposed remote controlled F1 cars with virtual reality systems.

    14. As punishment for the turn-1 incidents with Rosberg, Lewis is forced to look after Nico’s race, in a full 360 degrees video.

    15. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
      27th February 2016, 12:25

      “You flatter me Ayrton, but YOU are the best.”

    16. Finally, someone with vision in F1!

    17. Nope – I still can’t see the opposition…..

    18. New qualifying format has been introduced for the Australian GP 2016 and Lewis is the first one out on track!

    19. Lewis Hamilton goes to drastic lengths to find out whether Nico really did hit him…

    20. ‘I’ve got virtual dirt in my eye’

    21. While Ferrari and Williams test their cars with aero rakes and sensors fitted, Mercedes stay one step ahead by making the drivers wear them.

    22. Lewis tries the ‘Ecson – Exceed Logical Vision’ by Bernie Ecclestone

    23. Mercedes introduced their innovative simulator as part of their unusual parts that were planned for the 2016 first test.

    24. Lewis during training for his new role – Enterprise main engineer Geordi La Forge!

    25. Lewis exceeds his vision by walking straight into a big blue Epson sign.

    26. A queue was forming while Lewis tried to finish the sentence…

    27. Hamilton’s turn to cover up while BE virtually kicks the drivers in the crotch.

    28. So this is what it would’ve been like if I joined Super Formula…

    29. Is that Sebastian in the SF16-H that far ahead of me? Wait, let me zoom in …

    30. Can’t wait to wear these out at the next race!

    31. After Capgate Bernie decided all drivers would have to wear safety glasses in the green room.

    32. Lewis models the latest designer eyewear inspired by Lt. La Forge of Star Trek.

      1. Beat me to it :P

    33. Rosberg face a I win world title 2, 3 and look at him cry as I lift 4….

    34. But I just wanted to print the timing sheets!

    35. Lewis is checking out how this “hip” glasses go with blond

    36. Epson engineer- “Lewis now what you see in front of you is a virtual reality model of your Mercedes F1 car.”
      (Notice that there is a scaled model replica in front of him)
      Lewis- “Man, that is so real!”

    37. Lewis is checking out his chances for a mclaren switch

    38. Lewis is playing a virtual game of tetris in order to train his reaction skills

    39. “Here Lewis, try out these nightmare goggles.”
      “F1 looks exactly the same?”

    40. The Star Trek: The Next Generation re-boot, featuring Lewis Hamilton as Lieutenant Command Geordi La Forge.

    41. Oh man, do I really have to wear this even when taking a pee…?

    42. “You say this is augmented reality? I still can’t hear the engine”

    43. The Next Generation of F1 Drivers featuring Geordi La Forge.

      1. Maybe I’ll correct that to just: The Next Generation of F1 Drivers

    44. Epson unveils their proposal for the LH 5000 DriveBot.

    45. Lewis Hamilton plays F1 2016 on a Virtual Reality headset, only to find he’d been eliminated in Q1 for the Spanish Grand Prix after a glitchy first 7 minutes

    46. Hamilton stunned by Mercedes reliability after watching VR for hours.

    47. I should have gone to SpecSavers!

    48. Lewis Hamilton seen testing a new type of Head Up Display to be incorporated into his helmet. He said it would be used to display important information during a race, like how fast the car is going, how much tread was left on his tyres, and what was being said about him on Twitter.

    49. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
      27th February 2016, 18:25

      The halo to protect drivers’ heads has been reduced so much.

    50. Lewis tries to resist order to return to his home planet.

    51. “I see a bird pecking a stick under my car. Is this thing on?”

    52. LH: “Thank God, for once they don’t see that I’m sleeping throughout these stupid PR events.”

    53. Ah, my suspicions confirmed, he is using some special Epson track memory logic software to learn the tracks. cheating?

    54. “How do I add hashtags on this thing?”

    55. Hamilton: Gosh, wouldn’t it be great if I could get one of these fitted to my helmet … hmmm.

    56. “Qualifying is boring in these FIA glasses… maybe we should change it up a bit”

    57. The FIA announce the next step in ultimate driver safety..

    58. Yes I can read the first line

    59. Lewis is taking a peak at how the new qualification rules work out for him.

    60. Lewis is not amused trying to exceed his vision on how the new qualification rules work out.

    61. SaturnVF1 (@doublestuffpenguin)
      27th February 2016, 21:52

      “Wow, these really make it look like Nico’s faster than me!”

    62. I see a Halo around me

    63. Lewis: Checking what will it be for me after my F1 days are over: A crowd!!! Then a wreath!!!! A bottle of fresh Indiana milk.

      I just won the Indianapolis 500.

    64. Lewis is shopping for a new printer for his rap lyrics?

    65. The source of why Lewis Hamilton now needs to wear spectacles has been discovered.

    66. “So this is what the back of Nico’s car looks like…”

    67. “How can I get these awesome beach and mountain scenes and this private jet downloaded onto my Instagram?”

    68. Lewis is trying to find out why his opponents are too square when not racing.

    69. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
      27th February 2016, 23:30

      Lewis tweets his team mates telemetry in real time after getting beaten by nico in a race for the last pair of google glasses.

    70. Nope, doesn’t work: Nico is still there

    71. Arrh so it is EE before D if followed by a C……..Yeah ?

    72. NOSPE

      It seems to me that the glasses are in reverse mode!

    73. E…P…S…O…

    74. Fans watch their heroes in action following the latest driver safety breakthrough.

    75. Hamilton mistakenly gets an early start on his ‘branding’ of the new Halo safety requirement…

    76. Nico virtually hit me!

    77. The virtual reality you are trying to experience has been taken down due to a copyright claim from Formula One Management.

    78. *Look of shock* “McLaren-Honda wins? How?!”

    79. Hamilton test new silver tinted glasses to help people see that F1 is better now than in times gone by.

    80. Welcome to Ecclestone’s world of formula 1

      Hysterical Hamilton: Its a TRAP!!!!

    81. Confused by his new glasses Lewis thinks he has entered the Gents.

    82. Roborace project goes way too far!

    83. Lewis: Have I gone blind?

      Epson bloke: I think the device is off.

    84. ” I’ve got to thank Geordi for these, not getting a thing in my eye this time”

    85. LW: “Exceed your vision” Ha! I’m going to get one of these for the Strategy Group!

    86. Just checking out the specs on my new printer.

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