2016 pre-season testing day five in pictures

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Pictures from day five of 2016 pre-season testing at the Circuit de Catalunya. Click to view full-size version.

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4 comments on “2016 pre-season testing day five in pictures”

  1. That Mercedes has a really nice looking nose. Best I have seen for years.

  2. I thought the green on the Sauber looked great.. finally someone who dares to use some color. But no, it’s just the aero paint. :’)

  3. yeah i agree with both of u

  4. I don’t get McLaren new colors: in studio pics they appear to be black & red, but under sunlight they sometimes look black & orange, like in this photo – http://bit.ly/1oM0avq

    could this be a nod to their original racing colors? that would be pretty cool…

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