Toro Rosso expects podium finish in 2016

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Toro Rosso team principal Franz Tost expects his team will be able to score a podium finish in 2016.

The Faenza team’s only previous podium finish came in the 2008 Italian Grand Prix, when Sebastian Vettel took a shock win. However Max Verstappen scored a pair of fourth places for the team last year, and Tost believes they can go one better in the season ahead.

Toro Rosso revealed its 2016 livery today. More pictures
“Realistically, I expect that we can achieve a podium this year after getting so close to it last year in Budapest and Austin, where Max finished fourth,” said Tost.

“I hope that the new car works well and is reliable and that the team and drivers do a good job. Therefore a podium position should be possible.”

Tost added the team’s target is the same as last year: “To finish fifth in the constructors’ championship”. Toro Rosso ended last year seventh.

However Tost accepts the late decision to switch to Ferrari power at the end of last season has meant some compromises for the design of the new STR11.

“The late decision will inevitably have a small effect on car performance, because if you have more time for the design stage, then you can possibly come up with better solutions,” he said.

“I’m quite optimistic and I see the STR11 as another step forward. The STR10 was quite a competitive car last year and I think that we can continue improving.”

He added the team was encouraged by the car’s first testing appearance last week, in which only the Mercedes covered more ground.

“We were very much focussed on reliability and the fact that we managed to do 447 laps/2,080 kilometres- which is the maximum amount we have ever done in a test session – proves that our engineers have done a good job,” Tost said.

2016 F1 season

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8 comments on “Toro Rosso expects podium finish in 2016”

  1. ColdFly F1 (@)
    1st March 2016, 15:06

    A pessimist would say there are 21 spots available with 10 teams fighting for it.

  2. They can, if Ferrari or Mercedes have a bad day or maybe if they are lucky like Perez and Grosjean last year.

  3. pastaman (@)
    1st March 2016, 16:29

    I guess it’s possible, but it’s going to take some luck and/or mixed conditions to do so. Also they are going to have to do it within the first 6 races or so since they are stuck with last year’s PU, while the other teams will be developing (or receiving) their engines throughout the season.

    We will know more after the second test, but it’s hard to believe any car other than a Merc or Ferrari will be on the podium this year.

    1. One could say Verstappen would/could have been on the podium at Austin last year, if it wasn’t for the sheer lack of power Verstappen would surely have been in front of the Ferrari’s.

      With the power gain this year it will help a lot to move more forward.

    2. At first glance you seem to be right, they should do it before other engines start to develop. On the other hand: last year there was no development for there Renault engine as well, but still they managed to be fourth twice in the second half of the season. It remains to be seen wether the possibilty of midyear engine upgrades will lead to spectacular improvements this year.

  4. When you consider the MGU-H is fundamental to earning points (and winning races), and that this will have been updated, I don’t see any reason why Torro Rosso shouldn’t be earning good points, maybe even get some podiums, if the team and the drivers play their cards correctly. The reason being is F1 is a fuel flow restricted series, so the key to going faster is having a more fuel efficient hybrid system, so while their engine is a year behind, the fuel efficiency equipment isn’t.

  5. With a year old engine spec? No way, Tost.

  6. So does that mean Red Bull would win the title if they had a 2016 Spec Ferrari engine?

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