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Toro Rosso has revealed the final livery for the team’s new STR11 ahead of the start of the second pre-season test.

The team ran its new car in a plain dark blue livery during the first test.

The finished car features the familiar Toro Rosso graphics from recent seasons. One major change is the disappearance of former sponsor Cepsa.

Carlos Sainz Jnr says he’s looking for improvements in every area from the team’s 2016 car.

“I had my first taste of it last week,” he said, “I must say the Ferrari engine and everything worked perfectly in the first test.”

“We managed to do a lot of mileage which was our intention and we could also start to feel a bit more power which is also a great thing and what we were looking for.”

“We improve a bit of everything,” he said. “I think the car should be an evolution of last year. We had a really good car already last year so it’s important to keep on the good work. A bit of everything: A bit more downforce, a bit more mechanical grip, more power and all of these things together should help us to escalate a bit in the constructors’ championship.”

However Sainz added it would be too soon to judge what the car is capable of until it’s been compared to the competition.

“After seeing what the performance of the car is [at the first race] we will clearly judge a bit our intentions,” he said. “If the car is in the top eight in Australia then we will go for the top eight at every race. If the car is unfortunately top 14, top 12, which I hop it’s not, then we will have to target to go for that and get the maximum out of what we have.”

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27 comments on “Toro Rosso reveals STR11 in final livery”

  1. So only livery change is CEPSA gone and replaced by Red Bull Cola. Good looking car again though, mad aerodynamic details.
    Interesting, hadn’t thought about it, why has CEPSA decided to abandon Carols Sainz Jr. after years of support?

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      1st March 2016, 8:10

      @hahostolze, CEPSA was with TR well before Chili Sainz joined the team (from 2011 I believe).
      The owner of CEPSA has decided last year to focus their sponsorship Euros on football; Real Madrid and the Bernabéu stadium to be more specific.

      1. I was aware of that, but they’ve also supported Sainz through his recent years iirc so this move strikes me as odd. I know about the RM deal but it doesn’t have to be one or the other? Shame for Toro Rosso because now pretty much all sponsors are Red Bull owned.

      2. It has more to do with the owners of Cepsa and Nova Chemicals (International Petroleum Investment Company, an Abu Dhabi government backed entity) moving away from the team.

  2. Eh, ok. So … why were they hyping up how “exciting” it looks again?

  3. Anonymous James
    1st March 2016, 7:24

    Nice to see them trying something new and fresh.

  4. Unicron (@unicron2002)
    1st March 2016, 7:25

    Some sort of amusing joke, I presume?! Very funny, Toro Rosso

    1. Interesting to see that Casio is now a sponsor, although probably just because RBR couldn’t keep them on board when Tag Heuer came in.
      What a shame that such a promising team is completely ignored by potential sponsors, in my opinion that “junior team” image it’s not helping at all.

  5. And the joke’s on US haha

  6. isnt that the red bull?

  7. as usual, nothing really to change when you have by far the best looking livery

    1. Surpassed by big brother this year IMO, it’s still a nice livery though!!

    2. I think this is the year where that once striking livery ultimately got boring

  8. Don’t like much the “Cola” on the rear wing but it looks great otherwise.

  9. what a rubbish year for livery and car changes…

  10. Well, I’m grateful that people around the world still burn the midnight oil at both ends and feel the need to buy copious amount of energy drinks. What would F1 be like without it?
    With all the similarity with the cars, I quite like this one.

  11. ….What??

  12. STR11 got certified coke bottle #cola

  13. Yes, I see now why the were delayed releasing that livery. It’s clearly a whole new fresh desi… Oh, never mind.

  14. The livery looks more like the 2009 Toro Rosso with RB Cola on the rear wing endplates instead of Cepsa. Lost of a few sponsors it seems, like most teams this year. Tidy car though.

  15. Gotta say that car looked better – as in more aggressive – without the livery…

  16. Christopher M
    1st March 2016, 13:11

    The front wing detail looks great and I think the side pod design is very swoopy and aggressive. Toro Roso may be a dark horse for a few podiums. Good aero, fast5 young drivers. Definitely a team on the rise IMO.

  17. I am wondering what is the point of changing that helmet color from red to blue other than create confusion (and it’s the guy’s second season in Formula One). Do drivers really expect us to memorize their constantly changing designs when looking at Grand Prix photos ten years from now–or are we supposed to guess: “Sainz should have the Spanish flag, so this must be Verstappen?”

    Helmet is unique identifier and there must be discipline around its design.

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      1st March 2016, 16:49

      I agree but I think it’s something lost on the younger generation. Drivers used to have unique designs that made them instantly recognisable – pick a driver at random from fairly recent history and the first thing you’ll think of is their helmet design.

      If I showed you 4 pictures of Alesi, Berger, Fisichella and Prost’s helmet designs in black and white, you’d be able to tell me who was who’s very easily. I doubt many would even have to think about it.

      If I showed you Alonso, Verstappen, Ericsson and Hamilton’s designs in black and white, I think lots would struggle to tell them apart – certainly if sponsors and initials were removed!

      As with liveries on the cars, it appears that everyone in F1 just wants to blend into the background these days!

  18. I’m not seeing a Ferrari engine designation anywhere, can someone point that out?

  19. I’ll take the dark blue test livery please.

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