Fernando Alonso, McLaren, Circuit de Catalunya, 2016

2016 pre-season testing day seven in pictures

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Pictures from day seven of 2016 pre-season testing at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Ferrari has run a version of the Halo driver head protection device for the first time today. Find more pictures of it here:

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24 comments on “2016 pre-season testing day seven in pictures”

  1. Look at Mclaren with that aero paint. If only their actual livery would look like that.

    1. +1, my first thought.

      Or at least somebody else’s livery…
      Anything else than the current lineup.

    2. But then it wouldn’t be dark grey!?!?

  2. am I the only one who thinks that the McLaren looks amazing with that random pattern that the aero flow paint left in the car?

    1. didn’t you get the memo, Bernie would never accept it as everyone else likes it!

    2. Nope, you’re not alone. That’s better than their real livery.

      1. American F1
        3rd March 2016, 19:34

        Nope. Saw the pic and thought it looked awesome! Too bad it’s not their actual livery. Love it!

  3. Same here
    it looks awesome :)

  4. Woah! what a cool McLaren livery!

  5. That awkward moment when aero paint does a better job than every single graphic designer in F1

    1. + 100 Juan Leche

    2. yeah, they should just send the cars out to race with a layer of fresh paint and keep whatever the result ends up being…

      1. Ron will be searching for the can of black paint

  6. I haven’t followed testing closely, but have teams previously run with aero paint in open testing?

    Since it indicates how parts of the car direct and sculpt surrounding airflow, wouldn’t paranoid engineers worry about other teams copying their ideas?

    1. Yes they usually do.

    2. Often they may leave it until towards the end (like now) to reduce the time available to copy a design

  7. Came to comment on how the Mclaren livery looks better with the flow viz on there…apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so!

  8. One more thumbs up for that awesome red on McLaren’s sidepod and engine cover.

  9. spafrancorchamps
    3rd March 2016, 20:24

    Funny thing is, just one year ago people were loving the new McLaren livery. Weird how opinions can change that quickly.

    1. well, the problem sadly is, there are too many dark cars on the grid I guess? idk, I think of the two, Force India did a better job at the dark livery

      I’d have like a white colour instead of black for the later mclaren livery tho

    2. I think we remember one year ago a lot different. I remember comments on how dull and boring it was. People had got their hopes up for some bright orange or Marlboro themed livery and didn’t like the silver, orange and black.

      I do remember it looking better in person than in photo though.

  10. uddipta jana
    3rd March 2016, 22:04

    What a great livery with the combination of red and greenish yellow.it’s pleasure to watch.

  11. This reminds me of how much people loved the dazzle camouflage livery on the Red Bull last year. Why are teams at their most creative when they aren’t even trying?

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