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Haas appoints American development driver

2016 F1 season

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Santino Ferrucci has been appointed as a development driver by Haas.

The 17-year-old American driver will “be embedded with Haas F1 Team at every opportunity, attending races and tests throughout the year while also participating in the team’s simulator program” said the team in a statement.

Santino Ferrucci, Pietro Fittipaldi, European Formula Three, Spa-Francorchamps, 2015
Ferrucci raced in F3 last year
Ferrucci will race in GP3 this year. He has competed in European Formula Three for the past three seasons, finishing 11th in the standings last year.

“My goal since I first started racing was to become a Formula One driver, and to be an American who is part of an American team is something I take a tremendous amount of pride in,” he said.

“Being paired with Haas F1 Team will allow me to learn more and at a faster rate. It’ll allow me to make the most of my GP3 drive with DAMS and, ultimately, prepare me for Formula One.”

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner said: “We see Santino as a young, American driver with a lot of potential.”

“His opportunity with DAMS is an excellent way for him to further his development while positioning Haas F1 Team for future success.”

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33 comments on “Haas appoints American development driver”

  1. God he looks about 12.
    I hope he drives better than he dresses… horrendous jeans

    1. To think that someone at Haas had him tuck in his shirt incidentally exposing the white seams even more..

      He certainly looks incredulously young for a 17 year old, making Max V seem like a much older man.
      Good luck to him anyways

  2. i think that white lining looks kinda unfortunate here haha

    1. Glad I’m not the only one who noticed.

    2. I honestly can’t believe that a company designed them and put them on sale without somebody stopping them, and to top it off somebody bought them.

      1. What I can’t believe is that they still let him sign the contract after showing up in those pants. On top op that, it worries me that no one within Haas put a stop to this before taking the first “official” or at least public picture.

  3. Yipes, those are some bad jeans…otherwise, this is good news.

  4. He looks like he’s 10 years old haha

  5. How they did not succeed in lining up Rossi is beyond me, instead they found some 10 year old fella with one podium in F3 in 64 races, mind you he also has one fastest lap. F1 star in the making.

  6. Oh man. Those jeans!

  7. “. . . finishing 11th in the standings last year . . .”
    So does he have any FIA points (or whatever they are) eligibility? Has he won in karts, perhaps? Or has his family contributed to the teams funds – I had thought that Haas didn’t need paid support.

  8. Odd choice?

  9. I guess if they wanted to sign an American driver who’s already racing in Europe, Ferrucci is probably their best option. Now Rossi is linked to Manor, there really aren’t any Americans left in GP2/GP3/Formula Renault (rip) etc. From what I remember, he was always there or thereabouts in F3 last year, one podium but only after the top drivers took each other out. But hey, if it’s a long term thing and Haas can give him some proper support, who knows how he’ll do in twp years’ or so.

    1. Maybe Gustavo Menezes would’ve been a better option if only Haas wanted to sign an American driver who’s already racing in Europe, but that’s my own opinion.
      The point is Gustavo has no better racing records than Santino and the latter is 4 years younger, anyway there’s now 2 American drivers in F1 without a seat.

      *American drivers’ names: Menezes, Ferrucci, Rossi….

      1. Not the first time an American has had an Italian name. Heard about that Mario Andretti guy? He seemed pretty good

    2. I think Colton Herta is a pretty exciting American prospect. Had a decent first season in the UK last year and will race in Euroformula Open this season with Carlin. But with talent and a racing surname, I think Haas would be wise to pick him up. But maybe I’m biased, as my avatar indicates I was a big fan of his dad…

      1. Last week in Vallelunga, Oyster Bay, NY native Ryan Tveter just recently completed his FIA F3 Europe pre-season test with Carlin and he did very well – 6th fastest.

        He will have another test at Paul Ricard before the season opener at the same track.

        This 2016 could be Ryan’s last chance to keep his F-1 dream alive.

        For Herta – he will have to wait until the Euro Formula Open season opener. There is a winter series event but cannot participate until he reaches 16.

        Sooner or later, Haas F1 could 1 day consider US talent from the Mazda Road To Indy series.

  10. I’m not as patriotic as other people. If I ran an F1 team, origin, would be of no consequence to me. Of course this is me assuming that is what this is.

  11. I thought that Vettel with braces (BMW Sauber test driver days) was the biggest dork I’ve seen in a racing car. But this guy takes the cake by a few laps at least

    1. The first word that came into my head was ‘dork’.

  12. My goodness! Those pants are shocking! I never thought clothing could have this effect on me as I don’t really have much of an opinion when it comes to that, but man… I am overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions.

  13. Those aren’t jeans, those are Eugenes.
    I can only hope that he doesn’t encounter anyone with a pair of scissors and a mania for cut-outs.
    But seriously, they hired him because they like his hair.
    Why is the internet so mean?

    1. Good luck kiddo!

  14. Good gawd, he looks much younger than Verstappen!

  15. is scott speed too old already?

  16. Formula 1 for me i a lot more boring than it used to be. Is this the future of formula 1 ? 12 year olds. I remember the times when drivers were warriors like Gilles Villeneuve, Mansell, Lauda ,Prost ,Senna.

  17. My god I feel old when I look at some of these drivers now. Anyway, good luck to him and I hope he does well. And with his first pay cheque, hopefully he can buy some better jeans.

  18. “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins…”

  19. All jean jokes aside,

    >He has competed in European Formula Three for the past three seasons, finishing 11th in the standings last year.

    It took him 3 seasons to finish 11th in formula 3. Where is this potential they are speaking of?

  20. This guy is the anti-thesis to Lewis Hamilton.

    1. @todfod F1 can’t contain all Lewis his swag so they just need to import some anti-swag personalities.

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