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2016 Australian Grand Prix

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The 11 teams and 22 drivers have descended on the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne for the first round of the 2016 championship.

The action on track doesn’t begin for two more days but set-up and preparations are well underway. Take a look at what’s been going on around the track so far in the first picture gallery from the 2016 Australian Grand Prix weekend.

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9 comments on “Wednesday at Albert Park in pictures”

  1. At first glance, the bottom center pic look like a Scalextric track

    1. @eurobrun I just hope they’ve read the sign on the video wall…

      1. @keithcollantine hahahaha many people, that’s a crowd!!! And the “important message” right behind them!

      2. Its OK, they’re wearing hi-viz jackets…

  2. Who wants a night Australian GP, i know i’d like.

    1. I’d like to see the Australian GP held under artificial lighting as well.

      1. Now, how much would the kickstarter for that be?

  3. Every year I check the Williams front wing for the Senna-logo, just to assure myself the tradition is being upheld.

  4. Anybody know what we’re looking at in the Renault and Force India photos?

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