2016 Australian Grand Prix build-up in pictures

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The final day of build-up is underway for the first race weekend of the 2016 season.

On Thursday fans headed to the Albert Park circuit at Melbourne where the F1 drivers and teams were undergoing their routine pre-race media commitments.

Several drivers appeared in their new team kit for the first time including Renault reserve driver Esteban Ocon and recently-announced Williams reserve Paul di Resta.

Here are pictures from Thursday at and around the circuit ahead of the 2016 Australian Grand Prix.

More images will be added here

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7 comments on “2016 Australian Grand Prix build-up in pictures”

  1. The place was pretty empty today. The $40 price tag is chasing people away. Used to be free. The hill behind the fast left right was almost completely empty, less than 20 people there for the hour and a half I was sitting there.

    1. No driver on the grid has adopted the selfie culture like Lewis has. This is one thing I’m sure the grid girls and Lewis have in common

  2. Guybrush Threepwood
    17th March 2016, 12:26

    I’ve been going to this GP for the last 9 years and I think this will be my last for two reasons: First, the track no longer has a carnival atmosphere and the organisers have cost-cut everything back off track to the point where it’s lost its energy and party vibe. Secondly and the primary reason is that F1 just isn’t a show any more. F1 cars used to look and sound like mythical alien creations that defied simple physics and personified human endeavour and imagination. Now I struggle to love them like I once did, sadly.

    1. My last race was in 2014 in Montreal & after hearing the new engines along with the regulations , rules being fed up with Pirelli I’m not going back.

  3. No One Better (@)
    17th March 2016, 22:04

    Its human nature. Most people are drawn to the loud and brash. They perceive it as a sign of strength. The strongest is actually the quiet one.

  4. I can’t wait!

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