Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Albert Park, 2016

2016 Australian Grand Prix qualifying in pictures

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Pictures from qualifying and final practice for the 2016 Australian Grand Prix.

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7 comments on “2016 Australian Grand Prix qualifying in pictures”

  1. Lol, the duck pic kinda summarizes the feelings of the fans.

  2. That duck also didn’t like the new qualifying system.

    1. He’s flipping the bird

  3. Sums up the new qualifying really. Ducking awful.

  4. Lol! It was woeful, thanks guys haha gave me something to laugh about.

  5. MG421982 (@)
    19th March 2016, 9:52

    Wow, Mercedes’ airbox is really big!

  6. That Renault is just ridiculously awesome!
    The yellow just makes the biggest difference :)

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