2016 Australian Grand Prix championship points

2016 Australian Grand Prix

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2016 Australian Grand Prix

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8 comments on “2016 Australian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. You’ve got RBR and Ferrari the wrong way round in the constructors’ points

    1. Duncan Idaho (@)
      20th March 2016, 12:26

      And RBR / Williams.

  2. Swap Red Bull with Ferrari, and Renault with Force India.

    1. Ferrari 15, RB 12, Williams 10(5 place penalty for Bottas), FI and STR 6, Ren 1

      1. * sorry scratch that, i though Bottas got penalty after the race.

  3. So it looks like Grosjean went to a better team by leaving Renault.

    1. Very predictable outcome through very unpredictable set of events.

  4. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
    20th March 2016, 8:49

    Something is not correct with the Constructors’ Championship table. Ferrari has 15, Red Bull has 12.

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