2016 Australian Grand Prix in pictures

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Pictures from the 2016 Australian Grand Prix.

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19 comments on “2016 Australian Grand Prix in pictures”

  1. Arnold should have conducted the podium interviews like he did last year.

    1. I thought Mark Weber did a great job and Seb was genuinely happy to see his old mate on the podium.

      1. Nothing against Mark conducting the podium interviews, but still I would have liked to see Arnold doing that as I was expecting him to do it again when I saw him on the starting grid before the start of the race.

        1. Why? Arnold made the worst podium interview in F1s history

    2. Having Mark conducting the podium interviews was awesome. Nico, Lewis and Sebastian have respect for him. Obvious to see. Shame others on this site do not show the same. Mark Webber. Great driver. A true gentleman and an honour for all us Aussies to have as our own. He rocks.

      1. +1 thought he was great. Much better having someone respected in the sport doing the interviews rather than a celebrity.

      2. I laughed so hard when Mark said he was an “old man” when Vettle joked about his return to the podium. The guy is a WEC Champion XD

  2. That’ll buff out.

  3. Anybody know if Channel 4 have any intention of putting the race on 4od? I’m incredibly annoyed that it isn’t available yet.

    Also, can anybody actually watch 4od? I get a 3313 error with no explanation in the help section what this is.

    1. @matt90 4oD has been discontinued. It’s now ‘All 4’ , but at present you can only get qualifying highlights. Even with BBC it usually took several hours until it was on iPlayer, so I think they can be forgiven.

      1. I had to wait because I was out today. It was on demand at 7pm. @matt90

    2. Here in Australia we’re stuck with Fox… and ADS. Seriously, I wish BBC or Sky would allow more overseas subscriptions. I spent about half an hour of the race screaming at the tele.
      So jealous of UK/Euro coverage.

  4. Was it just me or did the red bull liveried cars get excessive coverage on the TV? Sure is was a good fight between the two TR cars but every panning shot it seems were of red bull liveries. Never of the leading Renault or the Williams when battling the TR’s. Even when Vettel closed up to Hamilton, and the commentators were getting animated, the camera filled our screens with red bull. Almost reluctantly did the director cut to the Mercedes and Ferrari battle.

  5. I am surprised at the amount of Alonsos’ car was still attached to the safety cell, on TV it looked like a fairly small pile of rubbish that had been pushed up against the wall, long lens and oblique angle I guess. What would a canopy have done in that crash? Great and amazing to see how relaxed and unhurt Alonso was shortly after that massive crash.

    1. The canopy would probably have done nothing just like the helmet.

  6. Where is the pics of Arnie driving tank ?

  7. rockriverarms
    21st March 2016, 7:27

    With a canopy he probably would not have been able to get out, they would have had to have move the wreckage into a position that would allow it to be opened.

    Canopy might work well for a jet fighter in a 3d environment but in a 2d environment?

  8. The Alonso crash was unfortunately a replica of a crash I witnessed in 2001 when I was spectating at the same spot.It involved Jacques Villeneue making an error and running into the back of Ralf Schumacher with dire consequences. The car hit the top of the catch fence with such force that a wheel was forced thru a small opening that killed a flag marshall.It broke up and ended up further past Alonso car on the left hand side. Some of us were also hit with debris such was the force of impact. A very sad day for our sport.

    1. That was a sad day for Racing in Melbourne.

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