Felipe Massa, Williams, Bahrain International Circuit, 2016

2016 Bahrain Grand Prix in pictures

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The 2016 Bahrain Grand Prix got off to an explosive start as Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas collided. See the race in pictures.

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8 comments on “2016 Bahrain Grand Prix in pictures”

  1. 1st – What an enjoyable race this far.
    2nd – Haas is once again the dream team.
    3rd – Button out (pay him to enjoy the rest of the season cycling and running) Vandoorne in.

    1. If anything, Stoffel could do with a year in Japan. He’s young enough

    2. Button was ahead of him when he retired

      1. Got a bit over excited about Vandoorne’s drive today. Of course, I understand this sounds harsh and unfair to Button but I was thinking on the lines of: McLaren have already done the damage by taking this bold and expensive step which I hope will pay dividends long term so they might as well take Vandoorne now. This would be drastic but very positive step forward.

  2. God them Williams are horrible. Also why wasn’t Hamilton red/yellow flagged for operating a dangerous car he nearly wiped out a Hass with his unstable bodywork.

    1. Because this isn’t football? It’s an interesting question though, I don’t know if they’ve just decided bargeboards aren’t large enough to warrant a meatball. I don’t know how often they’re shown but I can’t remember ever actually seeing an F1 driver get one.

  3. Angry Carlos Sainz Jr. leaving the track yesterday. Destination: China.

  4. That top left photo looks great.

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