2016 Chinese Grand Prix championship points

2016 Chinese Grand Prix

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2016 Chinese Grand Prix

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26 comments on “2016 Chinese Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Isn’t it hilarious that Stoffel Vandoorne has more points than JB and Alonso?

  2. I wonder how many races will Vandoorne remain the highest ranked mcLaren driver …

  3. This championship is looking really interesting. Can’t wait for the next race!

  4. Up until the start of this weekend, I didn’t think Lewis was really feeling the heat for the WDC battle. After this weekend though, I think he’s sweating a little. Sure he was hampered by tech problems throughout this weekend, but nontheless, Rosberg’s confidence is at an all time high, and he would really need 2 or 3 really solid race wins to get the mental edge back.

    1. I don’t think he will be. In 2014 in the middle of the season (after Spa I think) Rosberg had a very similar lead over Hamilton, but Hamilton quite comfortably had the lead closed within a few races.

      It’s a long season, still 18 races to go, I think Hamilton will be quite cool for the next few at least :)

  5. Ricciardo to be the next Nick Heidfeld in 2007? Three 4th place finishes, and with clearly the third best car. Not quick enough to challenge the big boys consistently, but will still be a pain in the diffuser.

  6. Force India hasn’t really been that lucky, only scored 6 points in three races…

    1. Not very lucky but i think the lack pace too.

  7. Williams must be scratching their heads. Talking about taking the fight to Ferrari, only to find themselves three races in with just over half the points of Red Bull. I’m not sure what’s going on with Bottas either, but he needs to find a way to get ahead of Massa during the season, 15 points behind at this stage in the championship is not where he needs to be.

    Fun fact: after 3 races in 2015, Raikkonen was 21 points behind Vettel in the championship, this year it’s 5. Meanwhile Mercedes actually has 5 points less in the constructor’s than they did after 3 races last year, Ferrari 18 points less, Red Bull 44 more, and Williams has 19 less. Oh, and Sauber had scored 19 points by this time last year..

    1. And yet the biggest laughing sock this year is Renault. Two average drivers and an awful car.

      They could be on the podium with Red Bull, but apparently they think that owning a team wich can’t reach Q2 is better for their brand.

      1. To be fair to Renault, Lotus were in a hideous mess last year and it took ages for the sale to be finalised. It’s a bit early to be writing them off.

      2. I was thinking about Renault’s previous return in 2002 and how that was a pretty bad season too, but looking at the results; 3 races in and Button actually finished 4th out of 13 finishers in Malaysia and 4th out of 9 finishers in Brazil. Clearly not as bad as this year has been so far.

        Lotus were a hideous mess, but Renault could have prevented some mess by buying the team earlier, instead of giving off ‘intentions to buy’ and vague comments to the press all the time.

        1. @npf1 I think Renault were leaving it in order to drive the price down, and make Genii (or whoever did own it) more desperate.

          1. No it was probably until they manage to make Bernie accept giving them what they wanted. They had to go hard core if they were gonna crack him and so they were willing to even let the team die and remove themselves. Don’t bluff if you ain’t willing to go all the way type of thing.

      3. @paeschli Helmut Marko always complained of Renault’s work, even when they were winning. Even you are conviced that the guys at Viry are incompetent and all credit is due to Red Bull.
        It makes sense to go for yourself and target to win something (I think they are targeting races in a few years time).

        1. @x303

          “Even you are conviced that the guys at Viry are incompetent and all credit is due to Red Bull.”

          Nah, I just think it’s funny that now that Renault has made big gains with their engine, the car who gets podiums doesn’t have a Renault branded engine anymore.

          Also, I should note that it’s only after they hired Mario Illien that things started to get better for Renault. Maybe they really are incompetent, I don’t know.

          1. I see nothing funny. their performance was expected to be low considering Enstone wasn’t building a 2016 car and wasn’t even improving the car they had and that car was built for a Merc engine.
            On top of that the stuff was in a mess and that still needs sorting out.

            They basically only had enough time to change last years car to fit a Renault and try to fix aero problems from the changes as to be more harmonious.
            Nothing else really.

            They normally would have a chance for some decent improvement threw the year but because we have rule changes in 2017 they probably won’t bother much as to focus on next year changes therefore i will keep my basket small about them threw all this year.

      4. What happened to Palmer today?
        Both him and his father have been pretty loud, but the results on the track does not back it up me thinks.
        Today Palmer came in dead last, even overtaken by the Manor rookie…

      5. @paeschli

        As long as Mclaren are around they will always be the biggest laughing stock of the paddock. 2 WDCs in their line up and not a championship point among them. Mclaren Honda glory days!

    2. @npf1 they started 2014 with the Mercedes engine, decent chassis. But since then they’ve been nothing but disappointing. They’ve made hardly any gains, and slowly but surely they are sinking back into the midfield.

      It’s especially disappointing as they’ve thrown so many points away with errors that could have been so easily avoided.

  8. Bottas is not exactly living up to the future-WDC expectation that were put on him back in 2014 when everyone was amazed that he was getting podiums with that excellent Williams car. At this point in his career, at the prime age of 26, he should be smashing an old and over-the-hill version of Massa.

    1. Indeed.. He is following the Hulkenburg route now. Doubt if Ferrari or Mercedes are going to be interested in him.
      Poor guy, who would have thought that being teammates with Massa would have been such a disaster for his reputation.

      1. I don’t think Massa is over the hill, looking at Kimi, JB, and of course FA, they are all dong a very good job. The quality of the grid is as high as ever, in my opinion.

    2. But is Massa old and tired or is he rejuvenated in Williams after some hard Ferrari years?

  9. I can see this season being similar to 2011 if Rosberg’s form continues. Speaking of the other drivers though, Ricciardo is driving his socks off in that Red Bull, Kimi is much closer to Seb this year which is a good thing, and Lewis just doesn’t seem be in his usual self at the moment.

  10. 3 surprises:
    Nico Rosberg 75
    Lewis Hamilton 39
    Massa 22 Bottas 7
    Vandoorne 1 Alonso 0 Button 0

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