2016 Spanish Grand Prix build-up in pictures

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Pictures from the build-up to the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix.

Daniil Kvyat is back in Toro Rosso overalls this weekend having been dropped by Red Bull and replaced by Max Verstappen.

The first European round of the championship also sees the paddock filled with the team’s motorhomes for the first time this year.

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10 comments on “2016 Spanish Grand Prix build-up in pictures”

  1. At least he’s half-smiling.

    1. Daniil looks like glass half empty, but don’t worry, he’ll bounce back, anger is a perfect fuel to better yourself as a driver on the track. This demotion is his fuel to light up and prove them for making the wrong decision.

      honestly, might be the best thing that happened to him, if he performs even better now and another team wants him at the end of the year, there is his payback.

  2. At the penultimate picture is 4 german drivers but only 3 names of them above it.

  3. below.

  4. Looking forward to seeing how different the Force India is going to look…..

  5. Having put Sainz, Verstappen and Kvyat there is like a chapter of the hunger games. It is sad that F1 managers have to do this kind of things to get ratings up.

  6. I must say thank you for the effort in taking and bringing us pictures of the motor home. I always find them refreshing and of course interesting. It is also interesting how each building reflects the general perception or outlook of each team.
    Redbull motor home which is by far the most elaborate and grand of all the structures reflects the boldness that is portrayed in everything the company does while that of Mercedes is very corporate, efficient and German. Mclaren on the other hand is a reflection of their cooperate nature, style and a little bit of dynamism which one can see on their road cars while that of Ferrari seems to be a case of hit or miss, but more of miss, with red being the company’s primary focus.
    Haas on the other hand seems keen on maintaining a small footprint in F1, at least for now, while Sauber shows she still has grand plans as an established F1 team who is keen to be treated as such.

    1. Agreed, love those motor home pics in particular. The RB building is huge because it houses 2 teams… which I find rather surprising. Obviously they have the same owner, but they usually try to appear as separate entities in terms of design/engineering/strategy, even running under different flags, so didn’t expect them to share a building. Seems they’re also the only team to bother with wheelchair access besides Williams.

  7. These motorhomes are too large!


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