Hamilton does not want to swap mechanics with Rosberg

2016 Spanish Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton says he does not wish to swap mechanics with team mate Nico Rosberg.

Some race staff were rotated between the two Mercedes drivers during the off-season, prompting some to claim a connection to Hamilton’s recent technical problems. The world champion has experienced MGU-H problems during qualifying for the last two rounds.

Following the Russian Grand Prix, where he also experienced a loss of water pressure during the race, Hamilton suggested the change had been made “for no apparent reason”. However he denied claims of a link between the switch and his recent technical trouble.

He reiterated that view today in Spain and went further, insisting he was happy to stick with his current crew.

“I have no intention or any wish to move around,” Hamilton said during today’s FIA press conference.

“The issues we’ve had have been nothing to do with my mechanics, they’ve been doing a fantastic job both for Nico and I over the past three, three-and-a-half years. So that is not a concern. I’ve got a hundred percent belief in this team and in those guys.”

“This is really just hoping that I’ve had the bad share of luck, I guess, with the failures. But hoping that we move forward and you will get to see the results of their hard work because they have worked so hard to integrate with me and vice-versa from my side of the garage. We’ve got a huge amount of respect for each other.”

“I’m looking forward to trying to deliver something spectacular with them.”

2016 Spanish Grand Prix

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    24 comments on “Hamilton does not want to swap mechanics with Rosberg”

    1. That’s the spirit. Well done.

    2. From 1000% to 100% in matter or days..

      I am not sure I understand the link between the title and the article.

      1. ColdFly F1 (@)
        12th May 2016, 19:44

        Let me explain:
        The title gives you the main point of the article.
        And then the article elaborates on the background, reasoning and main outcome (using quotes).

        You’ll notice that well written articles use a similar set-up :-p

        1. Har har har :p

        2. Lol. Ouchh

      2. “I am not sure I understand the link between the title and the article.”

        What? really?

        1. Yes. Really. I don’t see anywhere in the article LH is saying that. Probably my comprehension is not good?

          1. Simon (@weeniebeenie)
            13th May 2016, 14:51

            “I have no intention or any wish to move around,” Hamilton said during today’s FIA press conference.

    3. The Mechanics have little to do with the car breaking down in this manner. If it was as simple as the mechanics assembeling or setting up the car poorly they would have solved the problems by now. The problems Hamilton are suffering are being worked out by their 700 people back at the factory.

      1. considering he lost out because someone forgot to tighten down a hose clamp last year, and his car was breaking down left and right in qualifying in 2014, one has to wonder if it really matters.

    4. The only outcome of this I would say is either his crew would get demotivated a bit or they might be pressured to get things right to prove the critics wrong.

      Personally I think this is just a string of bad luck coming in Hamilton’s way and hopefully it doesn’t repeat again.

      Hoping to see an event free race where we can get a true race result.

    5. True. But I fear more unreliability… Especially if both Mercedeses fight for the win.

    6. Never ever have I noticed a string of bad luck being attributed to the mechanics. Why should we do so in Hamilton his case? Surely Sainz last year or Webber years before him, or even Kimi before that had much worse luck and not once were their mechanics questioned. This is the top of motorsport and it does not get more technically advaced than it already is, these men are the top of the crop and know what they are on about.

      1. Fudge Ahmed (@)
        12th May 2016, 21:43

        Because the press decided to publicise a personnel reshuffle which probably happens in every team up and down the pitlane, that’s why.

        Of course the suggestion is that after 2 years of losing to the other side of the garage that these mechanics would have some sort of premeditated vendetta against their own side now.

        Technical proficiency is moot as Rosberg had the reliability last year just not the ability when it mattered.

        1. I didn’t catch when the press released this information, but I certainly heard LH point it out with his ‘for no apparent reason’ comment.

    7. Good, good, good.

      That is the way to say it. Straight out. Well done.

    8. petebaldwin (@)
      12th May 2016, 21:24

      Why do journalists keep asking the questions that f1 fans dont want to hear answered? Anyone who vaguely understands how F1 teams work realises that the failures were almost certainly nothing to do with his team. Mercedes have said they are trying to diagnose the fault – if the mechanics had done something incorrectly, it would be very easy to spot!

    9. Lewis gets exclusive use of Mercedes’ new MGU-H design to alleviate the problems in his car. ROS is stuck with the old design.


      1. Right… Good news… Now conspiracy theorists will claim Lewis has to test new parts for Nico.

        1. You got a point there…

      2. @subhashs Lol not sure if your wording is meant for the sarcasm of it. LH, out of necessity, has an upgrade that NR will have for the next race. NR is not ‘stuck’ with something. The team is sticking with what he has for this race, and after all, it has done him very well. ‘Stuck with’ makes it sound like he has some rubbish for equipment.

    10. Merc need to make a tangible link between their F1 cars and road cars and breaking down sure does that, Mercs can often be found being towed by an AA van on the road.

      1. RP (@slotopen)
        13th May 2016, 5:19


        I own two Hondas, because they are so reliable. But perhaps Button and Alonso disagree.

        1. Honda need to do the opposite, road cars influence F1 cars.

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