Debris blamed for Ocon’s puncture

2016 Spanish Grand Prix

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Esteban Ocon’s puncture during first practice in Spain was caused by debris, according to Renault.

However the reason for Jolyon Palmer’s tyre failure in the afternoon session has not yet been identified.

Ocon’s puncture “looked to be a clear cut case of a small piece of debris piercing the tread” said Renault technical director Nick Chester. The team’s test driver only managed half-a-dozen laps in his first run this season due to a battery problem later in the morning.

“Jolyon was also unfortunate with a puncture and we are working with Pirelli to understand the cause,” Chester added. Palmer’s tyre failed approaching the fastest point on the circuit and a Pirelli spokesperson told F1 Fanatic the cause may be difficult to identify.

Unlike Ocon, Palmer was able complete some timed laps before the chequered flag came out. “We were able to get him back out later in the session for 11 laps on the soft tyre and we have a reasonable amount of data to digest from today,” said Chester.

“Esteban did a good job for his brief time in the car,” Chester added, “and we’re looking forward to him getting a proper crack at the whip in next week’s test”.

Ocon said he wasn’t able to form much of an impression of the RS16 after his brief spell at the wheel. “I did get a brief amount of time in the car, but I didn’t even get a timed lap so it’s too early for any real thoughts about driving the car as I didn’t have an opportunity to really push,” he said.

“The team could see the tyre was losing pressure so I was brought in.”

2016 Spanish Grand Prix

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    1. hm, “an object”, ok.

    2. Didnt they have a similar problem with Magnussen a race or two ago, bodywork touching the car?

      Hard to explain how only they get punctures. It is improbable to be a fault of tires.

      1. Yeah ur right.

    3. With Pirelli its always ‘unknown debris’.

      How many random & unexplained cuts have we had since 2011?

      1. Quite a few tyre manufacturers over the years have sought to cast aspersions about the quality of their tyres onto debris, contact with other cars, chafing bodywork and a whole other list of causes. How many times would other tyre manufacturers willingly accept fault when they were active, except in situations where there was unambiguous proof that they were at fault?

        1. @GTRacer has posted many times about teams internally complaining about Pirelli. Drivers do with very PC answers because the ydont want to upset Bernie (again) for insulting Pirelli’s tyres.

          GTRacer says the amount of cuts in tyres is WAY above what we had in the Michelin & Bridgestone era. Pirelli is horrible

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