Esteban Gutierrez, Haas, Sochi Autodrom, 2016

Gutierrez: Haas problems disguise how well I’m driving

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In the round-up: Esteban Gutierrez says the problems he has experienced at Haas is making it hard to appreciate how well he is driving.

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Comment of the day

Does Lewis Hamilton ‘put on’ a particular kind of persona? Do any of the drivers? I appreciated this sensible view from @Mike:

I am not a Hamilton fan really, but I don’t think it’s put on at all. He is just a very complex, sometimes conflicted individual who is very intelligent but sometimes gets undone rationally by emotion.

No one ever does or says things for no reason, for everything he does that makes me cringe, there is another side to that story that none of us – but especially people who don’t know him – don’t get to see. The entirety of what we see is what comes through the media, which, as good as it can be, can never really convey the people we are watching as they really are.

This is why I love when drivers go live on Facebook or why watching the press conferences are so interesting. Because sometimes we do actually get to see the real person. And when you do that, it is impossible not to like them all at least a little bit.

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Happy birthday to Hyoko and Jen Campbell!

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On this day in F1

Fernando Alonso became the first Spanish driver to win his home race on this day ten years ago.

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  • 47 comments on “Gutierrez: Haas problems disguise how well I’m driving”

    1. The virtual ads devalue F1 and the brands promoted in them, not only because of the poor execution but also, the concept of forcing you to look at something, it’s demeaning. It’s curious to see that we’ll often notice these ads better as they get worse over time. CGi is not the real thing nor are tarmac run-offs.

      1. Yes and those popup ads that cover the screen when you visit F1 websites are, if anything, even more annoying.

        1. @juan-fanger, if you don’t want them you have the option for an ad-free service here. Without making some money Keith can’t give you this website. However, I’m sure Bernie and the anonymous financiers at CVC could probably cope without CGI Rolex ads plastered over run-off areas.

      2. The worst part of the advertising in F1 is that a lot of the TV viewing angles get adapted to best show the sponsor messages instead of giving us the most exciting shot of cars going fast. To me that is a huge factor that hurts being excited by F1 during the races, because you just don’t really get to see these cars go fast with wide panning shots.

    2. On CotD: I hated Alonso with a passion for some time around 2010. But then that feeling has gone away at some point around 2012. Today I really enjoy when we get to see things like what he did in Brazil last year or in the last Press Conference where he said he didn’t knew about the Red Bull/Toro Rosso diver swap.

      1. The drivers are a pretty likeable bunch on the whole aren’t they @corix. Alonso was a baddie for me around 2007 but I’ve come to like him now. He’s clever and interesting and humorous. I thought @mike‘s COTD was a lot more reasonable than the post he was replying to deserved, with its risible fabrication from someone desperate for a category of people with less than his own minimal status.

        I think it’s true Lewis has broken some ground btw, looking at how little attention has been paid to Pascal Wehrlein’s mixed race.

        1. @lockup

          the drivers are soon the only aspect of F1 I’m enjoying

          The only real negative feelings I have towards any driver (mostly Hamilton these days) comes directly from the outspoken fans or heretics, the whole “conspiracy”-conspiracy even further soured my feelings toward the entire F1 fanbase.

          So now I don’t like the fanbase, and I don’t like the governing body, I barely like any team or people in charge of the teams, that leaves only the drivers

          1. F1 is a very sociable world @dr-jekyll, I find most of them likeable, engineers and everyone, though there is a dramatic necessity to have some ‘bad guys’ of course!

            Yes secretly I respect Horner and Helmut :)

            I roll my eyes when someone disparages ‘Hamilton fans’. Or disparages any driver because of a tiny bonkers minority of his fans, which every successful driver accumulates. I remember a few Mansell fans hanging an effigy of Senna – disgusting, but it was like 3 among 140,000. How blinkered do you have to be, not to be able to distinguish one from the other; either decent racing fans or the driver himself? It’s a pretext IMO, just a sneaky kind of denigration.

    3. Esteban is delusional. I’m surprised Haas picked him up given how poor he was at Sauber. Although the Sauber was particularly horrible that year 2013? Or maybe Romain is just performing exceptional so far this season.

      1. Hm, well, I do think that Guttierez has a fair point that issues in most of the weekends have kept him from making the best out of the car. Then in the race in Australia Alonso hit him too, further limiting the scope to see whether he has improved since we last saw him @bnkracing. And so far this weekend he has again felt the reliability holding him back.
        And I do think that Grosjean is the real deal nowadays making it a bit of a steep hill to climb.

        On the other hand, I didn’t see anything apart from himself making a mistake that ended his race in Sochi. I think we should wait a couple of races before we judge him, to give him a chance to show what he has got in him currently.

    4. I don’t think Gutierrez is anything special. Don’t know why they gave him a second chance, he didn’t deserve it IMO, after two very average years at Sauber (to say the least… he didn’t even beat Sutil!)

      One day the car will be okay and he’ll still be very far behind Grosjean.

      1. that’s exactly his point, doesn’t get a break to proof you wrong !

      2. He has had ties with Ferrari for some time now, he has driven a Sauber with a Ferrari engine and he has done simulator runs for Ferrari as well. And there is mexican money to support him too @fer-no65.
        But back to the first point, I think that Ferrari know what he can do so it really helps them get a gauge of both the Haas car as well as his teammate because they can compare them against a well known factor.

      3. And brings in some money for the Ferrari family with Telcel and Claro. Basicly he is just a pay driver, with the exeption his sponsors aren’t on his own car, but on the mother Ferrari car.

        I wouldn’t be surprised Sergio Perez will take his spot next year. Ferrari happy, sponsors happy, Haas happy.

    5. Now Verstappen has joined Red Bull, I wonder what they will say if they need to use team orders. Multi 333 might be confusing…

      1. All I have to say is I think Danil K. has a better head on his shoulders than does Helmut Marko. Would have like to hear Kvyat expound on the Game of Thrones episode he was watching :) RBR are interesting because they are not just another engine manufacturer, but the way RBR treats their #2 drivers is pretty horrible IMO, even the ones at TR.

      2. I think Team orders would be quite easy to discern @oel-f1. Verstappen is not going to follow any of them anyway, so you only need to try for Ricciardo. But I doubt he would just get out of the way either.

    6. Just checking in to say that the RBR overalls are ******* amazing!!

    7. I have an irk!


      Everyone knows what it means. Surely the bit that is rude or offensive to some is the meaning, not the letters. Right?

      Seriously… This, really annoys me. You could say it really f—ing annoys me.

      1. dito here, @mike.
        I think all drivers should use the official FIA lingo: “All the censored by FIA great job I’m doing” or “he censored by FIA hit me!”

      2. Look up “Tim Minchin Censorship” on YouTube.

        1. @meander I have been caught for the thieving swine that I am!

          Tim is brilliant, it may have been where that idea came from. :D

    8. It sounds like GUT is feeling the pressure a little. There is definitely tension starting to mount inside the team, they had a great first 2 races, but have hit reality since. I think they need to reset their targets back to their pre-2016 mindset, right now they’re all frustrated in the team and if the mood stays the same, the tensions will spill over…

      1. I don’t think so. They’ve said that [thanks to Australia] they’ve stopped on development for this year’s car. So I’d guess that they’d be working on that Ferrari contract, again.

    9. Sorry to say it but Gutierrez looks well out of his depth in F1.

      1. Yeah. Fortunately for him Haas’ problems have masked his even poorer performances.

        The guy’s been nothing but rubbish ever since he’s entered F1, and I don’t see why he’s trying to justify his ‘great’ performances and incredible pace that no one has witnessed to date. Also really unprofessional of him to push the blame on the team.

    10. As a bonafide GUT fan, I’m pinning my hopes on Monaco.

      1. so there are deceitful GUT fans as well?

        sorry @faulty, had to reply ;-)
        I actually applaud you for supporting a less obvious choice.

        1. Same here, if it wasn’t for Leicester sorry I would have said this is foolish as the guy wont do anything outstanding :)

        2. I feel that If I have to support a Mexican out of national pride, it sure won’t be that pest that is Checo.

      2. I must say that I certainly would love to see Guttierez find his way in F1 and give us a smashing few drives this year @faulty. Afterall he did show great skill in GP3, and when he got into GP2 I had higher hopes of him than of Perez, but in the two years at Sauber he looked to be less than well adapted.

        It would be lovely to have him develop into another good driver in F1 and not have to settle for “yeah, he showed promise, some speed but in the end it was money that kept him in F1”.

    11. This isn’t F1 related- but I had to say this:

      IndyCar has found a replacement for the Boston street circuit.


      1. Yaay. Allmighty course that.

      2. Great news, such a shame we’re not celebrating F1 going there too! Yes I know it would need to be upgraded for safety but I like to dream…. I reckon F1 needs a historic track in the US to be successful and only Watkins Glen and Long Beach really fit the bill.

        1. Road America, the Daytona road course and maybe Sonoma fit the bill as well (even though they have never hosted GP’s before).

      3. I just cross my fingers for a great race and not an anti climax. I love the Glen.

        Btw, last nights Indy Lights race at Indy GP was mega.

      4. That is awesome news mfreire!

    12. The difference in attitude between the Mclaren drivers is really visible. Fernando saying improvements are happening, they are regular point scorers now, and they have a shot at Q3 and points this weekend, while Jenson says they aren’t point scorers yet and will struggle to get points this weekend.

      Might be that Jenson is getting in to his late 2009 or mid 2012 form, where his teammate gets to grips with the car, while he struggles way below the car’s punching weight for a patch of races and complains about understeer, oversteer, balance and grip.

      1. Jenson tends to be a bit more honest about the state of the team than his teammates. He’s also usually pretty honest about when he hasn’t done a good job relative to his teammate. I would be very surprised if the McLaren is any good at all around this track.

    13. Surely Gutierrez’ reliability problems compared to his team mate must mean the team is sabotaging him. They just don’t want a Mexican to do well in an American team.

    14. I feel sorry for Kvyat. With everybody praising and congratulating Verstappen, and wishing him good luck, it must be rubbing it in even more for Kvyat.

      Furthermore I saw a comment on here yesterday which was completely right. If Verstappen doesn’t perform immediately people will be (rightly) okay with that because he needs time. I fear that the same is the case for Kvyat, but people will immediately assume (because it is a slower car), that he shouldn’t need time to adjust and that will reflect badly on him.

      1. Well, after beating Ricciardo in FP3 this morning, I think we can forgive people for getting back into the Verstappen hype @strontium. On the other hand, Kvyat was also up on Sainz this morning, showing that he is getting the car under control and getting on with the job.

        I must say that from the way Kvyat has kept himself and his answers in the press conference he has certainly gained a huge amount of respect and goodwill for me, I would love it if he can actually manage to beat a red bull ASAP, he would be my driver of the weekend for it :-)

    15. Gutierrez… big mouth. I think he has just signed his career end in F1. Cannot talk like this.

      1. I agree. What the hell was he thinking talking like that.

    16. With those virtual ads from FOM, I’d say it’s far more likely that they’ll control the blurring issue by impose a rule forbidding any team from having a yellow or green livery …

    17. Welcome to Alonso’s would Mr Guttierez.

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