Jolyon Palmer, Lotus, Red Bull Ring, 2015

More details of Red Bull Ring extension revealed

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In the round-up: More details of how the Red Bull Ring is being altered have been revealed.

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Last weekend’s Caption Competition winner was @Jackysteeg:

Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Circuit de Catalunya, 2016

Jacques Villeneuve gives his opinion on modern Formula One

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On this day in F1

The Monaco Grand Prix was won in commanding fashion by Jackie Stewart 45 years ago today despite a mechanical error on the grid which left him with virtually no rear brakes. Ronnie Peterson took second for March ahead of Jacky Ickx’s Ferrari.

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  • 45 comments on “More details of Red Bull Ring extension revealed”

    1. Funny about “On this day in F1”. Just yesterday I watched for the first time “Weekend of a Champion” by Roman Polanski featuring Jackie on that weekend at Monaco in 1971.

      I couldn’t have chosen a better day to finally watch it!. I highly recommend it, both the original version and the remastered (and somehow extended) 2013 version. Specially when they talk during breakfast about driving… that alone is the best bit of the movie, in my view.

      Take a deep breath when Helen Stewart shows up as well…! what a fantastic looking lady! I didn’t know she was that pretty!

    2. Wow. From the Monaco ’66 McLaren story:

      “I’ve no doubt that if we’d had a competitive engine we would have had a competitive F1 team. I think everything was there, bar the engine…”


      1. Tommy Scragend
        23rd May 2016, 0:54

        Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!

        1. Nice one.

      2. @selbbin yeah, and a car simulating a Honda team :P quite similar to today’s team simulating a proper Mclaren Honda partnership…

    3. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
      23rd May 2016, 0:52

      I’m a bit worried I’m becoming an Alonso supporter….

      1. Welcome to the dark side :)

      2. It’s not a small club…

      3. The Blade Runner (@)
        23rd May 2016, 9:26

        There’s a lot to like!

      4. Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy…;-D

        The man is good. Really good. I believe only LH is a match (he seems to share that view, BTW….:-D ). And DR will be….

        1. well, 2007 certainly showed that.

    4. Jimmy Price
      23rd May 2016, 1:29

      Unfortunately for F1 Tilke’s consultancy seems to be the only one getting business. Populous looks like they know what they are doing, hopefully they can throw their hat in the ring and start getting some contracts for new F1 tracks.

      We need competition wars in F1 at all levels, including track design.

    5. Today’s Moto GP race was sensational – easily best of the season.

      1. @fletchuk A collegue of mine (Rossi-fan) and myself (Marquez-fan) went through all emotions you can have in a GP. As soon as our favourites fall or crash out we instantly vote for the other and we’re at all times anti-Lorenzo, but what a race it was indeed. Iannone would’ve won it had he had a better start.

      2. Great finish but Rossi breaking his engine kind of deflated the bubble I was expecting to blow in the very last lap. It could be a three-way battle for P1 but Marquez vs Lorenzo was good to watch as well.

    6. Michael Brown (@)
      23rd May 2016, 2:58

      Circuit of Wales, huh? The layout looks promising. Lots of natural corners, unlike the ones made using 90 degree corners and chicanes.

      Here’s the layout:

      It’s anticlockwise, though the first turn is right.

      1. It looks like a nice circuit, but there is not one overtaking opportunity on the whole track.

        1. My 1st thought too, you need a couple of big stops into tight apex’s to allow an natural overtake to occur, it looks a great drivers track but I would predict many processional races there, so maybe not the best spectator track.
          Shame really as with just a couple of /tweeks it would be a great circuit.

          1. Michael Brown (@)
            23rd May 2016, 14:15

            The track has elevation changes throughout the circuit, and because the corners are affected by camber in different ways, overtaking is all about the line through the corner.

            Still, though, the final chicane – while better than most other chicanes – is unnecessary. And turns 14-16 shouldn’t be there either.

            Though it should be noted that this circuit is designed more with motorcycle racing in mind, though WTCC are scheduled to use it. I’d still put this circuit over Abu Dhabi or Sochi if I could.

    7. I want Eric’s Chandon special version to drink
      We might not take carlos tweet into consideration in the past but now is that things to come in future?

      1. I think Carlos is hoping Ricciardo upsets Vettel.

        1. @drycrust
          I dont think so. but i sense ric leaving RBR by end 2017 than 2016.

    8. Does anyone have a track map of the new Red Bull Ring layout?

      1. It seems that there is no new layout (yet); the article quite vaguely says that only some extensions from the current track that to the old have been built.

    9. Big words there from Boulllier. Hope they can back it up.

      1. Doubt it. Maybe some race chaos can luck them in to a top 6 position, but on pace, I’d expect Ferrari to be at least 0.5s ahead of them

      2. Under-promise, over-deliver, Eric!

        1. @lockup
          some thing the Long standing teams never do. im looking at you SF and MC :D

    10. Haha, the caption con Max photo, caused a boisterous laugh from in a flight to Zurich jam-packed by bankers and businessmen looking bewildered at me :-)))

      1. Thank you :) and cheers Keith for the COTD!

    11. Alonso usually gets 120% from the car and also carries 6 tenths with him. Seems like Boullier has a bad case of Samuraititis.

      I will wait for Saturday and Sunday. Hope the reporter has the balls to ask the question again to him post the race.

    12. funny Alonso talking about how MotoGP riders are heroes, and yet said earlier in the year F1 doesn’t need heroes, clearly F1 does need heroes given the responses the riders gets is more vocal and noticeable than what F1 drivers get

    13. That comment of the day xD
      Well played @jackysteeg

      1. Thanks :)

    14. How can Ferrari be a threat to McLaren? They are so far ahead.

      1. Whenever a team is talked up they can only disappoint. Ferrari this year and McLaren had shut up for a bit now they are talking again they will disappoint, someone should tell them we are in 2016 not 1991.

    15. No way they would allow anything like the old Österreichring, so the only variation on all the other Tilkedomes the Red Bull Ring could possibly provide is it’s shortness. Now they are changing that and by adding chicanes no less…

    16. the le mans article is interesting when they suggest they would need 18m euros and have to fund it through ticket sales alone. well, that would be 100,000 tickets at 180 euros each – quite a decent price for a grand prix these days. i realise there would be extra costs involved but the european races all seem to charge hundreds of euros for tickets so this doesn’t seem totally unfeasible. i think the bigger stumbling block is who they are dealing with…

      1. @frood19 I agree, can you imagine them working with Bernie and friends or vice versa?

        It’d be a disaster. They couldn’t even agree on what type of sandwiches to serve.

      2. After you factor in the payment to bernie you’re ticket price would be over 300.

    17. Looking at some of the images of what there doing to the Red Bull ring I’d actually rather they not decide to run F1 on an extended layout because I’m not sure the ‘new’ layout would do much from a racing POV as you would be removing the 2 corners on the existing layout that provide the best overtaking opportunities (Turns 1 & 2).

      For example the chicane they have built just past current turn 1 doesn’t look like it would be that good from a racing/overtaking POV while the existing T1 is fairly good & a good setup for the run down to T2.

    18. Any news on this story?

      Sounds like mostly BS to me. However in all stories that are mostly BS there is usually some truth. Mostly likely the pics are off Hamilton’s (lack of) hair proving once and for all that he has been to see Advanced Hair and has plugs. That is hardly going to stop him racing though. No-one gives a crap that he is balding except him.

      Interesting though.

      1. Lol, seems like BS, but it is nightclub and it is Lewis Hamilton… But I cannot imagine him loosing a race seat over it.

        This is not a P17 McLaren, like Alonso, where you take some personal time.

        This is P1 Mercedes seat.

    19. Michael Brown (@)
      23rd May 2016, 14:10

      I hope the Red Bull Ring doesn’t use its extension in F1. Its layout is perfectly fine, and a short track isn’t any less of a track than a long one.

    20. Imagine this weekend, Ferrari slips behind McLaren?

      Imagine Red Bull take on Mercedes and they even out in quali on close to equal times?

      Imagine Ferrari maybe struggle to get both cars to Q3….

      Oh teh banter on sunday. And massive flames out of Milano on monday…

      I also understand there will be rain, sometimes around the Race…

      Maybe a chance for little Verschumachstapen, newbie rain master? If there is rain in quali, darn Red Bulls can take it.

      This season is shaping up well, am I right?

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