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Rain expected during Monaco Grand Prix

2016 Monaco Grand Prix weather

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A wet Monaco Grand Prix is in prospect with forecasters reporting a better than average chance of rain on Sunday afternoon in Monte-Carlo.

A band of moderate rainfall is expected to arrive from the west around the time of Sunday’s race.

However the build-up to the race is expected to be dry, with bright and sunny conditions forecast for qualifying. A largely cloudless day will see temperatures peak at around 24C while the grid for the race is being set.

Thursday’s practice sessions will be run in cooler, cloudier conditions with temperatures only just reaching the twenties.

The last time the Monaco Grand Prix saw significant rainfall was in 2008, when Lewis Hamilton won.

For more updates on the track conditions during each session keep an eye on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

Location of Monte-Carlo

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2016 Monaco Grand Prix

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24 comments on “Rain expected during Monaco Grand Prix”

  1. 900-odd horsepower, no traction control and Monaco in the wet. What’s the worst that could happen?

    1. a quick old red falg

    2. @craig-o @bezza695

      many many spins, bumps, slides, skids, aquaplaning and best of all…..

      ….. the showing of some great driving skills from some of the worlds top drivers

    3. There may be no “traction control” but they will run a supersoft enginemapping and shortshift like hell. You will see nowhere near 900hp.

  2. YES! Please make it pour down with rain on Sunday afternoon! Monaco races are only interesting when it rains.

    1. @ultimateuzair No, not pour down. It should drizzle just enough to make teams wonder whether inters is the right call.

      1. Yes. Wet but not too damp and some pitstop call mistakes.

  3. Yay! :)

    Look forward to it. Nothing like rain or unpredictable weather at this circuit. Monaco 2008 springs to mind

  4. Stu Linton (@)
    25th May 2016, 11:16

    Now I’m all excited for something like Monaco 96 or 97, when in fact it will be a glorified Mercedes GT S advert. Sometimes I wonder why we have full blown wet tyres anymore because any rain heavier than inter conditions tends to bring out the safety car anyway.

    Fingers crossed.

    1. The Pirelli full wets are one of most awful tyres ever produced in the history of motorsport, that’s why.

    2. Lets just give it a chance. Pirelli did work on their rain tyres over the winter, so maybe they will finally give them a chance to do what they are meant to do – be raced on @paeschli, @r-questionmark

  5. ColdFly F1 (@)
    25th May 2016, 11:27

    I’ll put my money on Olivier Panis then ;-)

  6. Only a fool will believe that it wont rain

  7. Hope the forecast changes by Sunday.

  8. Fingers crossed for rain!

  9. Tommy Scragend
    25th May 2016, 13:15

    If it does rain, I hope good old uncle Charlie lets them race and we don’t have to watch them trundle round behind the safety car for a dozen laps.

  10. @keithcollantine I don’t know where you get your weather info from, but to me it seems there is no chance of rain whatsoever, the whole weekend!

  11. I’ll be at the race on Sunday (my first F1 race!) and all the forecasts do indeed predict it’ll be a wet one. Fingers crossed it does rain a little and turns it into a classic, but not enough to make it a red flag borefest! Knowing my luck it’ll be the latter…

    Any tips on maximising the experience? We’ll be sat in the grandstand before Rascasse, overlooking the pit lane.

  12. I would like rain for the race!

  13. Oh yes!

    Anything can happen in the rain and it usually does.

  14. Any tips on what to wear in the wet would be appreciated. Expecting to get soaked….

    1. jimmi cynic
      26th May 2016, 8:52

      Just the usual Monte Carlo speedo. ;-)

  15. A wet Monaco could really prove interesting but if we’re expecting dodgy conditions during the race it would be nice to see it during quali as well.

    Also.. I’d love to see a changing conditions situation.. where the “when do we get on/off inters?!” tyre strategy plays a big part in the overall race.

    At any rate, here’s hoping this weekend is a good follow up to Spain.

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