2016 Monaco Grand Prix qualifying and final practice in pictures

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Pictures from qualifying and final practice for the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix.

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6 comments on “2016 Monaco Grand Prix qualifying and final practice in pictures”

  1. The question is, what will desperate Nico do to stop Dany winning Nico’s home race?
    If Nico collects Dany Hamilton is home free.

    1. Why would Rosberg off all drivers be “desperate” @9chris9?. Sure, he will be hoping he can get Ricciardo off the line on his softer tyres, but as long as he is ahead of Hamilton, the championship is going his way

  2. One more year of these refs would have been great especially as renault power seem to have caught up and Would give Ferrari and Honda another go at it. Merc dominance is definately on the decline now although it is someone else other than redbull or Ferrari’s turn at the top now.

  3. One thing i’m looking forward to next year is seeing the cars dance through the swimming pool like they used to with all that extra grip. They seem a bit tame through there compared to years past.

  4. IMO…RIC is the best driver on the grid and now he is starting to to get the machinery to match his talent..he going to cause a lot sleepless nights for the mercs and ferarri….for Seb his 2014 nightmare is about to begin again..

  5. That Sauber pic gave me an idea. They should have a smoke bomb session and have photographers set to catch the ‘aero in motion’.

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