Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Monte-Carlo, 2016

Button and Rosberg talk up Ricciardo’s chances

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In the round-up: Thursday practice pace-setter Daniel Ricciardo is in good shape for the Monaco Grand Prix according to Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button.

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Not everyone thinks Red Bull can take the fight to Mercedes today:

Mercedes toys with us every race weekend. They make it look like they have strong competition to generate self-indulgent PR before they turn up the engine mode, drain the fuel tank and then proceed to knock it out of the park on Saturday afternoon.
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With title rival Michael Schumacher sent to the back of the grid for his qualifying misdemeanour, Fernando Alonso claimed victory in Monaco.

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  • 23 comments on “Button and Rosberg talk up Ricciardo’s chances”

    1. It’s becoming increasingly obvious how clever Ferrari were blocking the engine supply to Red Bull… They’d have been put to shame, regardless of what happens in Monaco. That chassis is so good!

      1. Same for giving a current engine to Torro Rosso. Realistically Ferrari have the fourth best chassis, or fifth if McLaren are to be believed… so fourth.

      2. I actually think the opposite @fer-no65 – they are going to be overhauled this season by Red Bull anyway, now that Renault seem to have gotten their act together.

        However, they have lost the opportunity to have Red Bull in their camp for the many battles over the next few years. F1 is intensely political, and the more allies you have the better. Had they been Red Bull’s PU supplier, they could have relied on Red Bull’s votes at crucial Strategy Group and F1 Commission meetings.

        I think they have won the battle and lost the war.

        1. @tdog,@fer-no65, Yes I agree, there is not a lot of shame in being beaten by a car that is using your own engine to do it, and if it takes a Red Bull-Ferrari to beat the might of Mercedes Benz then that must be preferable, in marketing potential, to a Mercedes clean sweep and infinitely preferable to being beaten not only by Mercedes but also by Renault (Tag who ?).

      3. @fer-no65 Ferrari? What about Mercedes, RB tried to purchase Merc engines as early as 2010.

        1. @peartree Why are the team that is currently winning gonna supply anyone that can challenge them? It would have been better for Ferrari to supply the whiners. No top customer team will get Mercedes engines ever again until Mercedes pull out and/if they decide to become a supplier solely.

          1. @foreverred … Fer blamed Ferrari for what has always been a Merc RB quarrel.

      4. It’s becoming increasingly obvious how clever Ferrari were blocking the engine supply to Red Bull…

        It’s become obvious too that Niki Lauda was insane to offer a Mercedes engine to Dietrich! What a loose cannon that guy is. Great fun, but…

        1. He offered him an engine because Lauda is actually a Red Bull fanboy and a Vettel fanboy and even though Vettel left he still likes Red Bull.
          Toto has more sensible approach and stop his craziness.

    2. Omar R (@omarr-pepper)
      28th May 2016, 0:36

      A joker / wildcard helmet per season? Nah. I liked sombody else’s idea here on the blog, but it would really require every driver. So all of them defy the rule at once, and what would FIA do? Ban them all? Make them drop 5 places, which would be useless if everybody agreed to change helmets? Maybe a fine, just a drop in the ocean of money these guys handle.

      1. Ahah, tears of joy in my eyes after watching this:D

      2. Been far to long since an Aussie in a Red Bull flipped the bird :)

    3. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      28th May 2016, 2:21

      COTD is bang on.
      Happens everyw week. What’s more surprising is that we all keep falling for it.

    4. “We have given each driver one ‘joker’ which will allow them to use a different helmet design at one race, e.g. his home race.”

      Why does the FIA insist on regulating so many things that don’t even need to be regulated!

      1. Just like everything else in F1 they are trying to make [artificial] iconic helmets [/artificial]

      2. Will they extend the joker system to other rules now – Leaving the track and gaining an advantage? Delta times under the Virtual Safety car (see Friday’s GP2 feature race)? The car must have four wheels?

    5. I had no idea Ron almost signed him. I don’t like Ron but that’s always been because he’s good at his job.

    6. It’s ok, Nico, you can out qualify the Red Bulls. All you have to do is stop on the circuit just before their hot laps…

    7. There are going to be a lot of ‘Red Bull caught Mercedes’ stories this afternoon when (and if) Riciardo sets his car on for pole. However it is Monaco and this track is as unique as can be, except for the middle section it does not really require all that an F1 car can be. Red Bull can win the Monaco GP, however Mercedes will run away with all the other wins even if the Renault engine is better…

    8. Red Bull is the only team I can feasibly see beating Mercedes in the long run (read: next year). That is, if the rumors that apparently the new Renault engine is 0.5 sec/lap quicker around a normal circuit are to be believed. I simply don’t have faith in either Ferrari or McLaren anymore, 2008 feels like centuries ago.

    9. @MattB

      Nico’s incident was certainly an
      accident/planned manoeuvre

      I can’t see it happening
      Ever Again / to anyone except Lewis :)

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