2016 Monaco Grand Prix championship points

2016 Monaco Grand Prix

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Constructors’ championship

Team Total
1 Mercedes 188
2 Ferrari 121
3 Red Bull 112
4 Williams 66
5 Force India 37
6 Toro Rosso 30
7 McLaren 24
8 Haas 22
9 Renault 6
10 Sauber 0
10 Manor 0

2016 Monaco Grand Prix

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27 comments on “2016 Monaco Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Today Nico pretty underwhelmed. Good for the championship though.

    1. Wasn’t it said that he had brake issues since the beginning?
      If so, that comment is pretty uncalled for……

      1. William Jones
        29th May 2016, 16:32

        Mercedes said he had a brake problem, but nico didn’t mention it to sky after the race. He said that he was baffled by his lack of pace, said his inters were rubbish and he had no confidence in the car

        1. They confirmed after the race that both drivers had the ‘same issue’ which was they were struggling to warm their tyres up, Rosberg didn’t have a specific brake problem

    2. @eggry I don’t think it’s good for the championship. Hamilton is quicker than Rosberg, that’s pretty evident, and so it’s not good that he took his big a chunk out of his deficit already. We’re not even past race 7 of 21. Anything that helps Rosberg and prolong the battle should be welcomed from a neutral standpoint. Of course, if a neutral wants talent and skill to shine through, he or she should welcome a Hamilton WDC more, considering he’s quicker, but only in Abu Dhabi. If Hamilton is just a bit luckier than Rosberg, or not at all, then it’ll be a walk in the park by Singapore as 2014 was.

      1. I agree @atticus-2, I do think HAM making up some points to ROS probably was about time, but the amount the deficit was cut is more than I’d have liked given HAM still had had the poles when Merc had the front row. But who knows, maybe Rosberg will be back on top in Canada :)

        1. @bosyber Haha, highly unlikely, given Hamilton’s awesome record there. Given no surprise mechanical, rain or that kind of stuff (rare), Hamilton will walk away win that one which is another 7 points minimum. That’s the “surest” sure Hamilton win if all goes according to plan during the whole season. But it’s like that most of the time anyway. As I said, anything that can help Rosberg should be welcome to avoid a borefest come the end of the year.

          1. I guess RIC might still win Hungary, if VES doesn’t take that from him :p

  2. Just shows that Rosberg is not a master in wet conditions

    1. Luca Garofalo
      29th May 2016, 15:29

      In that car even a monkey would have reached the podium at least, so he must have had a problem. Otherwise they should just fire him.

    2. Just shows that Rosberg is not a master

    3. Rosberg’s mentality was evident from the start: when the safety car came in & the track went green, while Daniel was busy sodding off up the road, Rosberg was busy trying to hold up Lewis instead of watching Ricciardo on the restart.

      1. Your right and the lack of coaching has hurt him in the last 2 races

  3. Great result for the championship. Rosberg really showing how he lacks the complete skill set as compared to some of the WDCs on the grid. I think this race weekend did Lewis a lot of good mentally, I expect him to come in to one of his favourite circuits, Canada, and absolutely crush Rosberg.

    1. I’d expect him too – presuming no special technical issues for Hamilton, and that seems to be presuming an awful lot this season.

      Rosberg always reminds me of a technically sharper Massa. Can be fast, but clumsy in racing situations and the rain puts him right down the order, while Alonso, Vettel, Hamilton, Button, Perez etc. all shine, some because of their smooth style, some because of their heightened control combined with the courage to put the car on the edge (the first three).

  4. Mercedes is currently 54 points down on where they were after 6 rounds in 2015. Rosberg is down 10, Hamilton 44. How blessed is that?

    Daniel Ricciardo is 33 points up from last year, Vettel down 38 and Raikkonen? Up by one point.

    Sergio Perez is up by 12 points, Hulkenberg up by 8 points. Despite many people calling their start of this season much worse than last, they’re up by 20 points after 6 races, not too shabby if you ask me.

    Williams are down 15 points, Sauber 21 points, Renault (Lotus) down 10 points. Toro Rosso has double the points while McLaren have scored 20 points more than they did this time last year. It’s starting to look like another sparse year for Sauber, while Williams at this rate need to start looking out for Force India.

    1. Things are starting.to look normal again. Except Hamilton and Vettel not scoring their usual.

  5. Mike (@grippgoat)
    29th May 2016, 23:00

    Daniel Ricciardo is now only 40 points back. If that Red Bull really is on the pace now, we’re in for quite a championship battle for the rest of the year.

  6. The season looks a lot more promising now. The comment Rosberg made about other drivers who won the first 4 races didn’t Have Lewis Hamilton as a team mate start to look a lot more prophetic.

    Seeing where Red Bull are in Canada will tell a lot more for the championship though.

    1. Yes @philipgb, Canada will be very interesting. Red Bull have been surprisingly quick there, with their traction and braking, and they can afford to trim off some drag. Key race for Ferrari, perhaps, with our favourite chairman in the garage raising stress levels too.

      1. It will be the defining race in a sense for Red Bull. Show if they can beat atleast Ferrari on a power track…

  7. The fight for second in the Constructors’ looks like it might come down to Kimi vs Max. As things stand they’re both slower and more error-prone than their classy teammates, and the lost points, or not, could prove decisive.

    Max will improve, surely, and presumably Helmut will be telling him to turn it down from 11. Ferrari would be mad to retain Kimi for next year, but they have a long history of mad choices for their No2 driver.

    1. In the end it’s easier to turn a quick error prone racer reliable than a reliable, slow racer quick. Look at Hamilton and Vettel in their early careers, plenty of silly mistakes but they’ve been forged pretty hard over the years to include consistency in with their raw pace.

      The way Verstappen seemed to not get the note about not being able to overtake around Monaco is something to treasure as once he develops consistency into his arsenal he’ll be formidable.

      I’d say it took until 2012 until Hamilton stopped making silly errors and became a complete driver, that was 5 years before hand where he would do things that would make a fan put their head in the hands. Max is on year 2.

      1. I agree with the principle @philipgb though I think Lewis’ and Seb’s teams gained a lot of benefit from their being older. I don’t judge Max for his youthful indiscretions because he IS youthful, but I don’t predict SV/LH levels of consistency for him just yet.

        Lewis was 22 and GP2 champion and did a record 9 straight podiums. Seb was also pretty consistent from the start I think, but was unfairly labelled ‘Crash Kid’ because people had these images of his car slewing into the gravel when his brakes had failed. They have had their moments of course, but if we were able to run the numbers I’m pretty sure we’d find they’re among the most consistent.

        Kimi is on the usual upward trajectory of errors when drivers get into their mid to late 30’s, while Max is on (hopefully) a downward trajectory from quite a high starting point. In WCC terms I think both teams are at a disadvantage compared to Mercedes.

        Against each other it’s a point of interest how these sub-optimal choices pan out – how fast Max can mature and how well Kimi can hang on. They could both really do with a good Canada, but I suspect there’s nothing anybody can say to either of them that would make a difference :)

        1. @lockup

          I think crash kid came about after Turkey and Spa 2010 with some pretty sloppy overtaking attempts. 2011 though he was on another planet from everyone else.

          Hamilton in 2011 was an oddity. He was either brilliant or crashing into things but when he came back in 2012 he’d hit his stride and was pretty much flawless that season.

          1. Yes it was Whitmarsh with the ‘Crash Kid’ in Spa wasn’t it @philipgb, after Seb had cruelly taken out his beloved :). I rated Turkey a joint effort, so I reckon that label for 1.5 incidents was a bit harsh. 2014 was a downer of course but reliability affected perceptions there too I’d say.

            People go on about Lewis’ 2011 but it wasn’t that bad on the ground. He was brilliant in Germany and generally up until Monaco, then with that and the Hungary penalty he seemed to feel got at. But Singapore was the only out-and-out driving error that cost places, albeit the Brazil T1 was sad to see. Lewis gets hyped either up or down, while no-one remembers ‘Alonso throwing away the 2010 championship’ in Spa.

            Max will be doing okay if he just has one year like that. But I think however brilliant he is we have to expect his tender years to show through from time to time, so I’m predicting more incidents than Seb and Lewis. And as you say he’s a thrill to watch.

  8. It’s funny how everyone is pointing to the “complete” lack of skill Rosberg have in the rain based on a pluri-confirmed temperature issue, when in 2015 He was miles faster than Hamilton anytime they didn’t have slick on.

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