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2016 Monaco Grand Prix

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221 comments on “Rate the race: 2016 Monaco Grand Prix”

  1. The first half was quite good, but once it dried up it became an anti-climactic procession.

    1. Anticlimactic? did we watch the same race?
      Who knew those tyres would last, who knew redbull would make a mistake, who knew Sergio would make the podium, who knew Rossberg would finish 7 and what about the rain in the last few laps. I actually thought Perez may have snuck a win in here if everyone had to peel in for inters.
      The worst bit was Dany Ric missing the win after doing everything right all weekend.
      Griping and thrilling is how I’d describe it.

      1. @9chris9 Anti climatic because almost nothing changed after the dry tyre pit stops, that’s the defenition of anti-climatic, lots of question marks but nothing happened.

        1. This is the circuit that is notoriously hard to over take and the pole sitter is most likely to win, yet we had third place starter winning and 2nd place ended 7th. Don’t know about the rest but this was not the normal procession we see around this circuit.
          We’ve had umpteen smashes, carbon flying, team orders, tricky slippery conditions and balsy team strategy.
          Some are clearly hard to please.

          1. How many overtakes did you see on track among the front runners?
            This was an utterly dull race as Pennyroyal described it after the first tyre changes had happened…

        2. The same could be said of the last race (other than the lack of on-track action before *and* after the stops), but it was rated very highly too.

      2. @9chris9 The top 10 litterally did not change since lap 30 or so. Only Hulkenberg passing Rosberg on the line. That is the very thing you call anti-climatic. There was plenty of chance to be brilliant had Hamilton and Ricciardo needed another pitstop though.

        1. Yeah completely agree.
          Not really any great racing today. Just stupid errors and various mistakes.

          1. Well, as far as I am concerned the only way to measure the standards of each race
            is against the standard we’ve learned to expect every year from any given circuit.
            And, sorry to say it, but for all the media hype it gets, Monaco has an unenviable
            record of only occasionally serving up a cracking race which has tough competition
            minute by minute by minute, and all the way down the order. What Monaco mostly
            gives us is full-blown processional bore-fest. We all know that.

            And judged by these criteria today’s rain-affected race wasn’t half bad, guys, now
            was it ? There were some good fights, sustained attacks, and some utterly stupid
            ( almost laughable ) errors. All the fun of the F1 fair !

      3. @9chris9 Anyone who watched Monaco 2011, where Vettel defended against Button and Alonso in 61-laps old Super Softs (that degraded much more rapidly than todays Ultra Softs) should have known that neither Hamilton nor Ricciardo werenever going to stop. Even if their tyres were to wear down compeltely, you need at least 3 seconds per lap of advantage to overtake in Monaco, as evidenced by the first stages of the race. After it dried, the entire race was completely locked in place, there was nothing to ponder about at all.


        1. @guilherme Nobody really knew what the US would do. Knowing Pirelli it might have exploded on lap 58…

        2. Vettel would have had to stop if not for the red flag. That gifted him a free change and in doing so, Button’s otherwise ‘in-the-bag’ win. Luckily for Button Vettel ‘moved aside’ to return the favour in Canada.

          1. @selbbin That’s not the point. If Vettel would have had to pit again (something no one can say for sure) doesn’t matter, what matter is that he did 60-something laps on those tyres. I see no reason to believe why Hamilton couldn’t do 40 on tyres that degrade much more slowly than those 2011 compounds.

      4. It was the crews fault that Ric got 2nd

      5. I agree with you 100%!I feel that what all the others here are missing is that: yes its true that “there were many questions and in the end nothing happened” BUT what if we were in another circuit and ricciardo passed hamilton with a boring DRS pass after 3 or 5 laps after the pitstop or something(or even what if somehow today Ric passed Hamilton and then stared to just increase his lead till there was no fight),instead of fighting with hamilton for 30 laps??? What I am trying to say here is that of course I like seeing overtakes as everybody does but the nice thing about the overtake is the fight before it and how somebody managed to overtake or some times stay ahead and many times its really nice to see a fight like todays where the guy infront manages to stay ahead!So i totally disagree with the opinion that because after the pitstops nothing changed in the front 10(except Hulk) the race was boring or an “anti-climatic procession”,i totally believe that it was a great race where pretty much every pilot had his own strategy(something you rarely see!) and you never knew who has done the right choice and there where many fights(Ham-Ric,Per-Vet,Ros-Alo-Hul..etc)!The best part is that it made me me watch it till the end,because you knew a small error from Ham or Perez or a sudden rain could change everything!

        1. i meant i agree with @9chris9 when said “i agree with you 100%”!

          1. I agree with @leobeni 100% of his 100% agreement with @9chris9 who also agreed 100%…and I agree 100%!

      6. The tyres didn’t last for Rosberg, who had tyres since just before Hamilton, meaning that it was right on the limit whether Hamilton could’ve kept the lead or not.

    2. Yep. Feel for Ricciardo, RB made a mistake but I also think they overdid that strategy and amidst all the reliability woes, Lewis should be considered a lucky man, should had won it last year, did enough to win this year, great not to see the pole man winning but still… Conditions played a big part on results, ferrari keeps ruining their chances of sucess and finally SFI strung a nice race together sorry for Hulk but again it’s Perez out there, I truly hope they’ll reap the rewards of their work on that car.

    3. Just a couple of general question for those with the evidently common opinion that this race had too little passing/action:

      Are you all aware that they were racing at Monaco this weekend? And have you guys ever seen a car race at this track before?

      1. @jcage +1
        I am wondering the same too.
        Everyone knows it’s a procession, The drivers have even been mentioning it in almost every interview every year.
        Oh well rubbish race unless there is overtaking all the way to the end on a circuit not known for its over taking.

        1. Been living there 12 years. So yes, knows it well.
          Was it an ‘OK’ race for Monaco standards, yes.
          Because it is usually a dull processional race when its in the sunny dry, does it then score a 9/10 because there are some speculations about if leading driver’s tires will last to the end? No.
          The start behind safety car took away one of the major points of any GP. And why did it stay out that long…
          And only exciting change of order came through a single botched pitstop for a poor fellow.
          For me its therefore a 6/10. If giving 8, 9 or 10, what would you then have left for truly exciting and outstanding F1 races?
          In recent times, think about e.g.:
          2010 Canadian Grand Prix?
          2008 Brazil?
          2011 Chinese GP?
          2011 Canada?
          2012 Brazil?

  2. Awesome & stunning
    Fantastic result, feel sorry for Dany though.
    Great race 10/10

    1. jimmi cynic
      30th May 2016, 9:43

      Agree. 10/10. Monaco. Aramco. Rain. Aramco. Well done to all in the top 10. Especially Lewis, Dany & Perez.

      Altho, how did Bieber get past security? It’s one thing to have a president-for-life and photo-op-master-of-the-world crash the podium, but some 3rd rate popstar? ;-)

      1. Thought the Bieper boy was part of Hamilton’s personally invited entourage? ;o)

  3. Is any tyre degradation?? 45 (I believe) laps on ultra soft??!? Ok…

    1. @yes-master my feelings as well… they were supposed to be ultra sticky, almost qualy tyres. Yet they lasted more than half the GP…

      1. Cold temperature and the rain keeps the tyre degradation to an almost minimum!
        They drive with slower with less hard braking possible up to the turn, lower speed through the turns and accelerates slower out. And when the rubber is wet, it cools non-stop because of the thermic energy loss from evaporation.

    2. My guess is the temperature helped a lot in not taking out too much of the tyres life. It could have been different it been sunny hot all race.

      1. *had it been sunny

    3. As mentioned by others, the temperature/damp track helped make them last. But also look at how much pace Hamilton had in hand, frequently adding a second to the gap when needed. Lewis was being VERY delicate with them.

    4. @yes-master @fer-no65, another reason to like a wet/damp track, apparently in these conditions the drivers have to worry less about tyre degradation whilst following another car, it really would have been a bore-fest if they had to drop back to a 2 second gap.

    5. I think you are underestmating howuch Lewis was driving within himself to not wear out his tyres. He could have pulled a much larger gap to Ric. But he has become the master a leading just enough but not destroying his tyres

  4. 9/10. Fantastic race. -1 for Redbull.

  5. First half was 8/10, although I’d give the dry half a 2/10. Therefore, 5/10

    1. Jorne (@jornematton)
      29th May 2016, 15:06

      same here

      1. Thought exactly the same too.

        1. Opinions of different people are amazing. I loved this race. Each to their own and confirmation there can never be a perfect race as everyone quite rightfully view things differently. The people who did not like this race can you give an example of your favourite F1 races? I probably agree with them as well as many races have been dull over the years.

          1. Agreed @markp This was probably the best Monaco GP we’ve seen in a while and people are complaining just becauuse the track dried out very quickly. Just because of that it didn’t meant that it became boring. I was watching until the very end just if Hamilton ran out of tyres and Ricciardo could pass him. Fopr me, it was the best race of the season.

          2. +1

          3. Maybe because you have not been around long enough to have experienced a truly great Monaco race?
            Like how many times did you see any of the front runners overtake each other on the track today?
            Hmm. Or how many times did you see the racing among the frontrunners become so tight that they stressed out/committed errors on track? Hmm.
            For great Monaco racing/drama, review if you can e.g. 1984. Actually that and following 10 years had some truly great races in Monaco, with Senna, Prost, Mansell and Schumacher in leading roles. And before that 10-year period we also occasionally had a racing car going off track into the water!
            Also the 1996 race was spectacular in terms of drama and suspense. Schumacher took pole, crashed on first lap after been overtaken by Damon Hill ! Hill’s engine expired in the tunnel several laps later. Jean Alesi took the lead but suffered suspension failure some laps later. Olivier Panis, who started in 14th place, moved into the lead and stayed there until the end of the race! All while intensely chased by David Coulthard. And behind them it was also extreme: Only three cars crossed the finish line !! (seven were classified)
            So was today’s Monaco race great or a 10/10? Far from it in my book.

          4. @Cyber
            Well I’ve been watching since then early 80’s.
            Really doesn’t matter how long you’ve been watching though.
            Different rules, different cars, even a different track layout back then.
            A rerun of a race from 40 years ago today does not make it a great race today. It was a great race for what ever reasons back then and today’s was a great race from what happened this weekend too. Shame you didn’t enjoy today’s race. The sky raceing driver commentators clearly enjoyed it as did I.

          5. @Cyber While I accept your point, there are multiple ways you can view a race. Take your description of ’96. You could argue it was rubbish as all the main competitors were taken out by driver error or mechanical failure, and that once the eventual race winner got in the lead there were no more changes. As for Coulthard chasing him down, it promised a battle but didn’t deliver. Only three cars? I know Monaco is short, but not short enough to make just 3 cars exciting.

            That’s not my genuine opinion of that race, but just an example of – as dear Old Ben says – it’s “true, from a certain point of view.”

            Personally, I found the race today nail-biting. No one knew how long the US would last, or if DR would be able to make a move that stuck. Watching for all those laps not knowing the outcome is what made it great for me, not whether or not the changed places in the end. After all, if we always got a place change in those situations, we’d know that was always going to happen and it would be just as boring.

          6. I take all your remarks as well meant and do agree that races from different ages cannot be compared 1:1.
            Too bad I do not have Sky Sport myself. It appear their commentators were able to stir up some good excitement!

  6. I really don’t know how to rate this race. In the end it was rather boring. It looked good when I thought Hamilton and Ricciardo were going to pit again after their SS and US runs but that never happened. After the pitstops for dries I didn’t see any actual overtaking and that killed the race. Sure gaps varied but that was mostly due to saving and others flooring it. I’m already looking at the WRX (semi-) finals and it’s already more intense than the F1 race was…

  7. The first half was excellent, but after lap 42 or so nothing happened (apart from the Saubers crashing into each other).

  8. A brilliant race, almost from start to finish. It had everything, and the strategies were so different that you could not tell who got it right until the very end.

    Sadly the Safety Car stayed on track for too long, and the constant VSC periods kinda stopped action right at the best moments every time.

    I’m super furious with Red Bull tho. Daniel had this one in the bag, even with that pit stop mistake he came out the pits right behind Hamilton. I’m really disappointed… he was the best one out there all weekend, so it’s kinda unfair he finished second. But kudos to Lewis, he was so fast when it mattered and it was a tactial win by Mercedes in the end, by switching from wets to slicks.

    1. Guccio (@concalvez00)
      29th May 2016, 15:40

      @Fer no.65 Actually Hamilton made the call..

  9. Daniel (@mechanicalgrip22)
    29th May 2016, 15:04

    8/10 Great race, just sad to see a poor pitstop take the race from Danny, he deserved the win.

  10. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    29th May 2016, 15:05

    Ricciardo deserved this so much. Brilliant all weekend and to be undone by that pitstop…

    I’m so hurt for him, really.

  11. Think Rosberg fell asleep at the end..is that the first time in modern f1 a driver has forgotten at the end and gotten overtaken on the finish line? whaty was it 2 tenths? lol

    1. The track was getting wetter all the time the last un-lapped cars limped to the finishing line

    2. Brittany was doing his make-up in the mirror, didn’t notice the Hulk about to smash!

      1. I think Brittany had her eye on Justine Bieber in the crowd and just lost focus.

      2. I think Brittany had her eye on Justin Bieber in the crowd and just lost focus.

    3. I don’t think he fell asleep it just looked like he had no grip. Hulkenberg almost passed Rosberg on the exit of Rascasse into Noghes before he completely out drove him down the s/f straight.

      1. No he definitely fell a little asleep because he didn’t even take the racing line, he probably thought it was over before it was over. If he loses the championship for 2 points he will be hitting his head in the wall.

    4. Matija (@matijaleader)
      29th May 2016, 17:27

      In canada 2011 felipe overtook kobayashi i think, on the start/finish line

  12. Disappointing. This again proves that a Monaco GP can only be interesting when it rains. If not, absolutely nothing happens.

  13. Was edge-of-the-seat stuff for a lot of the race. But that was largely due to speculations about tyre degradation in the second half, and it was a damp squib to start the race with the safety car. Very enjoyable. 8/10. Might have been higher if the Bieb wasn’t there at the end upstaging royalty.

    1. Well said 2scalextric, and that is also my score.

    2. Why shouldn’t Justin Bieber upstage royalty @scalextric? At least he’s done something, even if it’s only pop or whatever.

      1. @lockup I’d rather he hadn’t bothered

      2. @lockup I agree. I think there’s a lot more to criticize in my comment. Let’s see. Technically he was downstage, not upstage. I’m not a fan of monarchies, and my comment implied I was. I shouldn’t pay attention to the peripheral garbage when rating a race. I’ll do better next comment. Maybe!

  14. So its not Ferrari after all Redbull also gave up when push comes to shove.
    Great first half ok second half 7/10

  15. Would have been 9/10, but Bieber in parc ferme means I have to give 8/10

  16. The first half was fine but the latter half was the standard racing we see most on that rubbish track.

  17. Outstanding race, literally had me on the edge of my seat throughout!

  18. Seriously… Daniel should be mad at Red Bull. They lost at around 7 seconds. Had they had a normal pit stop, he would have come out ahead. The fault for RIC’s race was RB ruining his pit stop. Pretty much a 8 or 7

    1. @krichelle Wow! You should be a race analyst!

  19. 9/10. -1 for Dany Richard.

    1. Who?

      1. Seriously @jules-winfield @akshay-it you guys and also some others really crack me up :-D

  20. What an achievement for RBR – they’ve finally managed to stop Dany smiling.

    1. Someone should be sacked for that. Absolutely unforgivable.

  21. I’ll give this a 7/10, for me, poor Ric, if it wasn’t for his mechanics not readying the tyres and nearly getting taken out by Ham midway through the race he probably should’ve won. Great podium for Perez too and some great drives by the McHonda boys and Sainz.

    1. Nearly taken out by ham? He’s just lucky he wasn’t up against Nico.

    2. http://imgur.com/m7FSTF3 You were saying? Stop seeing what you want to see the gap never closed.

    3. Unlike a certain someone at least Lewis left him a cars width.

  22. 7/10 quite a decent race for Monaco. Ricciardo is having more than his share of bad luck though. Incomprehensible slow pace from Rosberg and a magnificient drive from Alonso. Verstappen has still to show an ability not to crash in Monaco. And rubbish moves from Ericsson and Kvyat.
    -1 for the indestructible Pirelli tyres. 40 laps on the ultrasofts is just a joke. I’m sure it could have lasted another 20 laps, a real shame.

    1. It was the tyres lasting that allowed the close racing, think!

  23. One of the best races I’ve ever watched, for once this season it went well for Lewis.

    1. @abdelilah Would it have been if Rosberg and Lewis’s positions were switched?

      1. @mashiat to be honest with you NO, this race is rated 10 IMO.

  24. Really enjoyed that race, for a long time we didn’t know who was going to win since Lewis and Ricciardos tyres both could’ve dropped off at any time, plus some mega driving by Lewis staying on the full wet tyres going from them to Slicks was impressive, most enjoyable Monaco GP for a long time

  25. Great race 9/10
    But its official now, grass or wall, you dont need to leavea the space…

    1. There was enough space to make the pass the gap never closed to less than a cars width hence “no further action”

      1. Edit: It does look like the gap closes nearly enough to be a full block, but the stewards have access to all the data they need.

    2. http://imgur.com/m7FSTF3

      Yep, really squeezed him into the wall there.

  26. ColdFly F1 (@)
    29th May 2016, 15:15

    For me it’s a combination of likes and dislikes in this race. Ended up with a 6/10 for me.

    Hated staying too long behind SC; liked the different strategies being tried; but the end it did not really work out. The US was not really faster, but lasted most of the race.
    A bit of rain at the end would have helped; we might have seen more Nico’s overtaking Nico’s.

  27. Uzair Syed (@ultimateuzair)
    29th May 2016, 15:17

    7/10. Red Bull were pathetic. Ricciardo really deserved that win the most.

  28. 8.5/10 Grand Prix.

    I feel sorry for Ricciardo but Hamilton deserved the win in Monaco after all the mishaps the last two years in Monaco (team strategy faults).

  29. Very tense, won and lost by teamwork, strategy calls and driving.

    Won with 47 tyre-whispering laps on ultrasofts, delightful dink to make Danny think the space was going to disappear, error-free. Great weekend by Danny, very unlucky. Great race and strategy by Checo and FI. Honourable mention for Fernando too.

    10/10, I can’t remember a better one at this ridiculous racetrack.

    1. That’s how I see it also. If you pause at the right moment you can see the gap alothough very small is not smaller than a cars width which is probably why they couldn’t give a penalty. Can understand dani’s frustration though as Hamilton was recovering but the same could be said for rosberg two weeks ago and most agreed it wasn’t rosberg (or hams) fault.

      1. Quick, lets edit history before anyone notices.

  30. Wow, sincerely the best Monaco GP I’ve ver seen. For those who said that was dull fro half until the end… I was on the edge of my watching for Ricciardo. Feel very bad for him, this was his race. Also congrats to Perez and Hamilton. And not to mention that the Hamilton-Ricciardo battle was the best in a long, long time.

  31. Wow, sincerely the best Monaco GP I’ve ever seen. For those who said that was dull fro half until the end… I was on the edge of my watching for Ricciardo. Feel very bad for him, this was his race. Also congrats to Perez and Hamilton. And not to mention that the Hamilton-Ricciardo battle was the best in a long, long time.

  32. 8/10 good race.

    Nice to see some proper racing the past 2 races where we get to see a good old fashioned long scrap for position that builds tension & excitement rather than the DRS/Tyre related nonsense of the past few seasons.

    That sort of long building, tension filled racing is what i’d like to see more of, Yes fine both at Barcelona & today it didn’t result in any eventual overtake for the lead/win but so what, Its the racing & the tension, excitement & skill that matters more IMO. Having a race like this where there is always a possibility that something could happen & where we see Ricciardo today have a couple go’s & trying to make something happen…. Thats the sort of unpredictability & exciting racing that I have always loved watching. Its what got me hooked & has kept me hooked for 30 something years.

    1. Yeah, did anyone miss DRS?

      1. Nope @jureo

        @gt-racer my heart was pounding with the tension.

        I’m going to keep praying that we can stumble upon some regulations that allow cars to follow closely without losing significant performance so that we can get rid if DRS

    2. @gt-racer, agree, it seems the cold and damp allowed the drivers to keep in close company without having to worry so much about tyre management, wish it could be the same in all conditions.

      1. Sprinklers, he will say!

        There is nothing terribly bad about racing when a fast car is stuck close behind faster one.

        Just reminds me of how much DRS takes from racing in general.

  33. A bit surprised by the high scores, 4/10 for me. For the “Jewel” race of F1 this was amateur hour. SC start ruined the excitement of a wet Monaco, Red Bull threw Ric’s race away with one of the worst pit stops I’ve ever seen, massive disappointment from the ultra soft, Kvyat Kvyatting, the Sauber’s making fools of themselves, Rosberg forgetting where the finish line is, and just all around general sloppiness from everyone involved.

    A few bright spots (Alonso), but ultimately an average race in terms of action made worse by the laughable mess of errors.

  34. Mark (@marlarkey)
    29th May 2016, 15:24


  35. Michal (@michal2009b)
    29th May 2016, 15:24

    7.5/10. Very entertaining first half of the race with many on-track and pit-stop action along with different approaches what to do. However it all become quiet in the second half so it’s a shame that rain hadn’t fallen a few minutes earlier.

    It’s pretty good this year, we have seen a classic in Spain, and a lot of decent races in Australia, Bahrain, China and now in Monaco, even though I wasn’t a big fan of those two Asian races featuring tons of boring and inevitable passes. Anyway in that form Canada should be tasty :)

  36. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
    29th May 2016, 15:27


    Was something which would be unbelievable, but wouldn’t. Dammit.

  37. If not for some amateurish moves (eg. Sauber, Renault…), I’d vote 10.

  38. 5/10. I might have gone up to a 7 but the US broadcast had so many commercials it was hard to get into the race. I can’t remember a race where there seemed to be as many commercial breaks and at critical times too like when Hamilton switched to dry tires.

  39. Gee, maybe I’ll be able to rate the race when NBCSN decides to show the race in my area. Ugggh, F1 needs a subscription channel in the US and everywhere else the coverage sucks. Topping it all off, they cut in on lap 78, yes lap 78, at approximately, 9:56-59 EST and then preceded showing whom has won and the post race interviews.

    I guess at 10:30am EST, I’ll get to actually see what happened. NBCSN, ruining F1 coverage for in the US for it’s fans, race by race. Good job NBCSN, good job.

    1. @jabosha The race was on NBC. I think Montreal is also on NBC

      1. Thanks. I’m such a loser then. I missed all adverts on this. My bad, move along, these aren’t the droids I’m looking for.

        1. Don’t worry – you didn’t loose much.
          Due to the bad weather, not many scantily dressed hot chicks on the balcony’s or the boats. ;o)

  40. Gave it a 9, raindrops on the last couple of laps made it a nail biter to the end.
    @Oh, he’s back ! :)

  41. Second half of the race was a little boring but the first half was vintage F1. Very memorable scrap between Hamilton and Ricciardo. For Monaco this was as good as it gets. 9/10

  42. Sviatoslav (@)
    29th May 2016, 15:42

    Why do I always hate Monaco (as a Formula 1 fan)? Because you have to be 4-seconds per lap faster than your rival in front in order to overtake him! This is not racing, this is boring.
    6 points because it was more or less interesting on the start.
    Hulk was not lucky with the pit-call, too early, another podium slipped from him (Fernly on Sky have just acknowledged this).
    Ricciardo was not lucky with the pit-stop; the team made a very stupid mistake and lost another win for the Australian.
    Congrats to Force India, they got many points.

  43. 9/10
    Would give 10 if someone else won!

  44. Finally an exciting race. Changes of places (in Monaco nonetheless!) lots of pit stops, drama, shunts… Let’s hope it keeps up in Canada!

    1. @win7golf What places changed after the pitstops? They drove 40 laps straight in the same order.

      1. Perez overtook Vettel at the stop and stayed there.

        As Vettel said, Ferrari have more work to do. You bet.

  45. Very good race for Monaco, the only disappointing things were Ricciardo’s strategy and the ultrasoft tire, but apart from that it was a very interesting race in an epic F1 season.

  46. I give this race a 0. And only because Justin Bieber was at the podium. Why was he there? What is wrong with the world?

    I cannot express how pathetic I find that. The only thing more pathetic is the way Hamilton’s pants get humid as he sees a “star”. Breaking his celebration just to offer (what he hopes will become) his friend some champagne. That ruined what for me was a pretty exiting race.

    1. You’re rating the competition because of something that happened at the award ceremony?

      1. @npf1 Ah, a valid question. Please visit the ‘rate the race’-topic of the Russian GP for a full exaplanation.

      2. I was only using it as a metaphor to express my frustration. But don’t worry (if you were at all), I didn’t actually vote, so it won’t influence the statistic.

        The race was actually surprisingly good, albeit a tad frustrating. Great show by Verstappen. He is proving both you can, and can’t overtake at Monaco.

    2. @vvans as much as I am a Hamilton fan and consider him a brilliant driver, I could not agree with you more. It was pathetic.

  47. Gave it a 9…

    Hardly could get better.. Except it could.

    1. Why was safety car start so long? They could have done a spectacular wet race start. But ok, maybe just do 3 laps of SC. No more was needed.

    That is about it. Last race Max “lucked” in to a win, same thing here. Once in position, Lewis did a Nico and nearly drove Riciardo in to a wall. Good for him.

    No way Ric was gonna get past. Highlight for me was Nico letting Lewis past and taking fight to RBR. I did not know Mercedes had in them to sacrifice a driver in fight for win. But they did and won.

    Just like last race with Riciardo, teams are now competive to the point of throwing their front running driver under the bus if need be.

    Monaco could hardly be more exciting.

      1. But Riciardo did show in situation like this, crash is avoidable.

        1. I politely disagree the speed differences and reaction times/ commitment levels are vastly different in the two situations. I don’t believe they are comparable incidents.

  48. 8/10 for me. A very good race, suspenseful, but with all of the talk of 1984, 1996 and 1997, I can’t help but think the drivers could have been released much, much sooner than lap 7. Then we had some absolutely amateur moves by Palmer, the Saubers, Raikkonen and Verstappen. Ultimately, Monaco both caused an interesting race, yet one where you instinctively knew that passes like Vettel on Perez just weren’t gonna happen that late in the race.

    I’m amazed at all the negative reaction to Justin Bieber, though. If you’re so offended by celebrity culture, have you considered not giving them what they crave; attention? His marketing people are going to see that his name was dropped significantly more at the end of the race and will only conclude that any publicity is good publicity..

    1. Why are you amazed? That kid has been in and out of trouble including driving under the influence (alcohol, weed and prescription drugs), driving without a license and dangerous driving. Is that the image you want the FIA and F1 to promote?
      And then to see a world champion (the one who was filmed doing doughnuts in a Merc SUV on a crowded street) hug him and give him champagne? It should be seen as a disgrace to our sport.

  49. I voted the race 9/10

    What I liked:
    1. Monaco gives the feeling of a race where cars are supposed to be running around in queue. But that is not often the case. Even if there is less overtaking, one can never discount the quality of races this venue produces. The changing weather brought the element of uncertainty and gave a memorable race.
    2. Lewis Hamilton is back. He has cut down massively on the championship lead and it is game on. I liked the way he drove this race, the way he extended the full wet weather tyres, before putting on the ultrasoft and then taking the tyre and the car all the way to the chequered flag. It was good to see him happy at the podium. If he is happy, he will win races.
    3. Daniel Ricciardo did a fantastic job, and was unluckly to finish second. He is right when he said that he drove well on all three tyres. The car was fantastic and Renault updates have come in at the right time. But Ricciardo now has to keep his head down and not get the end result last couple of races affect his performance.
    4. Sergio Perez is always there when it matters. He has shown on many occasions that he had great feel for the tyres and can adapt to changing conditions as well. His team made the correct strategic call today and he backed it with a podium finish.
    5. Team Mercedes kept their head and took a correct strategy call even when Lewis was losing massive lap times on then wet tyres. They recognised the faster driver and gave him a best possible strategy.
    6. Mclaren were a bit fortunate with retirements. But that does not discredit in any way Fernando Alonso drove. He kept a much faster car behind him for considerable part of the race.

    What I did not like:
    1. Red Bull should have been ready for Daniel Ricciardo. That’s not how a former constructors champion should act in a close race.
    2. Ferrari seems lost. Come on, Ferrari…you have the resources…build a proper chasis.
    3. Max Verstappen has to take it easy in Monaco. That will come with experience, of course. He had the car today to show his racecraft.
    4. Nico Rosberg held Lewis Hamilton for several laps. This cost Lewis lots of time at the beginning part of the race. Rosberg also could not make a clean pass on the Mclaren. I guess if he did let Lewis go earlier, then a perfect Red Bull pit may not have mattered.
    5. Some would say Daniil Kvyat was unfortunate at the start of the race. But, he should have realized it is Monaco where one has to keep his head down and try to bring the car to end of the race. He is justifying his demotion with his driving and his attitude.

    This is my first comment on F1Fanatic.

    1. @pinakghosh with so much incident it will be interesting to see how the many drivers an teams respond in the next few races

    2. Great comment and welcome to F1 Fanatic. I scored the race the same way.

    3. @pinakghosh, Yes, welcome, always good to have intelligent thoughtful comments, whether we agree with them or not.

    4. @pinakghosh Welcome! Thanks for an excellent contribution.

    5. Thank you all for your reply.

  50. 8/10
    Very exciting race.

  51. 5/10. I hate the track, because overtaking is way too hard and it will get worse next year with the wider cars. It was entertaining but for me Monaco GP remains a show-run.

  52. It was a very good race over the usual processional race Monaco is and gave it 8 out of 10, but lets not forget that unnecessarily in my the view the race spent the first 6/7 laps under the safety car – can someone remind why we have wet tyres again? Pretty cracking race after that. wunderkid smashes out, Perez from 8th to 3th go man, end of the racefailed to live up to expectations as everyone sat in position apart from Hulk getting past Rosberg.

    1. @wombat1m Everytime the start a race being the safety car in wet conditions they seem to be extremely overly cautious, it’s so frustrating grrrrrrr

    2. Didn’t I see (or hear) that Button for one was passed in the dry phase ? Just because it wasn’t the top 4 doesn’t mean it didn’t happen at all.

  53. The season has been good so far and this is the best Monaco GP for a while, 8/10. Some of the opinions i seen here tho are basically saying it was good until Mercedes won.

  54. What’s up with all these newbies wanting hundreds of overtakes at the Monaco grand prix and when it doesn’t happen it’s boring? I really don’t understand people describing this races as a borefest and such.

    For me it was a proper 8.

    1. You see what Bernie has to put up with !?

  55. 4/10. Slightly interesting for the wrong reasons (RB screw RIC, VES crash). The fact ROS, in a much superior racecraft, is unable to overtake a average car is why I call this “race” the Monaco Grand Parade. And no, it isn’t a reflection of Rosberg inability to overtake…

  56. Voted 9. Excellent race. Many great races this season. No need for much tinkering at all. Except that’s exactly what they’re doing as usual? Will they ever learn?

  57. 9/10 An exiting and fun race to watch but they should have gone with an normal start and Pirelli is as always screwing up. The best strategy is always stretching out the softest tyre which last about 300-400% as long as predicted by Pirelli.

    1. @rethla, but you should thank the fact that the tyres had similar performance and weren’t suffering from overheating for that 9/10 score as they allowed the drivers to follow closely. Would you really have preferred the cars all 2 seconds apart and all position changes due to pit stops ?

      1. @hohum Yeh thankfully the tyres didnt overheat on the track that is softest to the tyres of them all and in the wet.. Everyone had problems getting the temps up however, it took maybe 5 laps to do so. I feel like nothing of that was planned by Pirelli however.

        1. @rethla, fair point.

  58. Solid 8, great race by Checo!!

  59. RB screwed Dani again! What a joke he has every right to be angry and say it publicly, that was his race. He built up such a lead that even after the pit screwup he almost made first. He would have surely had it if they did it right.

    Nonsense from the team!

    1. The team also put together the car that gave him P2, Ricciardo should only be thankful for the team.

      1. Your a bright one

  60. It was a good race
    For Monaco

  61. Definitely more exciting and unpredictable than last year’s race. The only minus was the ”usual” lack of overtaking, but still better than what this circuit usually offers.

    1. Why do we need overtaking all the time? Doesn’t it make the successful passes at Monaco more memorable when they occur?

      It’s just a unique race that gives a real sense of speed… not every one needs to have loads of ‘overtakes’. No one mentioned DRS the whole weekend, which was an absolute blessing.

      1. I agree@john-h quality over quantity in my opinion

  62. to many stupid mistakes and VSC periods for my tast. Monaco has always been a mediocre race at a spectacular location in my opinion. this was another race like that.

  63. Boring start under safety car, Boring Rosberg going far too slowly, only a RBR cockup in the pits made it somewhat interesting, even the crashes were boring silly mistakes from RAI, PAL, VES, MAG a car problem for KYV, and NAS and ERI being divs. F1 has outgrown Monaco in its current iteration, and the wider cars next year will only make it worse

  64. Great race

  65. Not the worst Monaco GP I’ve seen but really nothing special.
    Had the potential to become a classic but didn’t deliver. A weak 4.

  66. 8 – 3 = 5.
    Eight for the race, minus 3 for how long it took the ridiculous safety car to get off the track. Really I think unless it’s torrential rain, and therefore a delayed/aborted race, it should be starting off the grid. But even accepting a few spins round the track to clear a race channel, the SC always seems to be out for far, far too long. As indicated by the drivers almost immediately switching to inters.

    1. Agree @davidbr that the safety car start should only be used in exceptional circumstances, and today wasn’t one of them. Imagine how electric a start in those conditions could have been. I reckon there may have been a fair bit of shuffling of positions on the first lap

  67. 9/10 not 10 cause ultrasoft didn’t cliff ever and HAM cut the chicane then didn’t leave the room and FIA didn’t care.

    1. I’m with the FIA on that one. That wasn’t a completely clean move by Hamilton, but not enough so to justify a penalty.

  68. Neil (@neilosjames)
    29th May 2016, 17:35

    Rainy part was awesome, there was constant suspense all the way to the end, even when it was ‘dry’. I never quite knew who would finish where, whether each driver’s tyres would last, whether it might rain again, whether someone would make a silly error and one of those little lockups would become a proper shunt. Then we had six different cars finishing in the top six positions, with supposedly slower cars more than matching the quicker ones.

    Race had everything apart from drive-by DRS overtakes, so it’s a 10 from me.

    1. Neil (@neilosjames)
      29th May 2016, 17:36

      Sorry, five in the top five. Brain-fade moment.

  69. Really good race for Monaco standards (and the fact that they were driving in Monaco is an inherent plus). Unfortunately, the last 25 laps or so weren’t quite so entertaining, apart from the Clash of the Saubers and some aspects of the final lap.
    Once it became clear that tyre wear wasn’t going to be a factor (except for Rosberg on the final lap; when it rains, it pours), and that Ricciardo’s only chance of attacking Hamilton was a prolonged neutralisation of the race, it felt like the race result was set in stone.

    In fact, looking at the data, only three major events took place after the final round of pit stops:
    – Massa overtook Gutiérrez for P10 (I can’t remember seeing that)
    – the Saubers collided
    – Hülkenberg caught Rosberg before the finish line

    Additionally, there was that little incident between Hamilton and Ricciardo between the Nouvelle Chicane and Virage du Tabac. Hamilton’s defensive move being rather reminiscent of his team mate’s in Barcelona.

    I’d say it was an 8.

  70. Before crashing, Verstappen showed that overtaking is possible in Monaco.

    Lewis said it yesterday after Quali… The Ultrasofts are still to hard to do something with strategy. fortunately for him, the rain-gods had some tracks left :)

  71. Reassuring to see everyone’s golden boy repeatedly throw it in the wall this weekend, whilst his genuinely world-class teammate showed him up with a most impressive qualifying and race performance. At a track that rewards drive skill above all other, especially in inclement conditions, Hamilton and Riccardio stole the show. Excellent result for the Force Indias, too. Delightful result all round (except for Rosberg).

    1. you forget the fact that he is in the car for about 3 weeks, for sure his teammate is more comfortable in the car than him at the moment.. hitting the barriers 3 times in 1 weekend is way to much.

      Before crashing he absolutely showed the pace was good and overtook a lot of cars.

  72. Just got back to the hotel after attending the race.

    I’ve read a lot of people complain about the safety car start, but I can assure you that the track was absolutely sodden. The Renault 3.5 race was red flagged and ended early following multiple crashes and there was then another torrential downpour. Honestly thought the F1 wasn’t going to happen at one point.

    Once it did get going Rosberg was visibly struggling compared to everyone else. This was highlighted by Hamilton being all over him and Ricciardo storming off. He looked like he was nowhere today. Also had no idea he finished 7th until now, but poor stuff from a guy in his home race in arguably the best car of the lot.

    Perez looked strong all day long and fully deserved the podium. He was never under threat from Vettel even once the track dried.

    Ferrari’s engine is the loudest, closesly followed by the Honda. The upgraded Renault sounds amazingly pure and I honestly think Red Bull will be there challenging Merc for the win in Canada. The don’t think the Merc engine sounds the best, but it does sound like it has the most going on technically.

    Great day out overall… Felt like a good Monaco race compared to years gone by, and forget Verstappen for a couple years, Ricciardo is the one to watch for now.

    1. How did the crowd react to Red Bull messing Ricciardo up and Hamilton getting by? Cheers or boos or nothing?

      1. The section I was in must have been full of Hamilton fans as there was a lot of cheering once Ricciardo had come out behind… And a lot of ‘oooooh’ing while he was stuck in the pits. We were sat after the swimming pool section just where Verstappen crashed in quali, with a clear view of the pits so we lierally saw it all unfold.

        I’m guessing Hamilton’s outlap must have been really slow compared to Ricciardo’s inlap because it was still a really close thing despite the Red Bull crew screwing it up. I did miss that aspect of the TV coverage because the live commentary couldn’t keep up with the action at times.

        We could see the clouds coming over the mountains towards the end and I honestly thought it might bring about another pit stop, but it was literally right after the race finished that the heavens opened. Just after we’d dried out following the morning’s downpours. Crazy stuff. Great atmosphere. Would recommend it fully.

        1. Sounds like an amazing experience @sparkyamg glad you had a great time. Me and my wife have the ambition of going in the not too distant future. It’s silverstone for us this year. I hope it delivers, we, as fans certainly will :-)

          1. Mark G (@)
            30th May 2016, 7:08

            @3dom you should definitely do it!

            We stayed in Nice relatively inexpensively and got the train to Monaco. I was a bit apprehensive at first having never been to France as an adult but the whole experience couldn’t have gone any more smoothly!

            The atmosphere in Monaco is incredible. We walked the pits on Friday, grabbed a drink then walked the track. You’ll love it as a fan!

          2. Thanks @sparkyamg you’ve inspired us, we’ll definitely try to get ourselves there soon :-D

            (sorry for the late reply)

    2. what did i miss? … Formula V8 3.5 at the Monaco circuit?

      1. Mark G (@)
        30th May 2016, 7:03

        Interesting… Just done a bit of research because it was billed as ‘Formula Renault 3.5’ in our programme and on multiple online programme, but it was actually the Eurocup Renault 2.0 series.

        Having never followed either, and admittedly being more focused on finding the umbrella we’d lost, I was none the wiser!

        1. @sparkyamg Really? The change was announced months ago so I’m surprised they hadn’t got it right.

          1. @keithcollantine I had no idea the change was announced that long ago… We received our tickets and race weekend information towards the end of March 2016 so you’d have expected them to get it right at that point!

            The title in your article was spot on… “Expect Carnage”

  73. Great race. Should fend the many Monaco naysayers away for a year or so.

  74. 9 for me. Had a bit of everything although I do feel sorry for Ricciardo losing like that. It didn’t quite get a 10 because of the quiet spells.

    Just goes to show that tension is just as entertaining as overtakes.

  75. An entertaining and intriguing race. Disappointed for Ricciardo losing out on a silly pit error (Hamilton must have had a lot of trouble switching on those ultra-softs to only just pip him on pit exit) but Hamilton drove a good race once he was let past Rosberg (something I’m surprised they did, seeing as they tend not to use team orders).

    What Rosberg was up to was confusing. He’s never been that good in the wet, but he also never found any pace to hassle anyone when the track dried and slipped backwards in the pit stops. Perez put in a great drive to quietly claim 3rd, Vettel stayed out of trouble but didn’t achieve anything while Alonso did well to get 5th.

    Kvyat and Erisson are both up for ‘numpty of the race’ because they were both overly ambitious into Rascasse. I suppose Kvyat deserves it more, seeing as he was a lap down on Magnussen.

    This could be the turning point of the season.

  76. Joao Pitol (@)
    29th May 2016, 21:02

    VSC sometimes is boring like hell, getting everone on same page with a real SC is not bad for once in a race.

  77. It’s sad to read all these comments about ‘first half was great, but second half was a damp squib’. It really reflects on what the general population expect of a car race: a good race = raw on-track passes.

    I was on the edge of my seat the whole race, The first half was a strategists nightmare, and the second half was raw racing as it used to be. Fighting an F1 car on various levels of adhesion every lap.

    I struggle to understand how watching that (albeit on a screen, but it is HD!) would come across as dull at any rate. I’m sorry, but if anyone thought that to be a dull race, they probably have a hard time enjoying anything of any real meaning for more than 50mins.

    It’s a technical sport battling various areas of physics and psychology against your competitors. With the great information broadcasters give us nowadays, it’s sad that most of those who watch F1 still seem so shallow.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more.

    2. I agree but i think alot of like minded people quit when DRS came in. I know i nearly did.

  78. Can’t beat a drying track at Monaco. Great driving and tactical skills on display, as well as some pretty dumb ones. What’s the point making a smart tyre choice in qualifying if you then make the choice of no tyres in the race?!

    All part of a great day’s racing, along with the amazing finishes at Indy and the Nürburgring.
    I really like the Virtual Safety Car – it gets the race back on quickly, avoids the fake closing-up of the field (which admittedly plays a big part in the Indy 500) and there’s none of that tedious unlapping rubbish that goes on behind the safety car.

    1. “Can’t beat a drying track at Monaco. Great driving and tactical skills on display”
      Yep 100% agree, absolute precision required, sorts out the men from the boys..

  79. The first half of the race was very good (I actually agreed with the safety car start for a change, despite having watched the 24 Hours of Nürburgring prior) and it was interesting to see how some of the strategies played out.

    However the second half of the race, whilst tense, was somewhat processional. Unfortunately the strongest driver across the weekend did not win the race through no fault of his own, but seeing a Mercedes win the race was arguably a surprising result.

  80. 4/10. This is supposed to be the pinnacle of motor racing, not demolition derby. Monaco just isn’t fit for purpose in the modern F1 era, and races like today give Bernie more ideas about sprinklers.

  81. I scored the race a 9/10. Had Daniel Ricciardo converted his pole into his first win since 2014 then I may have scored it a perfect 10, something I’ve yet to do. You have to score races in context I think, particularly Monaco where it’s normally the pole-sitter’s race to lose, and this week Red Bull Racing lost it. There was plenty of spice thanks to the weather and thanks to the competitiveness of the Red Bull chassis on the low-speed street circuit, and more thanks to the driving prowess of both Ricciardo and Verstappen. Verstappen was performing excellently, scything through the field from the back, in the rain, truly a sign of great driving talent. It’s just a pity that he got caught out on the off-camber surface heading into Massenet. Hopefully this weekend won’t hang too heavily on Verstappen in the up-coming races: it’s always hard to get back on the horse when you’ve had a painful off resulting in damage, and unfortunately Verstappen had one in each of practice, qualy, and the race.

    Ricciardo has a right to be gutted. True, F1 is a team sport and without the excellence of the Red Bull chassis and the upgraded Renault power unit for this weekend it’s arguable whether he would have scored his first pole in F1 at all. But he did and as I said, at Monaco it’s the pole-sitter’s race to lose. Sadly RBR screwed up the stop. Ironically the plan was to switch to the scuffed soft tyres that Daniel set his fastest lap in Q2, the move that was supposed to cement the leadership position had it been a dry race.

    In the end the driver that before qualy I expected to win the race did, but I was hoping that Ricciardo could have held on for a win. He performed brilliantly in qualifying and Monaco is *the* race of the championship that rewards driver talent over everything else. He has a right to be angry with the team for losing him the race, arguably for the second time in succession. Maybe Red Bull Racing having won for so long that they’re rusty on the tyre calls. If that’s the case then they need a shake-up because the faded brain trust is now what is costing RBR wins, points and most importantly, money from Bernie.

    I hope that both Ricciardo and Verstappen can come back to win races this season, although no other win in the series is as prestigious as Monaco, a fact not lost on Daniel Ricciardo. Hopefully Renault can keep improving the performance of the power unit, and both drivers get the uprated version.

  82. The Skeptic
    29th May 2016, 23:19

    9/10 A superb race to watch. I was on the edge of my seat for nearly the whole time.

    The start under the safety car was justified, but it went a lap too long.

    Ricciardo was brilliant and deserved to win. His in-lap was 7+seconds faster than Lewis outlap….

    Hamilton was brilliant and made the most of the gifted opportunity. Driving on full wets for 30+ laps and then getting more than 40 out of ultra softs…. and setting fastest lap…

    Perez is becoming such a good, smooth driver.

    Alonso showed how good he is at racing, even in a car that is so much slower.

    Rosberg nearly wrecked Lewis’ (and Mercedes) race. His slow pace under wet conditions was bizarre. I respect the fact that he has admitted that it is not the cars fault.

    Verstappen…. is like the little girl with a curl…. when he is good he is very, very good and when he is bad, he is horrid! 3 crashes in one weekend, two at the same spot…..

  83. It was a pretty reasonable race by Monaco standards but I am just so gutted for Dan. RBR threw away the win with that pitstop. For the first time ever Dan was not smiling and that is not something I care to see again.

  84. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    30th May 2016, 0:27

    Historical race – probably the best call ever made in F1 by a driver and the fact that it was made at Monaco from P3 under rain, it’s definitely something that makes it even more impressive. Hamilton won this race and it’s important to note that he beat Ricciardo who was absolutely phenomenal and deserved to win it as much as anyone ever has deserved to win it but he stumbled into greatness today. When a driver makes such a call they deserve to win – period!

  85. About as good as you can hope from Monaco, even had an across the line drama for Rosberg losing another place. Great drive by some great drivers and plenty of debate points for fans 7/10

  86. Generic assumption seems to be that had RBR not messed up Ricciardo’s pit stop, Lewis would not have won. I think it’s a bit simplistic. Lewis slapped on the ultra-softs precisely because he expected to battle Ricciardo, and would not doubt have pushed his tyres harder had Ricciardo presented a real threat. Wouldn’t Lewis simply have burnt those ultrasofts for an advantage, then pitted for super softs to go to the end of the race?

  87. 8. Obsevations; The fact that tyre wear was out of the equation made for close racing, not a tyre management procession.

    The safety car was out too long BUT the FIA/FOM are having to defend their wet weather safety choices in court, expect caution for some time.

    Lewis would not have been able to make up the time difference and make the pass on Dan for the win had the pitstop not been botched so badly, no matter how much his fans would like to believe it and no matter how well he drove (and he did), Dan had the speed to match him throughout the race.

    1. Forgot to mention, I should give it a point just for being available for me to watch, glad I did.

    2. You are completely right @hohum: without that pit stop fail, Hamilton would have finished 2nd.
      Personnaly, I’m glad RB blew it, but I’m not impartial on this. :D

  88. Starting after the safety car ruined what would be a great start of the race, but still, was good fun watching it, most of the time, 7/10

  89. 9. First time this year when my emotions were high throughout the whole race. Minus one point for Justin Bieber.

  90. I would have prefered a proper start not one behind the safety car, i think things would have been different there.I gave it a 6 due to safety car start and it became a procession after the track started to dry.
    As for the tyres lasting Lewis himself stated in an interview on Saturday that these tyres last so long now even the ultras.

  91. Great cat and mouse stuff at the front I thought, but minus at least 3 points for ridiculously long safety car to start.

  92. A solid 8/10, a wet Monte Carlo circuit meant the drivers really showed their skills (or lack of *cough* Palmer) which made it exciting throughout much of the race and we had a real fight for first position.

  93. Hmmm. Somewhere between 7 and 8 for me. Finally rated it 8 as it was Monaco and races there are usually very predictable. Although there weren’t so much action on track, you didn’t know if the tyres would go to the end, who would make a mistake and what that late shower would bring to the table.

  94. Kaiserspax
    31st May 2016, 0:11

    Did anyone notice that there was a point where all 5 tyre compounds were in the track at the sane time.

  95. Great race. Gave it a 9.
    Since Dan lost the grade will be lower.

  96. I rated the race a 7.25.

    The Monaco GP is not a race I look forward to very much compared with other Grand Prix, it may be the one of the drivers favourites because of the challenge and it may be the most glamourous race but under normal circumstances the racing is usually very processional and not very entertaining.

    However because of the weather I thought this year’s race was good.

    Unless it is too wet to race, a bit of water almost always makes the race more entertaining. Despite the forecasts predicting rain on Sunday I didn’t get my hopes up as there have been plenty of times when the forecasts have said that and then when coverage starts on Sunday you see blue sky at the circuit.

    Even with the rain it was still virtually impossible to overtake unless the car in front made a mistake or had a problem, but the changing conditions meant I wasn’t certain what the finishing order would be until the end.

    I feel sorry for Ricciardo, he was the quickest all weekend but a big mistake by his team of not having his tyres ready cost him a deserved victory.

    The highlights didn’t have much team radio even when there was obviously some good bits to broadcast, it would have been nice to hear the conversations at Mercedes which led to Rosberg letting Hamilton through, did Hamilton request this and how much resistance did Rosberg put up before giving up second place?

    I surprised by Rosberg’s lack of pace, and I haven’t read of any specific problems with the car, I suppose it could have just been one of those days. I hope the tinfoil hat brigade remember Mercedes ordering Rosberg to let Hamilton past when they accuse Mercedes of favouring Rosberg and there being a conspiracy against Hamilton.

    I can’t say I read up much on the new ultra soft tyre before Monaco but I thought it was going to be like an old qualifying special, good for one quick lap in qualifying and a short life in the race, so I was surprised when it took drivers two or three laps in qualifying to get the tyre ready before they could attempt their fast lap.

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    the podcast you seek to make available will be asked.

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