Ferrari’s Monaco win drought reaches 15 years

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Ferrari and the Monaco Grand Prix are two of the most evocative names in grand prix racing. But F1’s most famous team now hasn’t won F1’s most famous race for 15 years.

Ferrari’s last Monaco Grand Prix win was in 2001
Not since Michael Schumacher’s victory in 2001 has the prancing horse led the field home at Monte-Carlo.

The 44th victory for the driver of car number 44 has been a long time coming by his recent standards. But on Sunday Lewis Hamilton finally scored not only his first win since clinching his third world championship in October last year, but also his long-awaited second Monaco Grand Prix triumph.

Curiously, at a track where the winner usually comes from pole position, Hamilton won from third on the grid as he did in 2008. Both his Monaco Grand Prix wins also came in the only significantly rain-affected races he’s started at this track.

Victory for Hamilton meant Nico Rosberg’s streak of three consecutive Monaco wins came to an end. Ayrton Senna’s record run of five in a row, set between 1989 and 1993, is safe for now. Mercedes took their fourth Monaco win in a row, leaving them two shy of McLaren’s record of six scored between 1988 and 1993.

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Hamilton has now won grands prix in ten consecutive seasons of racing – every year’s he’s competed in Formula One. That equals Alain Prost’s achievement between 1981 and 1990 and leaves only Michael Schumacher’s 15-year-long streak from 1992 to 2006 left to beat. Hamilton also added the 29th fastest lap of his career, putting him fifth on the all-time list.

Ricciardo took his first pole position
Daniel Ricciardo was denied his fourth grand prix victory, which means he and Hamilton now have as many grand prix victories as their race numbers – 3 and 44 respectively. Continuing the theme, Mercedes now have 50 grand prix victories which happens to be the sum of their two drivers’ race numbers: 44 and 6. One more win will put them level with Red Bull.

It will be of little consolation to Ricciardo that he took his first pole position. He is the 97th driver to start a race from the front and was the first new pole sitter since Pastor Maldonado in the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix.

Ricciardo is also the only driver to have out-qualified his team mate at every race this year, as Esteban Gutierrez beat Romain Grosjean for the first time this weekend.

This was the first time in 11 races that a grand prix began with something other than a Mercedes on pole position. The team’s 11-race streak of pole positions is the sixth-longest of all time.

Nico Hulkenberg made his hundredth start – but still no podium
Sergio Perez took his sixth podium finish and the fourth for Force India, all bar one of which he is responsible for. It’s a galling outcome for Nico Hulkenberg, however: he finished his 100th career F1 start without a podium once more while his team mate, who will reach the same century at the next race, has taken half-a-dozen from 99 starts*.

If Hulkenberg ever finishes on the podium he will break Martin Brundle’s record of taking 91 starts to achieve a podium finish. The record for most starts without a podium finish is held by Adrian Sutil, with 128.

For the fifth race running Williams achieved the fastest complete pit stop time for one of their drivers. As Valtteri Bottas failed to score Felipe Massa is now the only driver in the field who has scored points in every race so far this year.

*But didn’t Force India recently mark 100 starts for their drivers? Both have participated in multiple grand prix weekends without starting the race: Perez three and Hulkenberg sixteen, some of which Force India appear to have counted as starts.

Review the year so far in statistics here:

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79 comments on “Ferrari’s Monaco win drought reaches 15 years”

  1. The eight years between Hamilton’s two wins at Monaco is the longest time between race wins at this track by the same driver. Fangio, Stewart, and Michael Schumacher all have race wins 7 years apart, but Schumacher is the only of these four drivers to have won the race more than twice.

  2. Sergio Perez now has three podium appearances for Force India, more appearances than McLaren have achieved since they dropped the Mexican at the end of 2013 (two, both at the 2014 Australian Grand Prix).

    1. Also funny, Perez Outscores McLaren on the period 2015-2016 by 50 points. (He did get trashed in 2014 by McLaren though :D).

      1. Did he?

        where does this come from? what i remember is him constantly muscling JB out the way and JB moaning about it. Hardly sounds like thrashing to me.

        1. 2014, not 2013.

        2. It s about perez vs both mclaren drivers, since he is at Force India. He has outscored alone his former team and their two world champion drivers during 2015 and 2016.

          1. +1

    2. Also saw somewhere else that almost all his podiums were in races won by Hamilton

      1. All 6 of them, in fact.

        1. wow what a stat!

        2. I think a fez one a race…

        3. Pretty sure, Alonso won at Sepang 2012 (Perez’ first podium?)

          1. Oops – misread Jmlabareda’s post…

  3. I believe that this was the first time that all 5 available tyre compounds were active on track at the same time.

    Also Bottas used 4 different compounds during the race, but this probably happened at least once or twice in the past few years.

    1. I wonder if all 5 compounds were ever in use on the SAME LAP? So on Hamilton’s last lap on wets, we had loads of drivers on inters, and some on slicks (but was there an ultrasoft, supersoft and soft being used at this point?)

      1. On lap 31, Hamilton was on Wets, Ricciardo on Interns, Ericsson on Ultrasofts, Magnussen on Supersofts, and Perez on Softs.

        1. Ferrari’s problem is simply fixed..dump kimi sign ric, (but here is the tricky part)…when he drives into the pits put tyres on his car!!…drought over.

  4. Just a couple of little things:

    – Sergio Perez has been on the podium six times now and has been joined every time by Lewis Hamilton. Only once in those six races has Hamilton not been on the top step (Malaysia 2012).

    – A brand new, unexpected victor last time out in Spain followed up with a race to forget in Monaco ending up starting on the back row of the grid before crashing out. This sentence could fit in 2012 or 2016 (Maldonado and Verstappen).

    1. This last one might send shivers down someone’s spine. (I do believe tjis coincidence is going to go any further)

      1. Is not going to go any further, obviously

        1. I dunno, VES smashing into GRO Monaco 2015 was very Maldonado-esque ;)

    2. Michal (@michal2009b)
      30th May 2016, 20:09

      A great one on Maldonado-Verstappen thing! I would try to go even further:

      A brand new, unexpected and popular victor last time out in Spain, he and his car expected to be even more competitive in Monaco, ends up at the back of the pack due to Saturday crash which is caused by turning in too early then crashes out of the race.

  5. I don’t know if this is correct but is Perez the only driver coming from another team but Mercedes, RedBull, Ferrari and Willaims to be on the podium since 2013?

    1. @xtwl Magnussen in 2014. Technically speaking, Button also scored a podium in the same race.

      Also Grosjean, last year.

    2. No. Button was on the podium for McLaren in Australia 2014 and Grosjean was on the podium for Lotus in Spa 2015. Since then the podium has indeed been locked out by the top four. Williams haven’t scored a podium yet this season though.

    3. Uddipta Jana
      31st May 2016, 0:32

      No kmag got the podium in his debuting year with McLaren

    4. grosjean got a podium for lotus

  6. First time Romain Grosjean has been bested by his team mate in both qualifying and the race since the 2014 United States Grand Prix.

    First double Sauber DNF since Singapore 2014. They also double DNF’d at Monaco that year, through unnecessary accidents. First double Renault DNF since the 2010 Japanese Grand Prix.

    Does Alexander Rossi count as an active F1 driver with his role as Marussia reserve driver? If so, he is the first active F1 driver to win the Indianapolis 500 since Mario Andretti back in 1969. Should he start a race this year (which is not out of the question) he will be the first driver to win the 500 and start a F1 race in the same year since Andretti.

    With points in each of the last three races, McLaren have scored points in more consecutive races than they did last year. They are just three away from equalling their total from 2015.

    1. Mark in Florida
      30th May 2016, 16:30

      Ironic isn’t it? He’s good enough to win the 500 as a rookie but not good enough for a full time drive in F1. I realize that luck and fuel saving was involved but he was in the right place and time and took full advantage of it, just like Max did. He pulled out a great drive for a guy considered a road coarse specialist. Not many people can leave Formula 1 come to Indy racing and run 225 mph. Great job Alex, maybe Haas will pick you up next year.

      1. Dont think there is any irony Mark driving in left and circles and driving F1 are vastly different

    2. Forgot Juan Pablo Montoya? He won the Indy 500 last year.

      1. Indy…foot flat to the floor veer slightly left while feathering throttle..midge of oppos lock every now and then…then repeat 250 times!

    3. So glad for Rossi! His win at the Brickyard will help improve his profile significantly. He deserves another shot at F1.

  7. I can’t help thinking, if Kimi had reversed and left his wing ‘there’ by the time he got to the pits a safety car would have been in force. Damage limitation. Might have worked.

    1. If he had tried to deliberately leave debris on the circuit in a dangerous place to try and trigger a safety car, he’d have been in significant trouble.

      The stewards investigated him during the race for dangerous driving after he drove through the tunnel dragging debris with him, something that the drivers are explicitly instructed not to do during the driver briefing session. The stewards were actively considering referring him to an FIA hearing for ignoring the explicit instructions from the drivers briefing – he was eventually let off after the team submitted ratio transmissions where they’d admitted to instructing Kimi to try to return to the pits in a way which mislead him about how badly damaged the car was.

      Deliberately spreading debris in a dangerous position to trigger a safety car can escalate events beyond just a stewards enquiry into a full blown trial by the FIA, to the point where you are talking about potential race bans for that sort of behaviour. I strongly doubt that Kimi would want to intentionally do something that could have earned him that sort of penalty.

      1. Fudge Ahmed (@)
        31st May 2016, 12:23

        Sorry but how do you deliberately leave debris on a circuit? Last I checked a driver couldnt pop out and kick it out of the way only to jump back in and continue! I agree with @blik and he must have been able to see that it was gone and felt it’s effect on the front steering.

        Kimi has just embarassed himself too many times in recent years, please move on and let a Ricciardo or a Grosjean take your seat!

  8. Lewis Hamilton becomes the first ever driver to stop Max Verstappen from winning consecutive grand prix ;)

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      30th May 2016, 16:08

      Actually that honour goes to young Max himself :p

      PS – what is the record of cars crashed (at fault) during a weekend by a single driver?

      1. Lol now now…his biggest fans would say his crashes indicate he was at least trying.

        1. sigh… Maldonado tried so hard in the last 4 yrs… ;)

  9. The first podium of the season for Daniel Ricciardo means that Red Bull are the first team since McLaren in 2006 to have three podium scoring drivers in a single season.

    1. Must be the only team to have 3 drivers on the podium in 4 races!

      1. And in each 3 positions

        1. Not at all. In 1999 Mika Salo finished 3rd in Monza for Ferrari, and then two races later in Sepang Eddie Irvine and Michael Schumacher scored a 1-2.

  10. Daniel Ricciardo is the first Red Bull driver to get screwed twice in a row, bettering Mark Webber.

    1. haha
      nice one

    2. He wasn’t screwed last race, Red Bull put him on the preferable strategy beforehand. Can we stop this nonsense?

      1. Sviatoslav (@)
        30th May 2016, 20:03

        Nope, because this is not nonsense.
        Red Bull made very strange calls before (esp. in Turkey-2010 and GB-2010), they just made it once again, nothing new.

      2. @matthijs
        Agree with you. But it is comprehensible that others may disagree. Even Ricciardo says he was screwed twice.

      3. From Ricciardo’s point of view he should have won Spain and Monaco. That is 20 points that would leave him in a solid second place in the standings

      4. He screwed as bad as Trump was by his barber

        1. Ahahaha +1!!

    3. This is for stats and facts, not opinions.

  11. Manor’s 2016 reserve driver – Alex Rossi – became their only driver likely to win anything this year!

    1. Don’t say that. I fully expect Haryanto to win in Canada in 2 weeks. Wehrlein P2.

      1. davey (@djdaveyp87)
        30th May 2016, 17:16

        It’s funny you say that! Remember the Force India that nearly won at Spa? Something tells me that Manor have build a very slippery car this season. I think they could perform pretty well at the high speed tracks this season, maybe points!

  12. 3 years in a row, Button found that he finished Monaco GP right ahead of a Brazilian called Felipe.

  13. James (@jamesjames123abc)
    30th May 2016, 16:30

    I’m not too sure about this one, but is this the first race where the winner switched from full wet tyres to dry tyres, without using the intermediate tyres? I was trying to think of another example of this, but my memory doesn’t go back too far…

  14. Pascal Wehrlein was the first driver to receive four penalty points during one weekend.

    Hülkenberg is fourth driver to reach 100 GPs without podium, joining Sutil, Martini and Alliot. Hülkenberg’s team-mates have had three podiums, while Sutil’s mates had one, no podiums for Martini’s and Alliot’s team-mates.

  15. This is also the first Monaco GP where I didn’t find myself attracted to the princess of Monaco.

  16. Shocking right?

    Also 8 years since last title…

    Williams last won it when?

    Renault got it last with Fernando…

    Stats make nice headlines, but for years now Ferrari failed to make a car that is class leading in Monaco.

    Track is pretty specific, as in requires great mechanical grip, awesome low speed aero balance, even while jumping curbs and touching walls.

    Vettel claimed, they improved it, but where was that in Quali?

    When was last time Ferrari was good in quali? The car I mean? Singapore last year? Or was that just Mercedes failure?

    Red Bull are looking dangerous now in slow stuff.

    But hey they are slowly rebuilding their competence on the track. Lets hope 2015 was not their peak.

  17. Michal (@michal2009b)
    30th May 2016, 20:20

    Bottas failed to score a point in each of his four visits to the Monte Carlo. The Williams driver haven’t scored only 8 (9 including Australia ’15) times since 2014.

  18. 58th pole for Red Bull – back equal with Mercedes.

    First pole for TAG Heuer engines – first engine supplier to get a first pole since Cosworth (independent from Ford) in Brazil 2010.

    Both of Hamilton’s Monaco wins have come in wet races in leap years, with Hamilton starting 3rd, and a Red Bull driver crashing out at the left-hander before Casino Square.

    Ricciardo has started in every grid position from 1st to 24th inclusive at least once.

    2nd race in a row in which neither of the top 2 from the previous race finished the race.

    First time this year that Rosberg has completed the first lap of a race but not won, and the first time this year that Vettel has completed the first lap but not finished on the podium.

    Second time in recent years that an Australian driver has managed his first podium of the season at Monaco having previously managed 4 4th places that season.

    Fewest finishers (15) since USA 2015 (12 from 20 starters).

    Every team has had at least 2 DNFs this season apart from Williams who have had 0 (they are also the only team not to have had a non-mechanical DNF this season). Ferrari have had the most, with 4 (including Vettel’s DNS in Bahrain).

    7th year in a row in which Hamilton has managed at least 1 fastest lap.

    First time since Mexico 2015 that neither Ferrari finished on the podium.

    First time since Abu Dhabi 2014 that no German driver has finished on the podium. First time since Japan 2015 that no German driver led a lap.

    63rd consecutive race without a McLaren pole – longest drought since 1994-97.

    First time this year that Rosberg has officially been overtaken (I believe lap 1 passes are not officially counted).

    5th front-row start for Ricciardo, 0 of which have been converted into victories.

    1. Amazing stat gems.

  19. nickpkr251
    31st May 2016, 4:38

    second consecutive race that team members take each other out of the race

    1. Which team next then??

  20. When did Williams last win here

    1. In 2003, with Montoya.

      1. Thanks. Forgot about that one.

  21. First time in the current V6 era that a Renault is on pole I believe?

  22. Hamilton remains the only driver in history to have a pole and win in every season competed in F1

  23. Not sure if this has been pointed out before but I heard this fact yesterday. By winning Hamilton maintained his streak of going no more than 10 races without a win for his entire career so far. I checked and it seemed to add up. Has anything similar or better been done by any other driver?

    1. Longest winless streak for Hamilton was China 2008 – Hungray 2009, 10 races without a win.

  24. Lewis has now won a race in every year he’s entered F1 (10).

    Does anyone know if this is a record? It must be close if it’s not.

    1. Although he didn’t win a race in every season he entered, Michael Schumacher won a race in every season 1992-2006 inclusive. This was every complete season in his ‘first’ F1 career.
      Prost is the only other driver aside from Schumacher and Hamilton to have won races in 10 or more consecutive season. He won at least one race in each of the 10 years from 1981.

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