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It was looking good for Lewis Hamilton heading into qualifying and 92% of you predicted him to take pole position.

However a series of mistakes left him tenth on the grid and left the way clear for Nico Rosberg to take victory – something only 11% of you were expecting.

The result was a low-scoring round: championship leader @Fishongazza scored just three out of a potential fifty points, and saw their lead trimmed to just four points.

The highest score anyone managed was just 19, shared by a trio of players. @IanBond001 got closest to the pole position time and claimed the first place prize while @faiz30 took the runners-up award. It’s a case of ‘better luck next time’ for @AyrtonSenna26, who just missed out on a prize this week.

There are chances to win every race weekend and at the end of the season for the top scorers. The F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship is free to enter. You will need an F1 Fanatic account to place so sign up here if you haven’t got one.

Enter your predictions for each race using the form below, and scroll down for more information on the prizes and the rules.

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3 comments on “2016 European Grand Prix Predictions Championship results”

  1. I seem to be stuck in a GP2 engine this season…

  2. I got hard 3 points! :D

  3. Juan Fanger
    24th June 2016, 9:01


    Hi Keith,

    You appear to have missed counting the 2 points for ROS on pole. e.g. For faiz30 you’ve only given 19 points but from their predictions should have been 21:

    faiz30 predictions: Pole:ROS, 1st:ROS, 2nd:VET, 3rd:PER, 4th:HAM, 5th:ALO

    Pole=2pts, 4 in top 5=5pts, 3 in correct places=14pts: Total=21pts

    (Have already sent this thru the “Contact” channel a couple of days ago but haven’t heard back, so am posting here in case accidentally overlooked there. Also I don’t care if this comment doesn’t get shown to anyone in the “Comments” but please fix the points or let me know what’s wrong with my calcs. JF)

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