Martin Brundle, Brawn BGP001, Goodwood Festival of Speed, 2016

F1 action at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Jenson Button’s world championship-winning Brawn BGP001 was among the attractions at last weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The car was driven by Martin Brundle while Button took to the hill at the wheel of another championship-winning car, the 1984 McLaren MP4/2.

Here are highlights of the other F1 cars and drivers in action during the festival.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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18 comments on “F1 action at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed”

  1. Willem Cecchi (@)
    27th June 2016, 13:06

    I detest the current liveries on old Formula 1 cars.

    1. I agree, never realised how awful the Lotus E21 looked until they painted it Renault colours…

      1. @thomf1s I was thinking the same. It looks horrible in yellow!

        I hope one day those old F1 cars return to their original liveries.

        1. Same. I’m half surprised the McLaren M26 hasn’t been given the company colour scheme. Could you imagine?!

        2. Same but less shocking with the F60 and RB8. :(

    2. Likewise. It would actually really spoil the experience for me. The liveries are often how we remember each car, along with the chassis. I doubt anyone wants to see the cars in a livery it didn’t run in at the time.

      The Brawn BGP 001 for example.l The livery is so iconic now, as well as the chassis. Imagine if they stuck a current Mercedes livery on it. It would ruin it. The current Mercedes livery should be for the W07 only!

      1. They should have left those yellow wheel covers in the skip though!

      2. Willem Cecchi (@)
        28th June 2016, 9:32

        Mercedes actually did run the Brawn GBP001 in their liveries at demonstrations but Ross restored it to its original colours when he took it back into possession.

  2. I love the old McLaren colors. I also think the 2009 Brawn GP is the best all around looking car.

  3. Keith Crossley
    27th June 2016, 17:13

    I don’t think that’s a Lotus 49 that Jackie Stewart is pictured driving. Looks more like the Indy car Lotus 38.

    1. Its the 1966 Lotus 43 running the BRM H16 engine.

  4. Doesn’t Button himself own the BGP001 chassis he ran that year? If memory serves he used the same chassis in every practice, quali and race in 2009.

    1. @geemac, yes, I believe that Button did have a clause within his contract that meant he kept the car after he won the title that year.

      With regards to using the same chassis throughout the year, Button is not the only driver in recent times to do that – Alonso also used the same chassis for every single single session in the 2006 season.

    2. I wonder if Ron’s made him sign a fun-sucking clause that says he’s not allowed to drive it. Ironic when you consider which Japanese constructor designed and financed that car…
      Martin Brundle’s having a fun few weeks – he gets to race round Le Mans, avoid the Baku Grand Prix and has a go in this.

    3. @geemac No, it was posted in a video a day or three ago that Ross Brawn owns Jenson’s chassis. I believe Jenson owns a different chassis or still has not received it yet. I do remember him in a dispute with Mercedes in the past few years over not receiving it.

  5. Button in the first picture “Omg am I dreaming ?, pinch me is this really a Mclaren? ”

    Atleast this year Mclaren finally made him smile genuinely, although with their old car.

  6. Love the sidepod openings of the BGP001

  7. I know its not to everyones taste but I just LOVE the BrawnGP

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