Aeroscreen still possible after 2017

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In the round-up: The Aeroscreen concept developed by Red Bull could still appear in F1 despite Halo being given the go-ahead for 2017.

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Congratulations to Jad Zouain who was the winner of our Formula E tickets competition and will be attending this Sunday’s race in London and getting a good look at the cars in the pits!

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Sette Camara: Win-less so far in second F3 season
Gabriel isn’t convinced by Red Bull’s latest junior driver Sergio Sette Camara, who will test for Toro Rosso next month:

As a Brazilian, that’s very good to hear. But I’m still not convinced about Sergio’s quality to be a F1 driver.

There is a lot of hype about him in the media, but Brazilian ‘specialised’ media tends to hype our youngsters too much.

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Happy birthday to Danny D, Hezla, Stefano, Wanon and Tino852!

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The Brabham team scored its first victory on this day in 1964 in the French Grand Prix at Rouen. Dan Gurney claimed the win with team mate Jack Brabham third behind Graham Hill’s BRM.

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19 comments on “Aeroscreen still possible after 2017”

  1. did FoS really mess up and advertise Hamilton would be there? when he was never planning to?

    1. Perfectly plausible, of course (not that I know, just speculating), that Hamilton agreed to go when they were promoting the event.

  2. The Sauber – FI article ID full of cra…. Let’s say misleading concepts. FI is run by a fugitive criminal. It’s business model is not sustainable in time and will last as long as the criminal is free. Sauber on the other hand is struggling because of poor financial desitions along with some dubious technical moves (Ferrari PU, not being able to keep KEY, hiring Smith). In other words….FI is not sustainable because of crooks running the team and Sauber is not sustainable because of incompetents running the team. But the question after Lotus dismissal is… a mid field team that can live for 15 years ( naming Toro Rosso is cheating).

    1. @mumito, would you include in that a team which has changed ownership, but otherwise has had no other significant change in its situation? If so, Force India would count given that team started out back in 1991 as Jordan Grand Prix.
      [As an aside, Toro Rosso hasn’t been going for 15 years under its current ownership, but it competed for 20 years as Minardi].

      Equally, why have you picked a figure of 15 years? There have also been a considerable number of factory teams in the history of the sport – Alfa Romeo, Honda, BMW, Toyota, Jaguar, Porsche and so on – that left long before that, with several of them only lasting for around half that time (or less).

    2. Only midfield team that is more than surviving is Willams, and msybe McLaren. Are they now a midfield team by popular definition?

  3. Please no halo no aeroscreen, just pure open cockpit f1!!

    1. I guess you will just have to get used to it, it seems pretty much a done deal that next year we get the Halo.

    2. And why not complain about the open wheels having aerodynamic shielding on them? Some of the cars in the first F1 GP had windscreens, so you can’t say having a transparent safety shield isn’t part of F1 because it is.

    3. Evil Homer (@)
      28th June 2016, 12:26

      +1000 – yes safety is very important and in F1 now its the best we have ever seen. We constantly complain about ‘the kids of today’, get off that PlayStation, got outside and climb a tree for a change! Buts its hard to find hero’s when the whole world has become the Nanny State- now even our F1 gladiator pilots are wrapped in cotton wool.

      By 2020 all F1 drivers may get a ‘participation award’ just like my kids U10 football! ………….. yes I am being stupid, but maybe……

      1. @evilhomer Just responded to you below the article about super licence points requirements too. You argue for younger drivers to have less barriers to enter F1. I argue that would make F1 the opposite of a series of heroic gladiators, if kids can join. In fact, they are not heroic gladiators now under the current F1 format, but that is about to change for 2017, but that doesn’t mean they are wrapped in cotton wool because of a halo or aero screen. Those devices won’t hinder not help drivers be gladiators in what I hope becomes a much tougher series to succeed in starting next year due to harder to drive cars and hopefully a bit of a sway toward mechanical grip owning more of the ratio to aero than currently.

        1. Evil Homer (@)
          28th June 2016, 15:12


          Hey Robbie,

          I just responded to you in the other forum as well. When I say ‘kids of today’ I literally mean our kids (for those that have them) not the young F1 boys! What I was trying to say that as a kid I looked up to Senna, Mansell, Piquet & Prost as heros- and they were gladiators, and more so 30 years before.

          When I watched F1 in 1985 at 9 I knew these guys were fast, when I got to 13 I knew there were risking life each 2nd weekend. Now not as much, and that’s great but this has to be the best of them, but no one wants drivers hurt, but they have to take risks.

          I certainly do not want less barriers for young drivers into F1 BUT if we get a young talent like Max or Sainz (he is older of course) then we cant say if he has the talent he cant be a gladiator because of his age – the best always rise. Senna was great early (but not as early as these guys) but I think if a driver is good enough to be what excites the fans and performs – so be it!!

          I do want to see drivers wrestle heavy beasts like back in the old day and make them hard to drive, if that does push out the young boys for few years because of this, again, so be it! :)

          1. @evilhomer Fair comment. My main thing wrt this article was that I don’t see a halo or an aero screen as detrimental to us seeing the drivers as gladiators again, as long as the cars change and lend themselves to gladiator-like feats. I know I won’t see them as being wrapped in cotton wool because of the halo, but I certainly think the cars are already safe enough that they should be way faster and be able to race much more closely with less dirty air effect than they have been experiencing for too long. These guys should be so physically and mentally spent with a handful of laps to go that it becomes a challenge for all of them to still be able to concentrate as the top 6 shadow each other to the finish. The presence of a halo won’t matter if we know what these drivers are going through as the race runs down, as just described in my perfect F1 racing world at least.

  4. Brawn to Ferrari with Lewis in 2017… (or 2018)

    1. that’s about as wild as wild gossip gets…but i like it!

      1. Easy WDC/WCC due to double Halo diffuser

  5. Ben (@scuderia29)
    28th June 2016, 12:37

    Brawn back to ferrari would be an absolute dream and would really give ferrari that extra something to begin challenging mercedes

  6. Brawn never saying never…sounds to me like a polite interview with 0 substance.

    Nothing new was learned. Granted he is not that old at 62, and some less than 24/7 activity might be fun for him. Maybe he is bored?

  7. petebaldwin (@)
    29th June 2016, 18:30

    If Williams don’t want to be 2nd tier, they best get building an engine. They won’t be allowed to be a consistent threat to Mercedes.

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