Gutierrez recovered from three-race illness

2016 Austrian Grand Prix

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Esteban Gutierrez says he has recovered from the illness which has affected his performance over the last three races.

The Haas driver has been struggling for fitness over the last three rounds as Formula One criss-crossed the globe between Monaco, Canada and Azerbaijan in the space of just four weeks.

Gutierrez, who is yet to score a point so far this year, said he’s “been pretty unfortunate in the first part of the season”.

“It hasn’t been easy to have a lot of technical issues, it wasn’t very straightforward,” he said. “I believe it wouldn’t be fair to rate my season based on the points because I’ve been in a lot of positions to score the points in many races and not been able to finish the race because of different reasons that are not in my control.”

“Now it’s been improving a bit, it wasn’t very easy in the last three grands prix with my health but now I feel much better. So I’m looking forward to the next four grands prix which are pretty close together.”

Gutierrez returned to Formula One racing this season after being dropped by Sauber at the end of 2014. He is optimistic he will remain on the grid next year. “I know pretty much where I’m going,” he said during today’s press conference.

2016 Austrian Grand Prix

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    7 comments on “Gutierrez recovered from three-race illness”

    1. What kind of illness could last 1 month?

      1. NotbeingasquickasGrosjeanitis…

        1. @geemac also now as mediocrity.

          Jokes aside, I doubt he stands much chances of keeping his ride. I’d not have selected Gutierrez for a second go, he didn’t deserve it in the first place and it’s showing, illness or not.

          1. @fer-no65 He’s got financial clout behind him and he is probably the second best nationality an American team could hope their driver to be. I’m sure he’ll retain his seat.

    2. Note for Esteban:
      From Haas Racing:

      In future please refrain from the following:
      1.) Swimming in Monaco harbour
      2.) Montreal smoked meat followed by 2 orders of Poutin
      3.) Any and all street meat in Baku

    3. To be fair, I’d be sick of seeing Grosjean’s rear wing all year too.

    4. ‘Illness’ is vague.
      However, if he was ill and he still drove.. How ill are you then?
      A lot of people might be joking about the ‘sick of seeing Grosjean’s rear wing’ but that might just be the case. A depressed Mexican. However, he should not have been in his F1 seat if this was/is the case.

      Move over ese, let some other ‘vato’ fill and make proper use of that seat.

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