Ferrari to test revised Halo tomorrow

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In the round-up: Ferrari will test a revised version of the Halo head protection system tomorrow.

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How will the new surface at the Red Bull Ring affect this weekend’s race?

When I spoke to GP3 driver Kevin Joerg a few weeks ago, he had just had a test at the Red Bull Ring. According to him, they new asphalt made it very difficult to warm up the tyres and get them in the optimal temperature.

They only have soft tyres available in GP3, so the super soft and ultra soft may not be as much of a problem to get up to temperature, but still, it could be a factor for qualifying and the race, especially for the supporting races.

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Damon Hill took his sixth win from the first nine races of 1996 on this day 20 years ago at Magny-Cours in France. Team mate Jacques Villeneuve followed him home pursued by the two Benettons which mean Renault-powered cars locked out the top four places in their home event.

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28 comments on “Ferrari to test revised Halo tomorrow”

  1. when the tv ratings gets to the floor and the tracks seats are empty they rethink the halo concept

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      30th June 2016, 6:10

      Yeah; have they learned nothing from the past?
      Just look at the popularity drop in 1953 when crash helmets became compulsory.

      1. F1 still struggling to this day!

      2. Don’t post often because of time and I usually agree to disagree anyway, but this is basically the same claim as Rosberg and the same logical flaw. It’s totally different situations, F1 was much more dangerous back then, compared to measures like helmet(a good protection for a well present risk: car crashes). Halo on the other hand is maybe a 20% protection to say a 0.1% risk(how many head injuries by how many races or sessions*drivers). It’s totally wrapping the drivers in cotton wool to me, I see if that would indeed help to reduce 0.1% risk, they would do it.

        To me it’s simple, no risk no fun, and let’s see, no more extraordinary skill required(i.e. clock like precision lap after lap right on the edge), not many out braking to speak of, no amazing lap time convergence despite different technical solutions of the cars and DNA of the drivers(which is a rarity in F1 anyway)… you name it. Now I understand it, to watch people going round and round in cycles, no thanks!

  2. Lot of talk about Kimi’s future over the past couple weeks, more so than normal.

    I think its pretty clear, Kimi needs to go. If he doesnt, it will be a show of massive lack of intent from Ferrari. Kimi just hasnt been good enough, he has not consistently taken enough points off rivals when the opportunities were there. I think we’ve all been at fault for viewing Kimi through rose tinted lens, but the jig is up, this is a results based business.

    With Ricciardo and Sainz signed on at their respective teams, the obvious choice would be Romain Grosjean. Has there been any news on his contract with Haas for next year?

    1. Has Perez signed anywhere yet?

      1. Ferrari won’t take on Perez, he already willingly walked away from his Young Driver contract – remember, Ferrari drops you, you don’t drop Ferrari.

        1. Lived around the corner from Ferrari for quite a few years. The Locals always said “everybody on the outside of Ferrari is dying to get in, everybody on the inside is dying to get out”.

          Apparently there was quite a bad mafia mentality, no room for individuals

    2. Didn’t Grosjen sign a 3 year deal last year?

    3. Sign doesn’t mean confirmation, just that if other team wants Grosjean, Sainz, Ricciardo or Perez, they need to pay more to negotiate end of contract.

    4. Yes I agree with the rose coloured glasses.
      I don’t think red suits him. His run at Lotus was inspiring but since being back at Ferrari frankly he bores me.
      But I fear Ferrari will follow the old mantra of a tame second driver

      Such a shame about Jules Bianchi

  3. While Indycar returning to Surfers paradise would be awesome I think its important to consider that it wouldn’t be on the original circuit layout as from just after the 1st chicane there are now tram lines which would prevent them ever been able to use the old turns 2-6 section.

    This google street view image is where the 2nd chicane used to be looking down to the run to turn 3-,153.4293353,3a,75y,196.45h,78.68t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sqsNHUZSRyGF6DeDDQTMxSw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1?hl=en
    In-car shot of that section in 2007-

    The circuit thats the Australian supercar’s now is shorter with a ‘shortcut’ at the exit of the 1st chicane that rejoins the old layout at the old 5/6 chicane section.

    1. @gt-racer I just posted the same thing in the forum thread. I agree, it’s a shame that they can’t run the old layout, but even so the track is still great and it is still longer than two street circuits on the calendar (Toronto and St Petersburg) and it’s almost as long as Long Beach, so it should still be OK to run the short circuit. So I hope they do that anyway.

  4. IndyCar back in Australia? YES PLEASE!!!!!

  5. What am I missing here, one hurl an iron cricket ball through the gaps either side of the center ‘strut’.
    Looks like a suspension spring would go through too, sure it will stop large pieces of debris but ‘nuts and bolts’ can be just as lethal, has to be some kind of screen IMO.

    1. it will still make it harder to hit something by doing that @budchekov. You have to take in account that the car will be moving forward, possilby be turning etc. Even if the object only skirts part of the construction, it will still take off speed/energy for the impact. It will certainly not be the perfect protection (what is), but it will be a large step forward in protection of drivers against objects coming towards the cockpit.

      And the RB prepared cockpit just is not ready yet and though through enoug to feel safe mandating one for the cars next year.

    2. I’m more concerned that in the case of the spring, it would have deflected the spring *downward* and killed Felipe.

      For small debris, the halo is worse than no solution.

      1. @grat That sounds like quite a leap to make that assertion.

  6. oops.. one ‘could’ hurl..

  7. Halo 2 is going to be fitted to the Ferrari. I know these on board screens are great but playing games on them is taking it a bit far. ;)

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      30th June 2016, 6:16

      No I understand why they’ll only do static tests in the pit lane ;-)

      1. ColdFly F1 (@)
        30th June 2016, 6:21


        PS – and no help from the engineer when you don’t know how to use the controller.

    2. I always thought the Warthog was strong enough that it didn’t need a halo.

  8. Ben (@scuderia29)
    30th June 2016, 10:13

    I doubt ferrari would approach sainz, he’s too inexperienced by ferrari’s standards. I don’t believe grosjean had done quite enough to really get him on ferraris radar. Hulkenberg has missed the boat now and I expect him to look at a career in LMP racing within a few years. Bottas is not beating massa convincingly enough. Ricciardo is locked in at Red Bull. It leaves one man..Sergio Perez.

    1. I agree. I did originally think Sainz was an outside chance but thinking about it more, contract extension aside, he has no chance. Ferrari won’t take on someone with just two season’s experience. I rightly or wrongly recall they wouldn’t promote Perez in 2013 because he was too inexperienced at the time and he also only had two seasons in F1 then.

      It’s between Raikkonen and Perez at the moment I feel.

    2. I don’t want Kimi to leave and i think he will stay for next year; but just to throw a wrench in the gears: if Kimi leaves, how about Jenson at Ferrari?!

    3. I mean if you look at this “mathematically”, with Sainz and Ricciardo Perez is the “only” options if Kimi leaves. But this is not a fit the piece in the gap puzzle. I have it on first hand account that Perez is kind of a nasty character; how much truth is in this, i am not sure, but we have a saying “there’s no smoke without a fire”. I just don’t see him fitting in the current Ferrari atmosphere.
      And remember his times at McLaren, not really a team player; and Ferrari already have their champion, they need a second consistent driver that will play team if the need arises. An that is not Perez.
      I may be dreaming but if Kimi leaves, i see Vandoorne at McLaren and Jenson in Kimi’s place.
      Don’t get me wrong, i don’t Jenson playing second, at least not until the points in the championship make it obvious; and Seb will do the same. But if they have to fight each other on the track, i think Ferrari, will take Seb Vs Jenson over Seb vs Perez any day.

  9. Halo could be ok if it’s integrated into the rest of the car. I’m still hopeful that teams can blend their bodywork around it somehow for 2017, but judging by the stepped nose debacle maybe that hope is misplaced.

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